Freeballers Vs Birddogs! Which one is Better?

When you put on shorts with compressed soft interior lining, do you still bother about wearing underpants?

As a man, it feels great to go on a stroll or workout wearing shorts without underpants if your trunks are adequately supported.

In recent times, more brands produce shorts with interior linings attached to them.

The linings are made with considerable functionality. They are usually soft and protect the male genitals and trunks from foreign bodies or harm during physical activities, including swimming in a pool of water. 

Differences between Freeballers And Birddogs

Freeballers and Birddogs shorts have four active pockets to hold valuables and accessories in them. Their interior liners coupled with the outer shorts are comfortable and super supportive during sports.

You can wear them to the office and certain casual events too. But Freeballers are quite longer than Birddogs.

Also, Freeballers have premium compression liners for mobility and a relaxed feeling. Birddogs are designed with flamboyant styles, while Freeballers are not always restricted to a particular style.

Their construction is not the same. Freeballers are put together with Spandex and Polyester mix, while Birddogs are formulated with a combination of nylon and Spandex. 

Reviews of Freeballers

Freeballers design nice, shorts with high-grade compression liners. Aside from their lightweight build-up, they have perfect linings which replace underpants.

The shorts are made in a way that they have false front aesthetics like a zip closure but do not have zippers in the front area. Freeballers’ shorts are sports shorts.

Since their inner fabrics give outstanding compression and the shorts are stretchy, athletes who love sports, especially high-impact actions like weightlifting and boxing. They design premium shorts and active clothing for men. 

Just like typically lined shorts, they can be worn as casual clothes too. Men who run and train in the gym love these shorts. In recent times, men wear Freeballers to the yoga studio because of how comfortable and flexible they are during activities.

The thick bands at their waist area, drawstrings and elastane closure give a better fit. However, some of their shorts are made of 100 percent cotton; most of them are made with spandex for enhanced stretch and flexibility.

Usually, they are made in different sizes for tall and short people and all varieties are comfortable and supportive during sports. They design and sell joggers, track pants, sweatpants, swim trunks, and soccer shorts.


  • Lined.
  • Affordable.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Nice build-up.
  • Light in weight.
  • Great for athletics.
  • Available in diverse sizes.


  • Small in size.
  • They are more of sportswear, not casual wear 

Reviews of Birddogs

Very few shorts are as comfy and versatile as Birddogs shorts. For further comfort, they have soft inner liners which are made of mesh materials. Birddogs clothing is designed by Lululemon Head of Men’s design.

That is why Birddogs portrays some similarities with Lululemon. They are designed with comfortable waists and tapered at the appropriate areas for a more fashionable and balanced look.

Birddogs is designed in a city called China. They were founded by Peter Baldwin in the year 2014. Basically, Birddogs is an e-commerce industry that sells apparel.

Their pants and shorts have one thing in common, which is an inner liner to render underpants optional wear. The shorts for gymnastics are made with silky liners to protect the testicles.

Birddogs shorts are built with antibacterial fibers and pockets for phone accessories, cell phones, and wallets. They are designed as a lightweight and dry up quickly.

Baldwin’s idea was to eliminate underpants when you put on shorts. At first glance, Birddog shorts are designed with a logo around the hem of the shorts.

Their shorts look like typical Oxford shorts coupled with their two front pockets and side pockets with zippers. Some of their shorts are built with drawstrings and their inner liners are not too tight or overly loosed. 7 years ago.

Balwin created a website for his brand where he put out his shorts for more people to purchase and this brought more sales to Birddogs. They design activewear and varieties of shorts which include, gym shorts, Khaki shorts, Oxford shirts, and soccer shorts.


  • Versatile.
  • Comfortable.
  • Well-priced.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Nice designs and construction.


  • Pricey.
  • Not breathable.
  • No lace to tighten the gym shorts.

Table of Comparison

Features Freebirds Birddogs
Audience Men Middle-aged males and collage boys in frat.
Brand Meripex Apparel Birddogs
Fitting Perfect with compressed inner liners. Small in size with stretchy inner liners.
Price range Shorts cost $29.5 – $39.5. Shorts cost $54.95 – $ 59.95.
Style No specific style, but flexible and supportive. Flamboyant
Usage  Running, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, boxing. Workouts, lounging, golf, games, and recreational activities.
Other Designs They produce shorts, pants, joggers, and swimming trunks. They design shorts, pants, and joggers.
Year of Production 2015 2014

Comparison between Freeballers and Birddogs

Putting on pants like Freeballers or Birddogs during lounging is just perfect and nice. Sportsmen can also testify to their excellent functionality and support during sports. Both shorts can be used for both sports and can be worn as casual wear, but of course, they vary in quality and price too.

Since they vary in quality, a change happens in their functionality in the sense that you may not feel as comfortable running in Birddogs shorts as you will when you put on Freeballers shorts. But for easier tasks like golf or workouts. Birddogs are great.

  • Brand
  • Material
  • Style And Design
  • Stitching
  • Sizing And Fit
  • Target Market
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Uniqueness


Freeballer outfits are manufactured by Meripax Apparel. They are one of the most outstanding designers of shorts and activewear in general. The brand began producing premium in 2015.

Their shorts are made with inner liners, bands around the waist, and drawstrings to stabilize their perfect fit. Aside from their superior quality, what differentiates Freeballers from other brands, including Birddogs, is their compression inner liners. Birddogs are built with side interior liners too, but they are not as dependable as those of Freeballers.

Birddog on the other hand designs comfortable shorts and activewear.

They have inner liners to protect the testicles and a nice waistband. The fibers used to produce their active wear are antibacterial for enhanced protection.

Birddogs is an e-commerce apparel industry in China. Since Freeballer’s shorts were made with the aim of eliminating underpants, they made a provision for a substitute in their construction.


The materials and manner of constructing Freeballers and Birddog shorts are not the same, although they are stretchy. Birddog shorts are made 95 percent of nylon and 5 percent Spandex.

Their inner linings are made of 88% polyester and 72% spandex. All Birddog materials are soft, stretchy, and breathable. They have an elastic waistband and drawstrings or belt loops for better hold.

Similarly, the build-up of Freeballer’s shorts is with a 4-way stretch fabric which is durable and lined with thin materials.

Their materials are light in weight and have a thick waistband. Freeballer’s drawstrings have plastic tabs at the edges for durability.

Style and Design

Freeballers are not necessarily made in a specific style, but the materials used to build them, especially their shorts, are very thin and not tightened. They have a large variety of designs, particularly activewear, which is designed for sports activities and can be used as casual wear.

Their four pockets with two zippers accommodate keys, phones, and even some hydration bottles. They have a false front aesthetic that looks like a zipper profile. The name, Freeballers is written behind the shorts as a signature.

Meanwhile, Birddogs are comfortable, especially in their shorts and pants, since they are both lined and stretchy. They are made in their flamboyant styles to permit flex.

They are neither too tight nor extremely free and their relaxed waists have elastic bands inserted into them. Birddogs’ pants are spacious around the thighs and tapered by the lower part of the legs. They look modern, like Chinos.


Freeballers’ activewear is constructed with a 5-8-inched regular inseam. In some cases, it gets to 15”, depending on the style or height of the wearer. Birddogs are made with 8-inched regular inner seams.

Sizing and Fit

One of the most interesting features of Freeballers is that they fit perfectly. Aside from their elastic build-up, the waist of Freeballers has bands that are stretchy.

Their adjustable drawstrings are just perfect since they allow you to customize your fit. The 4-way stretch construction also continues to give you a steady fit. 

On the other hand, Birddogs’s activewear is quite consistent in sizing. Their shorts are small in XXXL, but not the typical measurements for the waist area. They are styled as free clothes with waistbands for enhanced stretch.

The size guide for Birddogs is accurate. They do not always get to you with drawstrings, but some varieties have belt loops. In any way they go to you, they are nice and fit satisfactorily.

Target market

Every brand has an audience, people they market their products to. Same with Freeballers and Birddogs. However, they have a similarity, which is that they produce shorts and activewear for the masculine gender.

While Meripex Apparel, which is Freeballer’s brand, designs shorts with interior lining for men of different heights and sizes, Birddogs makes theirs for middle-aged men and boys in a frat.

Both brands are targeted towards the male gender with the intent of protecting the testicles, safeguarding the genitals, and other sensitive areas during tough physical actions since the wears will not put on underpants. 


Freeballer shorts are not so expensive. A pair cost $29.5 – $39.5. While that of Birddog cost $54.95 – $59.95. Birddog’s pants cost $89.


Birddog clothing is of good quality, but that of Freeballers supersede theirs. Freeballers are more stretchy, permitting actions with heavy impact and sideways flex. The compressed liners of Freeballer’s shorts are designed as compression pants so, they hardly tear.

Not just are Freeballer’s Spandex and Polyester mix superior to Birddog’s nylon and spandex combination, but their intentional construction with tabs at the drawstrings and elastane closures are put together so that they will last longer.


Freeballlers have nice tabs at the edge of the drawstrings. Almost all of Freeballer’s shorts are designed with drawstrings, but this does not apply to all of Birddog’s shorts.

However, both shorts have their names inscribed on the back of their shorts. Birddogs have their logos imprinted around the hemmed area, too. Freeballers are more sturdy. They are made for heavier tasks.

Final Verdict

Because I love clothing made with exceptional materials, I prefer Freeballer shorts over Birddogs. It is rare to purchase shorts of great quality at affordable prices like Freeballers’.

Their materials are much lighter than those of Birddogs. This makes them dry quickly. Since I engage in sports activities, Freeballers are most suitable for me. They are extremely comfortable, accurate in size, and fit me perfectly.


It feels great to go out in a supportive sport or casual shorts with comfortable inner liners. Underpants are great, but when liners are built in shorts to replace them, they tend to perform an outstanding task.

For sports enthusiasts or people who run and lift weights, it is quite burdensome to put on underpants and a pair of shorts altogether. People who are not sports lovers may decide to take a break from putting on underpants and shorts.

This is why certain brands that produce shorts have incorporated linings into the shorts. However, it gets better when the linings have friendly compression. For people who love to swim, the soft liners protect sensitive areas of the skin and the trunk.

Also, it goes up the genitals during swimming activities. As the liners hug tightly to the body, it prevents foreign bodies from accessing delicate areas of the body.


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