Faded Glory Brand – 7 Things You Need to Know

When you want to buy products from a particular brand, it is usually important for you to know more about the brand by reading articles like this about them.

That way, things you never knew about the brand you will know and what this will do is that it will help you know which exact product from the particular brand you will love to buy.

You will also know the history, pros, and cons of the brand. This can also help you save some money in the sense that if after reading about the brand you do not like it, you can keep your money and avoid buying it, you could probably go for another brand.

If you had not taken your time to read about the brand, you may have bought it only for you to regret it later on.

This article will show you 7 things you need to know about the Faded glory brand.

Here are 7 things you need to know about the Faded Glory brand

  • It is Walmart’s major clothing brand
  • Who really owns Faded glory
  • Walmart pulled out Faded glory from the shelves in 2018
  • When did Faded glory come out
  • Faded glory has a good quality
  • Is Faded glory a men’s brand?
  • Where is Faded glory made in

It is Walmart’s major clothing brand

Many people out there do not know that Fades glory is Walmart’s major clothing brand that sells clothing worldwide, for this to happen, Faded Glory went into an exclusive relationship with Walmart in 1995.

This was known publicly and the website was also launched alongside. One of the events that triggered this move was the time when denim reemerged as a fashion that every single person should have.

Because of this, the competition heated up making Walmart come up with this brand so that it will be able to compete with other denim jeans.

At that time, denim jeans were the trending fashion and everyone wanted to get a pair for themselves.

When things like this happen, brands in this field will always find a way to adjust their products for it to meet the needs of the customers at that point in time. Because brands like these thrive when they stay up to date with trends, Walmart had to follow suit.

Who really owns Faded glory

Faded Glory is owned by Bonjour Group. A Group which is said to have made over $3billion in retail sales.

Bonjour Group also produces other brands like K Mart Exclusive label, Route 66 denim line, and the Bonjour line.

In 1995 when the denim fashion style of Jean began to trend and was becoming the major fashion style, Faded glory had to enter into an exclusive relationship with the retail giant Walmart.

Since then, Walmart has been producing Faded glory clothing which comprises casual and basic clothing for men, women, and children.

They are unisex means they produce clothing for both men and women, this gives you the opportunity to shop for either men’s or women’s clothing at the same time.

Walmart pulled out Faded glory from the shelves in 2018

Many people still want to get clarifications on what happened exactly to Faded glory. This has also created a lot of buzz on the internet.

People were asking the big question “Did Walmart stop selling Faded Glory?” Well, they actually did. Walmart pull out Faded Glory from its shelves in the year 2018.

The reason why Walmart did this is that they wanted to make room for its new brands. Some of the other brands Walmart wanted to make room for were brands like Wonder nation for kids, Time and Tru for women, and Terra & Sky for plus size.

These are the three brands that Walmart made room for by removing the Faded Glory. When you go to Walmart you will most likely not see Faded Glory there at all.

You can still try out these new brands and see which of the products you will actually like to get for yourself as a replacement for Faded Glory.

You can read more about this here: What Happened to Faded Glory Jeans?

When did Faded glory come out

Faded Glory came out in the year 1972.

When they came out, they came as a department store brand that was held privately by the Dayann brothers.

They lingered on and continued to sell their jeans and other clothing up until the brand entered into an exclusive relationship with the biggest retailer Walmart at that time in the year 1995.

The major reason for this partnership was because of the jump in trend, as the denim style Jean was becoming the major fashion style at that point in time.

As a clothing brand, they had to stick to what is trending. Before Faded Glory got pulled out of the shelves in Walmart, many customers trusted the brand Faded Glory brand and knew it for its durable comfortable jeans and clothing.

Faded Glory has a good quality

This is something that many customers who must have bought Faded Glory jeans at some point in time can attest to. They all can attest to the glaring fact that Faded Glory has a good quality.

It may not be the highest of quality but Faded Glory is so durable. To an extent, the company sacrifices quality, this means that they do not offer the highest quality in their clothing.

The purpose of doing this is so that the brand will be able to offer its product at an inexpensive price. You cannot say that because the clothes are not expensive they do not have good quality, they actually do.

In fact, the company has sold its clothing for over 20 years and the brand has also built a followership base among its customers.

When it comes to quality, Faded jeans can be rated ⅘. This is still a very good rating and it tells you that the brand actually does last long.

Is Faded glory a men’s brand

This is a question that has been asked by many customers out there, majorly first-time customers who want to try out the Faded Glory brand.

Faded Glory is obviously not a men’s brand. It is a unisex brand.

It is unisex in the sense that they make clothing for men, women, and children.

This is an added advantage to the brand, customers who have families can simply shop for each of their family members at once in the store.

They do not have to go to different stores to get clothing items for each of their family members. Brands that are unisex tend to sell more on a daily basis because they reach a wider range of customer base.

Women can shop for Faded Glory, the same is applicable to women, also parents can shop for their children.

Where is Faded Glory made in

Faded Glory does not manufacture in just one country. It manufactures in countries like Canada, the United States, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, etc. These are the major countries in which Faded Glory is made in.

This shows you how wide the brand has spread. When a brand is spread this wide you know full well that it is loved and used by thousands of customers all over the world.

You can always rely on brands like this that are popularly known worldwide, not just popular, they also offer great quality clothing that will last long for you and will also be comfortable for you.

Different countries have different sizing systems, but it is not a problem for the Faded Glory brand, they know how to adjust their sizes to suit whatever country they make it, and those who buy the brand in different countries will be able to see these various sizes.


Just like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is always a good thing when you get to know about the brand you want to purchase. It makes you know the pros and cons, this article has already done justice to it.

It is unfortunate that you will not see much of the Faded Glory brand like you used to this is because it was taken off the shelves in 2018 by Walmart.

Walmart has new clothing brands that they would like to put in the faces of customers, to that effect, the sales of Faded Glory stopped in the year 2018.

Faded Glory sold worldwide for over 20 years and they were of very good quality, customers trusted the brand and the brand built a huge following and customer base.

Faded Glory was not of the highest quality because the brand had to sacrifice the quality so that the clothing can come at a fairly affordable price. Still, the quality was a really good and durable one.

If you still love some of the clothes of Faded Glory, you could go for alternatives from other brands and they will definitely suit you well.


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