GAP Jeans vs American Eagle (AE): Which Is Better?

Gap jeans and American Eagle are two very different brands. While both have a variety of clothing for men, women, kids, and babies, there are some major differences in the brands.

A major difference is their price point. Gap jeans are priced much higher than the average price point for American Eagle clothing.

For example, a pair of Gap jeans can cost as much as $150 whereas a shirt from American Eagle might only be $30 – $40. The prices vary widely depending on the item you’re looking at.

Another big difference is quality. Gap jeans often advertise that they are high-quality jeans made of premium denim fabric with a slimming effect because of their “relaxed”  fit.

However, many customers have complained that these pants aren’t made to last and that they tear and wear quickly.

In contrast, a lot of customers have praised American Eagle for its consistent quality across all items without trying to sell you something you don’t need.

In terms of popularity. People prefer American Eagle over Gap jeans – especially among young adults ages 18-35 years old.

Some people may find that one brand is better than another for them because their body shape and preference differ.

For example, if you want a more tapered look with your jeans, Gap might be better for you than American Eagle.

However, if you want a loose fit around the waist area, an American Eagle relaxed fit might work better for you than Gap’s skinny leg cut.

When it comes to pricing, Gap is typically more expensive than American Eagle. But again, this doesn’t mean it will always be the case as sometimes there are deals available on certain styles at one store or the other that can make an otherwise more expensive pair of jeans cost less (Although the opposite may also happen).

Why is American Eagle Jeans better than Gap jeans?

Gap Jeans vs American Eagle

The less expensive price point

The most popular brands of jeans are American Eagle and Gap. While both are known for their couture denim, the price point for American Eagle is much less expensive than that of Gap.

That’s why many people purchase American Eagle Jeans over Gap jeans. American Eagle jeans are usually a lot cheaper.

American Eagle Jeans have a variety of denim than GAP

Another reason why American Eagle jeans are better than Gap jeans is that they have more choice in the variety of clothes available except for maternity clothes, you will find everything from dresses to tops to jackets at American Eagle.

You won’t find as wide a range at Gap. People prefer American Eagle jeans because they come in different styles, colors, and sizes.

A lot of times when people buy clothes from the store, they don’t know exactly what size they need or what style or color they want.

With American Eagle jeans, you can try them on and see how they look before buying them.

There are also many different washes for American Eagle jeans which means you’ll be able to find the best fit for your body type.

American Eagle Jeans are more versatile

Another reason why the American Eagle is better than Gap is simply that it’s more versatile for many occasions.

People may wear these jeans on any day of the week, whereas someone who has a particular style may wear them on certain days.

For example, if someone likes to dress up fancy on Fridays and Saturdays then they might not like wearing their pants all week long even though there might be n9 stain or tears.

Higher quality and durability

And lastly, many people feel that the clothes are of higher quality at American Eagle than Gap. The jeans from American Eagle are better than Gap because their jeans last longer.

They tend to be more durable and less likely to tear or get holes in them. Most people would say that quality matters and that American Eagle delivers better quality with its products than Gap does with theirs.

Difference between Gap jeans and American Eagle Jeans

American Eagle jeans and Gap jeans are brands people wear. They seem to be popular.

The differences between American Eagle jeans and Gap jeans are in the cost, quality, style, and fitting.

American Eagle jeans are less expensive compared to Gap jeans

The prices vary between the two brands with Gap having a higher cost on average than American Eagle.

American Eagles Jeans are of higher quality

The quality of both items of clothing is different as well, with Gap being of lower quality than American Eagle in general,

American Eagle has more of a designer look with better quality denim material and that is why the majority of the people choose to keep patronizing the brand.

AE products seem to be long lasting and they do not wear out easily. Although, there are exceptions to this rule as some higher-quality pieces from both companies exist in their collections for those willing to spend more for them.

American Eagle jeans run smaller than GAP Jeans

The two brands also differ in their fitting because American Eagle jeans tend to run smaller than Gap jeans.

So, if you’re someone who prefers ls baggier pants then you should go with Gap jeans over American Eagle jeans.

Apart from the four categories, other differences between these two brands include:

American Eagle is more of a modern brand while Gap has an older feel to it

AE has more modern cuts and styles while Gap has more traditional cuts and styles

Another difference between these two brands is that American eagle jeans go higher on the waist while Gap jeans stop lower around the hips area which makes them easier to fit for people who like low-rise pants.

Gap jeans have more of a vintage feel than American Eagle jeans

American Eagle uses ring-spun fabric while Gap uses 100% cotton denim.

American Eagle has a wider range of color options in their denim than Gap does

What similarities do Gap jeans and American Eagle share?

Gap Jeans vs American Eagle

  • American Eagle and Gap are both popular brands
  • Both brands are always on trend
  • American Eagle and Gap both have affordable price tags on their jeans
  • Both brands specialize in jeans
  • American Eagle and Gap jeans are available for different age groups
  • Both brands offer a variety of washes

American Eagle and Gap are both popular brands

Both brands are popularly known for their jeans, their jeans are what many people wear.

Both brands are always on trend

They are often seen as fashion-forward, as well as they both have a modern look that is always on-trend. They are never to be caught in old-fashioned styles

American Eagle and Gap both have affordable price tags on their jeans

They both have an affordable price for anyone who wants their quality jeans

Both brands specialize in jeans

American Eagle is a clothing company that deals in jeans and Gap also specializes in jeans

American Eagle and Gap jeans are available for different age groups

They both offer jeans for men, women, and kids.

Both brands offer a variety of washes

These two brands offer a variety of washes in their jeans collection such as dark wash, light wash, and distressed to name a few.

Why you should buy Gap jeans

Gap Jeans vs American Eagle

If there should be a thing Gap is popularly known for is its denim, celebrities like Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen wearing Gap jeans so that tells you they must be really good.

You will love Gap jeans for their lightweight fabric, so easy to travel with as it fits perfectly well. Also, they are really comfortable and stretchy, if you are a fan of stretch jeans then Gap jeans are the right choice.

You will also fall in love with its rigid styles, if you follow fashion trends, you’ll see those Gap jeans are not left behind.

There is nothing really anything to freak out about when it comes to Gap, plus all pairs are almost affordable which is a win if you keep them on your budget.

The pants look like they should double or triple the price because of course, it’s worth it, but we aren’t saying a word to Gap if you don’t.

Here’s why you should buy Gap jeans

It’s the most smoothing jeans with the perfect stretch

Gap High-Rise Cigarette jeans have just a high amount of stretch. The ankle is not too skinny, your boots will fit well underneath.

If you are going to shop for a modern version of classic slim jeans, this is the right choice.

The perfect pair for Petites

You’d be so amazed by the fit of Gap Sky High-Rise Mom jeans, you don’t have to feel nervous about purchasing new denim because you are petite, this pair will fit like they were personally made for you.

It has a firm fit at the waist and gives more space down giving you a little pep in your step. You should have them in your closet.

It has high-waist jeans that hug the high places

Searching for the right high-waisted jeans that can fit your hips without being too tight is almost not possible.

With the Gap High-Rise Cheeky straight jeans, you can confidently say that this pair is custom-made. If you are the type that does opt for designers denim, you’d be extremely impressed.

It’s the go-to mom jeans

If finding a perfect pair of mom jeans is nearly a mission impossible, well, this pair is hidden at Gap.

Gap Sky High-Rise Mom Jeans come in a classic dark wash that gives this vintage chills. The high-waist is flattering and also has a great straight cut. ‘

They are the perfect pair you can wear with almost anything and also, they’re comfy!

Why you should buy American Eagle Jeans

Gap Jeans vs American Eagle

American Eagle jeans are a great buy because they are comfortable, flattering, and affordable with so many jeans styles to choose from.

It’s not so difficult to find the perfect style for your body type. Whether you are petite or have a curvy figure, the American Eagle has the perfect fit for you.

Jeans are indeed a wardrobe staple. But the brands you choose to buy from can make a difference in your look, comfort, and price.

When it comes to purchasing American Eagle jeans there are many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

The comfort level of American Eagle jeans is one of the most attractive features

They boast an innovative denim technology that keeps them soft and stretchy. The material is almost resistant to fading and shrinking so you can wear them without worry.

The AE quality is unmatchable

The quality of American Eagle jeans is one reason why they stand out among other brands they offer many different styles and sizes so that customers can find the perfect fit for their body.

The quality of the denim used to make their jeans makes them durable and long-lasting.

Variety of color and washes

Another great thing about American Eagle jeans is they come in a wide variety of colors and washes.

You can easily find the jeans that match your style preference with no problem at all. And if you don’t mind wearing pre-worn jeans, there are plenty of stylish pre-worn options available as well

Buying American Eagle jeans is that they offer free shipping on all purchases over $50

This means you can get your favorite pair of American Eagle jeans cheaper than if you were to order them from another retailer.

American Eagle jeans are worth it because they provide quality clothing at a lower price point than designer brands do.

So, not only will you be getting high-quality clothing but you also won’t have to break a bank while doing so!

We’ve been talking about jeans and it’s so getting me excited and wants to go shopping, if you feel the same, Here are some of the American Eagle jeans you might want to add to your closet.

  1. Curvy Hi-Rise Jeggings: These are great lightweight jeans with thicker material, that is, they’re stretchy but a little bit heavier. Its curvy styles have more room in the hips so you don’t have to size up and have your waist improperly fit to carry the shape of your body.
  2. Skinny Super Stretch Low Rise: This is the perfect description of “you can truly find some gem when you step out of your comfort zone”, while it’s classified as skinny, they’re also super stretchy which gives it’s a plus.
  3. 90’s Boyfriend Shorts: This pair is super high-waisted which you will love because of how it comes down enough to cover your butt, despite the ripping on the front, it also loose around the button which e give another plus. Compared to other jean shorts you own, these are much thinner, lighter material denim which you’d come to enjoy since they are not stuff at all.


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