Fishing Bib vs Waders: Which Is Better?

Bib and Waders are almost the same, except for the footwear. Waders are made with waterproofed footwear that prevents the feet from getting wet when in water.

While Bibs are made like pants with straps to keep you warm while fishing. The essential thing here is that Waders keep dry while Bibs keep warm.

Why this Comparison?

I recently did a review on Waders and I understand the benefits of using Waders for fishing. But, Bibs are really easy to use and they seem the most likely apparel for fishing.

Are you faced with the decision of getting either bib or wader? You might be considering this because of your budget because some people would just get both at once.

After all, they function the same way. This comparison is to make you see which is better for you to purchase first, especially if you’re on a budget.

I am going to compare the construction of both bib and wader, the quality of both, the comfort level, the price, the sizing & fitting, and the silhouette.

In the end, I will then recommend which you should go for first, which is better for you.

First Glance At Fishing Bibs

Fishing Bib vs Waders Fishing Bib vs Waders

Fishing bibs are just like the overalls you wear. Most fishing bibs come with long sleeve shirt for the inner, just like the one in the picture. At first glance, you will notice the strap on the shoulder and the overall pant. The pant is in easy on and off style.

Most fishing bibs have storage pockets with a zipper that helps you store your stuff. You will also notice the cargo pockets. In most fishing, bibs, you will notice the presence of chest pockets.

You will also notice the differences in color. Fishing bibs are available in more colors than Waders.

Also, when you glance at some fishing bibs for the first time, you will notice the shirt that you will have to wear before the overall.

This is another difference between some bibs and Waders. The shirt is there to keep you warm while fishing. I am sure that by the time you want to order, you will discover the price tag on them.

Each brand will have its different prices, so it depends on the brand you might be looking at. Overall, the fishing Bib looks easy to use and easy to carry about.

First Glance At Waders

Fishing Bib vs Waders

Waders, on the other hand, are different by the presence of the neoprene stocking or boot. When you check out waders at first glance, the protection of your feet comes to your mind.

At first glance, you will notice that waders are in layers. You will also notice the presence of belt loops and belts for the waist.

Also, in waders, there is the presence of hand warmer pockets and storage pockets just like in bibs. Some brands may not use neoprene for their boot or stockings but always look out for neoprene footwear on your waders.

Also, brands have unique ways of styling their waders and you should be able to recognize that. By the time you touch waders, some may feel like nylon, some like polyester. You can go for whichever one you want.

At first glance, you should also notice the price tag on every wader so that you know which to purchase. Waders also have straps over the shoulder.

But, they do not have shirts like some fishing bibs have. Some waders may look cute and some others may look plain.

Let’s get to the Comparison

So, before I conclude by saying which is better, let’s compare them first. I’ll make a side-by-side comparison of their construction, quality, comfort level, price, sizing, and silhouette.


Understanding how these apparels are constructed will further help you in deciding which is better for you. Fishing bibs are mostly made of polyester and this is dependent on the brand you are buying from.

Some bibs are made just like regular pants, but most of them are made waterproof. I will advise that you get the waterproof covering fishing bib.

Fishing bibs are made to enhance mobility. That is, you can walk more freely in a bib than in a wader. Other design details include the chest pockets, the on and off pants, the magnetic cargo pockets, and other styles as decided by the brands.

Waders have their own unique construction. They are mostly made of polyester or nylon fabric. Also, waders are made with a waterproof covering.

The unique construction of waders is the neoprene stocking or boot which is attached to the wader. This way, water does not get into your boot and you can stay dry all day in the water.

Other design details include belt loops and belts, handwarmer pockets, storage pockets, seam construction, and several layers of construction.

So, waders are designed to keep you dry while Bibs are designed to keep you warm.


The quality here will be determined by the brand you buy from. If I were to suggest a wader brand, I’ll suggest the Simms waders. And, then you can check the fishing bib I suggested above on Amazon.

Fishing bibs are good quality products in general and that is the reason many people just buy both bibs and waders.

So that, when they are entering the water, they use waders, when out of the water, they use bibs. To check the quality of a bib, ensure it doesn’t get torn easily, and get the one that is long-lasting. That’s what determines the quality of bibs.

For Waders, what differentiates the good quality ones from the bad quality ones is the durability. If that wader can stay for months without leaking, then that wader is good quality.

That is why I suggested the Simms waders, they are proven to be good quality. Sometimes, you have to look for lightweight waders, so that you can easily wade in the water without the waders holding you back.

Both Fishing Bibs and Waders can be of good quality depending on the brand.

Comfort Level

Now, here comes where you really need to pay attention before deciding on which to buy. Both bibs and waders can be comfortable depending on the place and whether you use them.

Bibs are very comfortable in the winter season and they will not be comfortable when you use them in water. I believe that every fishing bib out there can be comfortable if you size right and use them right.

Don’t use a fishing bib inside the water and expect to be comfortable. They are best for outside water activity. Maybe, in a boat. Fishing bibs generally keep warm and that’s the comfort you need from them.

And then, waders are perfect for wading in water. You can be comfortable in waders all day when you’re in water.

And, they are also comfortable when the weather is hot because they are breathable and you may not have a shirt on. Just know that you’ll be comfortable in waders when you do any business in the water.

But, you might be uncomfortable in waders when you’re out of the water. Now you see why people buy both fishing bib and wader at the same time? So, waders are comfortable in water and Bibs are comfortable outside water.


To get the maximum benefit of the Fishing bib, you should buy it with a fishing jacket too. Fishing bibs are actually very affordable compared to Waders.

They are lighter and not much attention is given to the details of bibs like the waders. You can find fishing bibs from as low as $32 to as high as $159.

The popular fishing bib brand, Grundens offers fishing bibs for as low as $32 and there are other options that are more expensive. But, when you want to purchase with the jacket, it will be worth more than that and even as high as waders.

Waders are quite expensive and you can hardly find any wader for $100. If you’re looking for a good quality wader, just keep $200+.

That’s how expensive waders are. But, I think they are worth the price because they come with attached boots or stockings which protect your feet from the water.

You can find most waders between $199 to $229. So, if you’re thinking of getting any of these two, then you should consider the pricing first before you check any other thing. So, fishing bibs are more affordable than Waders.

Size & Fitting

Again, I’ll say that this is dependent on the brand you buy from. Fishing bibs are more like regular pants with straps and there is no much issue with the sizing.

There is a size chart for that and you can choose your size from there. Fishing bibs are mostly fitting and true to size.

If you find one that is not true to size, then you should check the brand again. The adjustable straps on most bibs enable you to adjust the bib to fit you better.

Waders are also generally true to size and fitting. The foot sizing is right, the pant, the chest, every part is measured to be fitting and true to size.

I’ll also say that the brand should be responsible for any misfit and funny sizing. You can check out Simms or Orvis waders, they are mostly true to size.

Besides, you are not gonna expect a skinny fit bib or wader here. You need something that will keep you comfortable and warm and the sizing shouldn’t be too big on you, just the right size.

So, both Fishing Bibs and Waders are true to size and fit depending on the brand you buy from.


From the photos, you can see what fishing bibs and Waders are like. Fishing bibs are more available in fashionable colors than Waders.

So, if style and fashion are your thing, I think you should get the bib and then get the jacket to make it more fashionable.

You can use bibs for hunting and not just fishing. Bibs are more multipurpose than Waders. Waders are basically for water, while bibs can function on water and on land. They look cute and stylish.

There are also cute waders in some brands. But, they are not so much as the fishing bibs. Many people actually buy fishing bibs because of the affordability and flexibility.

Waders are just unique in their own way and they are great for waders. If you’re looking for more fashionable colors of Waders, then check for the Orvis waders.

What waders are lacking in color, they make up for it in design and style. So, fishing bibs are more fashionable and stylish.

Final Verdict – Which Is Better?

This is like telling me to ask you “how much do you have to buy?” I can’t exactly tell you which to buy, but I can properly advise you.

Now, let’s go over the comparison briefly. For construction, both fishing bibs and waders have similar but unique construction.

They are both good quality depending on the brand you buy from. When it comes to comfort, fishing bibs are more comfortable outside the water and waders are more comfortable in water.

Fishing bibs are more affordable than Waders. Both are true to size and fitting depending on the brand of product. And then, Fishing Bibs are more fashionable in look than Waders.

I am sure that by now, you should have already decided which one to buy. If you’re looking to be more flexible, you have a moderate budget and you’re not thinking of actually wading in water while fishing, then you should get the fishing bib.

But, if you’re likely to wade in water while fishing, you care about the comfort and dryness of your foot while in water and you have the money to spend, then buy Waders. I have made everything simple for you now, right?

As a casual fisher, you can get the fishing bib. If you’re often fishing, then get the wader. I think a fishing bib is better for the money.


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