G-Star Raw vs True Religion: Which Is a Better Jeans Brand?

G-Star Raw is a clothing brand that specializes in the manufacturing of raw denim apparel.

This brand was founded in the year 1989 by Jos Van Tilburg.

G-Star Raw has its designs influenced by military clothing, with the quality of the wear inclusive.

True Religion on the other hand is known to be a quality Jeans Brand that everyone who loves to look good should have.

The Brand was founded in the year 2002 by Kym Gold and Jeff Lubell, with headquarters in Vernon, California.

Let’s get to know our Brands better.

What is the Difference between G-Star Raw and True Religion

Jeans from True Religion Brand contains Elasterell-P of nothing less than 5%. This makes the Jeans stretchier compared to that of the G-Star Raw Brand that is having less than 2% of elastane.

Your chances of having a snug and relaxing fit are limited with G-Star Raw Jeans due to the low percentage of elastane present in the fabric.

However, there are possibilities of your Jeans from True Religion shrinking and becoming too tight.

This is because of the percentage of cotton they are made with.

With ‘shrink-ability’ in mind, Jeans from G-Star Raw Jeans are made with not less than 70% cotton which is way less and to your advantage compared to the above 90% cotton in True Religion Jeans. 

G-Star Raw Review

G-Star Raw is considered a less popular Brand compared to True Religion but that is an arguable fact as G-Star Raw also has Jeans that are recommended when class and originality come into play.

Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of this revend skinny Jean from G-Star Raw.


  • It comes with zipper closure and reinforced pockets
  • It is comfortable and long-lasting due to its strong construction
  • It is considerably stretchy and soft for everyday wear
  • It comes with a tight waist and a short rise which is perfect for a casual tuck in
  • It carries double belt loops behind for a perfect grip


  • Do not bleach
  • It is Not stretchy enough for a comfortable skinny fit


The denim Jeans from G-Star Raw are designed to be better than most of their counterparts.

They come with a robust construction that ensures durability and this also happens to be a perfect display of quality.

The revend skinny Jeans is a high-class 5 pockets Jeans. The front pockets are deep enough to hold valuables. 

The back pockets are reinforced and are carrying a leather g-star arch.

The sizing is as expected. It fits true to size, offering you a relaxed and tight fitting.

It is however advisable that you order a half size up because the amount of elastane used in manufacturing this Jean might be a hindrance in satisfying your skinny fit taste.

With cotton making most of the fabric, there is a possibility of you having an unpleasant experience when this gets too tight due to compression of the calves and restriction of blood flow on the legs.

But not to worry, we will review more of G-Star Raw’s characteristics as the article progresses.

True Religion Review

In a Brand owned by two masterminds, there is this saying “Two heads are better than one”.

Perhaps in this era where you are addressed based on how you look, True Religion has all it needs to top the table given any circumstances in the fashion world.

This Brand is more popular than G-Star Raw. It happens to be loved by many which explains why it is this popular.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of Rocco Skinny Jeans from True Religion Brand.


  • It comes with a zipper closure 
  • It features classic Jeans 5 pockets 
  • It features a skinny cut from the thigh to the hem
  • It sits comfortably just below the waist
  • It features 2 back flap pockets with original horseshoe stitching 


  • This Might run big!!
  • It is Capable of shrinking


The snug fit allows you to rock any footwear of your choice and most importantly, it gives you a young look and leaves a trendy expression not to mention the functionality of the style.

The Rocco skinny Jeans from True Religion are made with 5% Elasterell-P which is way above that which G-Star Raw Jean is made of.

This makes the Rocco skinny Jeans capable of giving you that snug fit that you are after.

Apart from having 5 pockets which is a trademark for most denim Jeans, Jeans from both Brands share some noticeable differences for instance.

When you take a look at the watch pocket from both Jeans, you will see that Rocco Jean has a cover for its watch pocket which further ensures the safe keeping of contents compared to the Jeans from G-Star Raw.

For those who love to use pocket watches and the watch pocket in general, this is a welcomed development I suppose.

Head-to-Head Comparison between Gstar and True Religion

With all that has been reviewed, it is no doubt that both Brands are highly competitive and are both here to stay in the world of fashion0.

Due to the tussle between customers from individual Brands, this comparison will shed more light on the differences both Brands share and further strengthen your beliefs in them and also clear any doubt you might be having to this extent.

Let’s get down to proper comparison!!

Features G-Star Raw True Religion
Material Cotton: 70% & Above.

Polyester: 20% & Above.

Elastane: 2% & Above.

Elasterell-P: 0%.

Cotton: 90% & Above.

Polyester: 0%.

Spandex: 3% & Above.

Elasterell-Pl: 5% & Above.

Construction Waistband: Button, Belt loops (Double loop behind) & Zip Fly.

Pockets: 2 front & reinforced-back pockets with beautiful pocket stitches.

Rivets & Watch pocket.

Crotch Point: Normal.

Rise: Short Rise.

Seam: Side seam & Inseam.


Waistband: Button, Belt loops (Singe loop behind) & Zip Fly.

Pockets: 2 front & back flap pockets with buttons.

Rivets & watch pocket with button.

Crotch Point: Normal.

Rise: Mid Rise.

Seam: Side Seam & Inseam.


Fashion & Style Versatile. Versatile.
Sizing & Fitting Leg: Skinny fit.

Waist: Tight Waist.

Length: True to Size

Fit: Tight from thigh to hem.

Click to See size guide.

Waist: Stretchy, True to Size.

Leg: Skinny fit.

Length: True to size.

Fit: True to Size.

Click to See Size Chart.

Durability Cotton: 5-20% Shrink-Able.

Polyester: Anti-Shrink.

Elastane: 10%

Cotton: 5-20% Shrink-Able.

Spandex: 10%

Elasterell-Pl: 5-25% Shrink-Able.

Quality Highly Recommended. Recommended.

G-Star vs True Religion Review

The similarities between Jeans from both Brands are seen in the table above.

Let’s take a look at the differences both Brands share regarding the comparison table.


G-Star Raw uses 20% of polyester for the manufacturing of their Jean wears, but the case is different with True Religion.

True Religion on the other hand uses 0% of polyester but they have 5% of Elasterell-Pl to play the part of polyester which is also an added advantage in adding to the stretchiness of the fabric they use for their Jeans.

Speaking of comfort, cotton is known as the most comfortable material. With that in mind, this makes the fabric from True Religion with 90% of cotton better at offering you comfort for everyday wear compared to the fabric used for G-Star Raw Jeans.

This means that you will have more comfort and stretchiness with Jeans from the True Religion Brand.


The construction method of individual Brands is amazing, after going through the comparison table I almost ruled both Brands with a draw but since even the slightest difference matters, let’s have it!!

When you pick up a Jean from G-Star Raw, you will feel a bit of weight. This is because of the 20% polyester present.

Jeans from True Religion have no polyester and more cotton which makes them lighter.

This construction allows you to rock them for long with no stress.

Belt loops

The Jean from G-Star Raw has a double belt loop behind which ensures a perfect and firmer grip on your waist. But Jeans from True Religion come with only one loop.

However, Jeans from True Religion come with a stretchy waist as well but this is not recommended with regards to a scenario where the elastic might fail and you end up having ‘falling pants.

This means that you have a better waist construction with G-Star Raw Jeans compared to True Religion.


True Religion made pocket flaps for both back pockets and also the watch pocket which is also noticeable.

The back pockets on G-Star Raw Jeans only carry a leather arch and no pockets.

This means you have a better chance of securing your valuables with True Religion Jeans.

An interesting fact is that these pocket covers carry a button for you to lock them and open them up when you feel like and they are also visible which adds to the beauty of the Jeans.

Fashion & Style

The Versatility of the Jeans and other clothes made by these Brands is not questionable!!

You can get a pair and style as you want, they are extremely fashionable.

Sizing & Fitting

A Jean made by True Religion is in a better place to offer you a true skinny fit.

You don’t just get a skinny fit, they come with great and unquestionable comfortability.

Recall the comparison table which shows that the Jeans from True Religion are made with a higher amount of elastane.

Cotton is also a stretchy material if blended well by the manufacturers.

With cotton, elastane, and Elasterell, you will have stretchiness which will ensure a perfect skinny fit and comfort.

Regardless, it is important to note that Jeans from both Brands fit true to size.

If you are after a relaxed fit, you should consider ordering one size up for the G-Star Raw Jeans.

The double belt loop behind will ensure your Jean stays on the waist, No Shaking!!

If you need more help with the sizing of both Brands, you should refer to the size chart through the link provided on the table.


With the material being the main substance that everything is made of, let us consider the breaking point of each of the fibers that make up these products.

Cotton breaks a lot faster than polyester because cotton is a natural fiber while Elastane, polyester, and the rest fall under synthetic (manmade) fibers.

With this in mind, the fabric with the highest percentage of cotton is going to fall apart first.

Jeans from True Religion will shrink due to the amount of cotton present in them.

G-Star Raw makes Jeans with a lesser amount of cotton compared to True Religion. They make a blend of polyester and cotton.

Polyester is an anti-shrink fibre that puts you at the vantage point when shrinkage and longevity are in play.

Therefore, G-Star Raw is a better option for you if you want a long-lasting investment. 


G-Star Raw makes use of long-lasting materials for their Jeans. from recycled polyester to cotton and then elastane.

Even though the manufacturers from True Religion make use of similar materials, it all falls on the percentage of these materials present in the fabric.

With regards to the materials blended in manufacturing the fabrics used in individual Brands, G-Star Raw is of more quality compared to True Religion.


The skinny Jeans from G-Star Raw costs $46 – $180 on Amazon which is more expensive compared to that of True Religion which costs $34 – $116 on Amazon.

However, it is important to note that prices for products may vary due to size and design.

Keep an eye out!!

Which one is better?

I feel choosing a particular Jean between both Brands will not do me justice. They are both competitive and recognised as popular Brands which means I will look sleek and feel trendy if I rock either.

They each have one thing the other lacks which make this a tougher decision to make.

To make this easier I have decided to weigh my options before making my choice.

G-Star Raw has a better value for my money, a Jean from this Brand will last me a while compared to a Jean from True Religion therefore; I am going home today with a Jean from G-Star Raw.


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