Faded Glory Clothing: How Has It Been So Far?

If you love denim; blue or black, then there’s a chance you’ve worn Faded Glory jeans. They made deep colors and bleached denim.

Maybe the name Faded called up the thought of faded jeans in your mind. Be assured that the name of the brand has nothing to do with the colors of the denim.

Faded Glory thrives on the freedom of not being encumbered by fame or popularity, it reminds you of the laidback lifestyle of the 70s.

Denims are hard to distinguish from one brand to the other. If you are among the about 5 percent members of the human race who have the superpower of picking out their special denim brand from a pile of others, then you should read on.

And if you love Faded Glory jeans as I do, this article should be important to you.

The Faded Glory Makers

Have you ever wondered who makes Faded Glory jeans? I did too for a long time before taking a dive into the history of one of the best inexpensive jeans ever.

The story of Faded Glory began with brothers, Micheal and Jimmy Shane who together with their business partner Billy Kolber started the bleached jeans brand in 1972. In 1992, Avi and Charles Dayan purchased the company and added it to their Bonjour Group.

The brand is still owned by this company and the sales of Faded Glory aren’t by Walmart alone.

Does Faded Glory have a website?

The answer to do this as at the time this article was prepared is: no.

Brands desire to take charge of their own image, content, and marketing by creating their own websites. For Faded Glory, there seem to be none as yet.

In 2001 Adweek, the marketing firm informed the public of the news that Faded Glory now has a website, www.fadedglory.com.

I checked this website but was redirected to ads. It was a welcome development at a time when denim was experiencing a reemergence in the fashion world and competition had become stiffer among brands.

I will keep trying to check into the website and let you readers know in subsequent reviews if something new comes up.

Who sells Faded Glory clothesline?

Faded Glory is sold on different online shops now, from Kmart to Amazon.

Walmart used to be the sole seller of Faded Glory jeans until 2018 when they phased out some of their old brands and took on new ones.

Since I wear Faded Glory jeans and I’m a sucker for denim, I decided to check the Walmart online website to see if in 2022 they still offer Faded Glory denim. I found a few.

Who carries Faded Glory Clothing?

Before the year 2018 Walmart carries Faded Glory clothes. Plans to phase out the brand leaked through correspondence that didn’t want to be named. It appears though that this plan involves physical Walmart stores and not online ones.

A quick check on Walmart’s online shop shows there are Faded Glory clothing still up for sale there. Is this an indication that the department store giant is not ready to let go of our beloved denim brand yet?

Here’s a Girls’ Bootcut Jeans from Walmart’s online website.

Several other online stores carry Faded Glory Clothings. You will find the brand’s clothings on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Poshmark.

Is Faded Glory brand still in business?

No, it is not. That is, the denim are no longer known by the name, Faded Glory. In 2018, the names changed from Faded Glory to Time & Tru for women’s apparel, George for men, and Wonder Nation for children.

So technically, the company that made Faded Glory is still in business only that the names have changed.

These brands are sold by Walmart.

What happened to Faded Glory clothing?

It was simple, what happened to the brand. Walmart wanted to make room for newer brands so they decided to phase out Faded Glory.

Walmart has been the sole retailer of Faded Glory since 1972 and the brand became a household name in denim fashion. By 2018, Walmart felt that the time had come to be more in tune with the changing fashion environment.

What are the Faded Glory clothing still in existence today?

Even though the brand left the shelves and got replaced by newer ones, you can still find Faded Glory jeans and shirts for men, women, and children. Let me introduce you to a few below.

Faded Glory Boys’ Jeans

This is a pair of jeans from the Faded Glory brand made for boys. It features a relaxed, laid-back style.

With a dark stone color, these jeans is bound to match just about any color and style you put on it. The colorway makes it possible to wear dark or light-colored shoes with it.

The pocket style is basic 5 while the leg style is straight. I’d recommend wearing this Faded Glory with a lighter color of shirts, preferably short sleeves, as shown in the picture here.

Faded Glory Women’s Washed Jean Skirt

This Faded Glory jeans skirt here comes with a frayed released hem. The fabric is a mix of denim, polyester, spandex, and cotton giving it a fine blend of smoothness.

It stretches but never loses its elasticity on account of the cotton. It features a belt closure which in my opinion is optional especially if this skirt fits snugly.

This jeans skirt can be styled with leggings and shoes, or just boots. Wear a crop top or oversized shirts with it too. It comes in two sizes; size 12 costs $19.99, and size 14 costs $24.90.

Faded Glory Women’s Tie Sleeve Top

Get a load of this top right here from the Faded Glory collection. It is a casual top, as casual as they come.

It features a drawstring closure at the arms and off-shoulder neck with a band that not only keeps it on but also gives it a chic look for the trendy woman.

It is a short sleeve which makes it great for trousers, leggings, and slacks. This beautiful dress costs $19.97.

Faded Glory Ladies Winter Coat

So Faded Glory made winter clothes too. This right here is a winter coat for ladies and it comes in a bright orange color that’s sure to brighten winter days out in the snow.

You need this coat while building that snowman next winter. The coat can be styled with darker-colored jeans and boots. Or you could style it with a short skirt and black boots.

The hood is detachable should you want some more freedom while having fun in the snow. This coat comes in medium size 8/10.

Faded Glory Women’s Sleeveless Top

Make summer days a pleasure with this tiered sleeveless top. It is made from a fabric that’s light and airy making it the ideal outdoor dress for evenings at a barbecue party.

The tiered design and ruffled trim give it the chic look that matches well with dark pants or jeans. This dress goes with just about whatever you wear with it.

The fabric is printed all over. It features a lace-up front and a scoop neckline. It comes in small size and blue color and costs $13.97.

Faded Glory Women’s Denim Unhemmed Shirt

Do you love boyfriend shirts? Then this one’s yours for the taking. Faded Glory made this one, especially for the ladies.

The fabric is 100% cotton which gives it a lightweight feel. It is a great all-weather shirt because it is breathable.

The roll-tab sleeves make this shirt versatile. You can style it according to your mood, either rolled up or worn down to the wrist where you can either leave it open or buttoned.

It features two pockets on either side. It is available in small size and sells for $16.97.

Faded Glory Women’s Jegging

This is Faded Glory jeggings made for the woman who loves to thread the thin line between casual and formal dresses.

The jeggings come with features that mimic jeans. It is designed so that you can have the freedom to wear it casually and semi, with long sleeve shirts, and boots.

The jeggings feature a soft fabric that caresses your skin and feels comfortable for evening hangouts and parties.

Final thoughts

The Faded Glory brand is now vintage. They are sold on antique websites like Etsy. If you have a pair of jeans, shirt, skirt, or a winter coat made by the brand, do realize that what you have is a collectible.

As you can see, you can still buy Faded Glory jeans and clothes today. The brand may have left Walmart shelves, and the names may have changed, but it’s a good thing that you can still find them elsewhere.

It may be 2022, but the beauty and allure of Faded Glory remain intact, it has not faded.


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