G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Comparison

It feels nice to have a pair of luxury jeans in your closet. Not only does it amplifies your style, but it also gives you a confident look, that is why G-Star and Levi’s jeans were conceived, to give you that stunning peek.

They are durable pants, made with intricate outlines, but Levi’s jeans are superior when it comes to quality.

Also, Levi’s jeans are much more innovative as they have brought up a large fashion of jeans. This article further analyzes G-Star and Levi’s jeans.



This authentic Dutch brand located in Amsterdam was established in 1989. With time, they became one of the well-known fashion signatures in the world.

G-Star is produced by combining well-known Italian, American and British varieties that had made waves in the fashion industry.

At the time this group began production, they concentrated on making garments with denim targeting persons in urban areas.

G-Star got its title in the process of composing city clothes for ‘gangsters’. That was how the brand name was invented.

G-Star is a Brand known for luxury Denim, it was launched in 1989 and they chiefly produce clothes with untreated denim.

Levi’s Jeans

Levi Strauss & Co. was established in 1853 in San Francisco. Levi’s Strauss saw the need to design pants for work that can withstand tough situations and with the help of Jacob Davis, a friend of his who is a tailor, they created the first pair of Levi’s Jeans.

As time went on, they modified their styles to become more appealing, in recent times, do not run out of styles, it is confirmed that they conceived modern jeans.

The quality fabrics Levi Strauss & Co. uses is one of their major source of attraction. Their fabrics are sustainable fashion wear and exceptionally creative.

They have signature patches at the back area with leather materials to enable customers to know if they are paying for original Levi’s jeans or not. This feature was put into Levi’s® in 1936.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Let’s Compare

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Materials Used To Design

G-Star employed exclusively organic essences. A team member explained that they do not use artificial pesticides or chemicals that will cause deplete the richness of the soil or harm crops.

G-Star is an iconic brand that considers sustainable therapies. Their materials are good and well patterned, this makes them relaxed, enduring, and helpful to the environment.

Organic Cotton

Natural cotton is cultured without the use of chemicals, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides, this makes them more surrounding conscious than the usual cotton.

Similarly, the cotton used to design G-Star jeans are naturally moistened, their seeds are not genetically adjusted too, and their whole growth process is organic.

Recycled Cotton

This product is gotten from industrial and consumer waste. When G-Star uses recycled cotton, they save raw materials, chemicals, water, and generally energy.

In Conversion Cotton

This category of cotton is cultivated on land, recently, it has been transformed into an organic growing process. During the period of its growth, no chemical, in any form is used to grow it.


This natural fiber is taken out from the eucalyptus tree pulp. Eucalyptus trees grow in selective areas without manual irrigation or chemicals against pests.

Organic Hemp

Hemp is a high-outcome, tropical sustenance crop. It mandates limited proportions of chemical substances or herbicides.


Polyester and Polyamide are the components of the Nylon in G-Star Jeans. They are non-renewable and made of artificial fibers from Crude oil.

Producing Nylon takes an extensive approach of purifying oil, extruding and turning the fiber, and formulating a polymer.

These processes require a large amount of water. Reused nylon and polyester is got from industrial wastes like bottles, fishing nets, and the like. When they are used in the production of G-Star jeans, they reduce landfills.

The bottles can be melted manually or chemicals can be used to recycle, but the latter process is more tedious.

Recycled Wool

This is gotten from industrial waste. When the woolen fiber is revived, the wool becomes shorter than normal so, they are integrated with other fibers like cotton or virgin wool for a regular length.


This renewable fiber functions like flax. It is one of the toughest biological fibers and it is many bits more powerful than the usual cotton materials.

A couple of unusual elements are integrated to create Levi’s frill jeans. They include:

Corduroy: A material put together from knotted fibers that lie to form cords. This material is majorly responsible for the strength of this jeans.

Cotton: This fabric is pretty soft and permits ventilation. It is a significant material used to design Levi’s jeans and they are often dyed with an indigo tint.

Denim: This is a sturdy, lasting material made of twisted cotton. Denim is essential for the creation of Levi’s jeans.

Some of its denim are preshrunk, which means it has been worked on to avoid shrinkage, cleans, and dried right in the factory while some others are raw.

Raw denim is not processed or treated in the factory. In this state, they are slightly stiff and tough.

Dirt Repellent: For Levi’s jeans to look sharp, dirt-repellent liquids and morsels are used to treat the fabrics employed to manufacture the jeans.

Dyneema: This is one of the greatly sturdy fibers you can find. It is entwined into Levi’s jeans for more durability.

Elastane: This is an artificial elastic material designed with polyurethane. It is added to Levi’s jeans to permit stretching and easy cloth recovery. All Levi’s jeans have a bit of this material but in varying quantities.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Quality

As a result of G-Star’s impressive makeup, they last long. When it comes to rating their denim, they rank high too, considering the tons of calculated organic materials employed in its creation.

As a result of their innovation, they received a massive ranking from third-party sustainability certification.

When the names of jeans with unusual quality are spoken of, Levi’s jeans must be a part.

Levi’s has improved over time and is presently modeling contemporary outfits. Levi’s brand has been consistent in manufacturing remarkable jeans since 1873 and their rich quality has not declined one bit.

The first process of production takes place in San Francisco, from there it is transferred and the buttons, tags, final switching, and packaging are further worked on.

Their recent designs are versatile and create trendy fashion messages that a lot of individuals love.

Levi’s jeans makeup is exceptional, this makes them grip strongly and hardly yank off.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Stitching

One of the outstanding features of G-Star Jeans is its details. It is designed with double stitches, which are inseams and outseams.

For the slender fit, the stitches are set to bring forth the thin legs component. Also, they are organized with brilliant tailored styles.

Other models are stitched around the pockets in a smart way, far from the traditional stitching.

Levi’s Jeans have parallel stitches that cut across every seam for stability and endurance.

There are Batwing brand stitches on Levi’s® to signify its original quality. Pieces of materials are stitched to the bands at the waist to fasten the belts.

Their plopped hems are stitched longer than normal. The end of the jeans legs is rolled inwards and sewn. On the sides, from top to bottom, Levi’s jeans possess outer seams.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Durability

G-Star jeans are modeled with enduring materials. Since their materials are made of absolute quality, their pants are lasting.

G-Star distinguishes its brand as “not another denim brand” to further endorse its exceptional products from denim fabrics.

They have come up with great innovations, especially with regards to ecology in later times, one of which is greenwashing.

They currently use raw dyes with eco-mindful substances which are not just constructive to the society but durable.

Certainly, many persons can break their bank to purchase an enduring set of jeans like Levi’s. One of the reasons they are renowned is as a result of their top quality.

These jeans are constructed with 100 percent fiber obtained from cotton, this formulates it to look sturdy and feels tough when raw.

One of the major reasons why it is lasting is due to an invention called Codura. This element is identified for strength, it is utilized by people or companies who want their fabrics to be versatile, feel tough, and last for an extended period of time.

Clothing with Codura is suitable for work attires since they are comfy and can attend to in the harshest workplace and not tear effortlessly. They are used to design notable military wears too.

Because Levi’s jeans feel relaxed when you wear them in addition to the quality fabric employed in the creation of the jeans, they are striking in quality and ideal for rigorous outdoor movements.

The trivial nylon reinforced harmonizes their make-up while its threads are competently woven.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Fitting

G-Star Jeans are true to size. Their skinny jeans are slim and extremely flexible, this makes them comfy for Summer outings.

Every cut on the jeans fits adequately in every region. For the women’s variety, they rise high to outline the contours.

Levi’s jeans are usually perfect to size. They have diverse fit, which includes;

  • The skinny fit
  • The slim fit
  • The straight fit
  • The regular fit
  • The bootcut fit

The materials used to compose Levi’s jeans slightly stretches to correspond to your structure. To protect its fit, do not wash your jeans too often.

G-Star vs Levi’s Jeans: Style


Arc 3D Tapered

This 3D design in denim has swirled seams to formulate a downward fit that twists around the limbs and conforms to your shape when you wear them. It has panels for widespread fit and shaped darts for an intricate slim fit.

This new fit is attainable in sports outfits which correspond is designed with denim to model G-Star jeans with a relaxed fit like sweatpants.

This denim-tipped design is fantastic for Summer, it has springy bands at the waist area and a Spandex mix to intensify elasticity and guarantee comfort.

3301 Tapered, loosed, and straight fit

These are recent creations of g- Star in denim fabrics. The Arc jeans have twirled stitches to create a downward fit around the legs and are easily shaped to comfortably suit the wearer.

Raw Radar Loose

Radar loosed denim are trendy, their contemporary styles are super nice especially because they are from G-Star.

The Radar loosed fashion looks kind of worn out. It balances appropriately on the waist and has deep pockets to balance the dropped end. These categories are accessible in dark washes such as indigo.

They have attractive 3D and honeycombed details around the high and the posterior of the knee. This model is nice for usual trips.

Levi’s Jeans

Since Levi’s jeans have been in existence for so long, they have a good number of styles that you can select from.

Not just that, Levi’s Jeans are versatile and can harmonize with nearly all the footwear and shirts in your wardrobe. Underpart are some of Levi’s styles explained;

Levi’s 501 Jeans

This is the introductory jeans that The Levi’s brand manufactured, this makes them iconic pairs.

Usually, they are dark wash jeans structured with button fly on tapered legs and a high waist.

These jeans are vast since they can fit tons of jackets, largely light-colored long and short-sleeved shirts, and polos.

They look fine on heavy shoes.

Levi’s 502 Jeans

Levi’s 502 are recent jeans designed with more space at the thighs with a vertical cut around the legs to make them look tapered. This modified style of 501 is likewise versatile but built with a contemporary fit.

Levi’s 510 Jeans

These model Levi’s Jeans rest directly under your waist and fits closely. They are slender jeans that will accommodate slim guys particularly, although Levi’s 501 are formulated in unique sizes this makes them suit some thicker guys.

These jeans spread for snugly fit and they are obtainable in five shades and diverse washes.

Levi’s 511 Jeans

These Levi’s jeans have a lanky fit which looks more on adolescent men. They are not unduly narrow, nor do they sense too loose or look baggie, but let you move without constraint and not look too thin.

Levi’s 513 Jeans

These straight narrow Jeans look similar to Levi’s 511, their distinguishing feature is that they are more spacious at the midsection and thighs.

They are flawless for men with huge thighs or hefty buttocks, they are not tapered nor are they boot cut.

Levi’s 550 Jeans

The jeans are trimmed to be relaxed, they are made in tapered styles to endure that you can size up or down in case they fit too small or big.

Final Verdict

G-Star and Levi’s jeans are nice pants, particularly because they are luxury outfits of promising quality.

Winner: Levi’s Jeans

Although G-Star Jeans are made of organic materials, Levi’s jeans possess more quality than they do.

Levi’s jeans have not only existed for a longer period of time, their innovative quality has made them stand out to the extent that they are tagged “the pioneers of modern jeans”.

Levi’s jeans are superior, their materials and construction process are exceptional and detailed.


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