Flare vs Bell Bottom Jeans: Comparison

The major difference between the Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans can be noted around the edge of individual Jeans.

The Bell Bottom Jeans start to widen more from the knee and then get wider at the edge of the Jeans, which gives it the Bell Bottom shape as the name implies.

The Flare Jeans, on the other hand, take a different turn in the sense that it doesn’t go wide from the knee rather their wideness starts from around the mid-calf.

The major difference between both models of Jeans lies in the size of their leg width.

What are Flare Jeans?

Flare Jeans are a type of trouser that gets wider at the edge of the trouser. This is a style that came into existence before the mid-60s but managed to acquire the popularity it has around the mid-60s when celebrities like the Cher and Sonny started to wear Jeans like this.

People then took to their heels in an attempt to copy the trend in no time.

Here is one of the Flare Jeans models for reference sake;

Classic Trend Flare Jeans

  • This is made with 100% Cotton
  • It comes with a zipper closure
  • This can be washed with the hand or washing machine
  • Extremely versatile
  • Classic Flare Jeans

This is a perfect example of the Flare Jean as you can see how the legs start to widen just around the mid-calf which is unlike the Bell Bottom Jeans.

The Flare Jeans also come in different colors and designs.

What are Bell Bottom Jeans?

The Bell Bottom Jean is no different from the Flare Jeans. however, this model happens to be more of an ancestor to the Flare Jeans as it came into existence even before the Flare Jeans got here.

The Bell Bottom Jeans were initially a design worn by sailors since the 17th century, you can see how long this particular style has come and the impact it has made so far because thanks to this original model we now have other models like the Flare Bottom Jeans and the rest.

Retro Leg Bell Bottom Jeans

  • This is made with cotton and spandex
  • It is hand and machine washable
  • This is a classic Bell Bottom Jean
  • Extremely functional
  • This also has a zipper closure

The Bell Bottom Jeans have a wider width when compared to the Flare Jeans. This is also considered an ancestor to the Flare Jeans in the sense that they were in existence before the Flare Jeans came into style.

When do you wear the Flare Jeans?

The Flare Bottom Jeans are very much fashionable in countries around the world. There are specific people who the Flare Jeans are known to look good on and some of these people are those who are having the peer shape or an hourglass shape.

Speaking of when it is appropriate to wear the Flare Jeans, the time at which you decide to appear trendy.

The Flare Jeans are currently on the trend list of Jeans that rock the market on high demands

There won’t be high demands if people are not in need of that particular product.

Models especially tend to enjoy this piece of Jeans, it offers them the freedom they need when they walk around or attend some casual meetings, hangouts, etc.

You too can take the trend and turn up in some Flare Jeans and I am sure you will definitely enjoy the experience.

When do you wear the Bell Bottom Jeans?

The Bell Bottom Jean has more history with the men than with the women and this can be traced back to the origin of these Jeans.

This came into existence around the 17th century, and as such, men who were fond of this model were sailors.

They are great shoes and prevent skin irritation at the ankle due to the Bell Bottom they come with.

Another reason why sailors are fond of this model is the fact that sometimes it gets hard to pull off your pants when they get wet, the case is different with the Bell Bottom Jeans in play because of the opening.

If you are a veteran, you might find yourself loving the Bell Bottom Jeans more because you must have been used to it from the service of your country.

Comparison between Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans

Over the years there has been a major competition for which one is the best and more preferable between the Flare Jeans and the Bell Bottom Jeans.

A lot of people cannot hide their preferences and also have a lot of facts to back their claims whenever they make reviews in support of either model which brings us to the main reasons behind this comparison.

The reason behind this comparison is to clarify the differences that both models share and hopefully make you understand the model that is going to serve you better at a given time.

The table below shows what you should expect in the comparison below as the article progresses.

Features Flare Jeans Bell Bottom Jeans
Function Extremely Versatile Versatile
Comfort More Comfortable Less Comfortable
Quality High Quality High Quality
Durability Recommended Recommended
Preferred Model Most Preferred Less Preferred
Price Considerable Considerable



The functionality of both models varies in the sense that you can be more relaxed rocking one more than the other.

The Flare Jean is very versatile when compared to the Bell Bottom Jeans and this is because the widening is not too wide like that of the Bell Bottom.

Where this has a lot of effects is the time when you decide to rock your Jeans with flip-flops which is more common when you decide to relax or just take a walk.

With the Bell Bottom, the allowance below will cause too much discomfort for you as you walk and you are bound to pick up a lot of dirt.

The Flare which is considerably wide would not give you such discomfort which makes it the better one when versatility is in play.


The Flare Jeans are more comfortable than the Bell Bottom Jeans and this is because it is very easy to walk in the Flare Jeans wearing any footwear of your choice than it is with the Bell Bottom Jeans.

The reason for this conclusion is factual and here is why; The edge-width of the Jean for each model beatifies the individual Jean quite alright, but can also stand as a reason for making you uncomfortable when you walk.

In the sense that the allowance below will prevent you from walking normally which is medically inadvisable.


The construction of both models is top-notch. If you take a good look at the Flare Jeans, you will notice the double stitches it carries through the inseam and then the hem which is folded a bit wide compared to normal Jeans.

The same construction can be witnessed on the Bell Bottom Jeans which signifies mutual professionalism and display of craftsmanship for both models.

The waist of the Bell Bottom Jeans is carrying belt loops and a button for guaranteed fitting with no room for accidents like your Pants falling off or pulling even when someone steps or you step on them, which is also the same for the Flare Jeans.

Noting all these features, it is safe to invest your money in either model as they are both made with credible material and both underwent a very professional process in regards to manufacturing.


The Flare Jeans are known to last you up to 2 to 3 years, the same goes for the Bell Bottom Jeans.

The reason for this is that both models are made from denim material in most cases, denim which is gotten from the combination of other materials with cotton always being the superior of them all.

With good maintenance, cotton is known to last long up to the specified years of use as mentioned above.

The trick here is to get not just one but two pairs or more of any model and then shuffle. This will increase the years in which they will all last.

Even though durability sometimes depends on how much use you put them into, I am sure the Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans are manufactured to withstand the heavy impact that might leave other Jeans fading and falling apart.


Flare Jeans

  • Modern Vibes

Bell Bottom Jeans

  • Anterior Vibes

People love the Flare Jeans because it is more of the latest version of the Bell Bottom Jeans.

The Bell Bottom Jeans are still in production to date and they still won the hearts of many people who still prefer them over many other Jeans.

However, the Bell Bottom Jean is chunkier in the sense that the material or rather allowance that is below which makes the Bell shape can sometimes be too much which will leave you uncomfortable.

The Flare Jean is more moderate, not too much, and not too small which makes it preferable over the Bell Bottom Jeans.

A fun fact to this is that women are a majority in the world today, with the Flare Jeans being more of the women’s thing it only makes sense that it should be the most preferred.

You hardly see a man rocking the Flare or Bell Bottom Jeans especially not in the 21st century.

With special consideration to this makes, it makes the Flare Jeans more preferable to the Bell Bottom Jeans.


Flare Jeans

  • $37

Bell Bottom Jeans

  • $37

The pricing for these Jeans depends on the store you are getting them from.

The price mentioned above is only for Amazon where you can get any of the models at a considerate price regardless of the size and design or color as the case may be.

Amazon offers the best deal off but the cost of shipping will be on you.

However, there is a high chance that you won’t get any of the models at the same price when you check in other stores.

Do Bell Bottoms and Flare Jeans shrink?

Most people who tend to order Jeans online always ask if what they are getting will shrink.

The answer to this question is YES.

Flare Jeans and Bell Bottom Jeans will shrink and this is simply because they are made of cotton.

If you don’t want them to shrink, then do not wash them constantly with hot water.

Do Bell Bottoms and Flare Jeans bleed?

No, not all Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans bleed.

The bleeding of Jeans depends on the condition it is washed in.

Sometimes the detergent we use to wash our Jeans makes them bleed due to the bleaching agents in them.

There are however some of these models that do not bleed and this can be attributed to the color they come with.

Take Away

I prefer the Flare Jeans solely because I don’t need the extra allowance that the Bell Bottom Jeans come with.

For me, I will go with Flare Jeans.


Notice that the major difference between both Jeans is based on the width of the individual model.

Every other thing is the same with the two models in play. However, it is very easy to choose a favorite one if you have to.

The Flare Jean is designed out of a careful examination of the Bell Bottom Jeans’ flaws. recall that a lot of people are more familiar with the Bell Bottom Jeans simply because it was here before the Flare Jeans came.

With the modification done to the Flare Jeans, they are less chunky at the edge which makes them more convenient for versatile and comfortable use.


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