Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings: Which Is Better?

The main part of the workout is the actual workout but you won’t want to wear just any pants. It’s not like you have an actual choice, as you might just be ruining your pants when doing squats and blaming ‘LEVI’ for not making their jeans strong enough.

When you search for the best leggings for your workout, your squats, or for any goal you have down there, you definitely want to go for the best or you’ll be blaming the brand and searching again.

Fabletics and Old Navy are one of the top brands in the sportswear production field. The two brands are known for their special athletic wear and great quality products, helping them surf through a competitive ocean right to the top, competing with the likes of Lululemon and Athleta.

For people like me who would go for the best among the best of things, we are here to compare the best products and pick out the better.

Note: preferences may be different which is why all major aspects will be reviewed for you to make your choice.

The major difference between Fabletics and Old Navy is Fabletics’ VIP membership program which has led to its higher brand recognition and consequently higher pricing for non-members.

Fabletics has a higher ranking but let’s check out why anyone would rather go for Old Navy.

Fabletics As A Brand

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings

Fabletics was founded by a trio, namely Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. The brand might have started just recently in 2013 but it has managed to prove itself as a worthy competitor to the mighty Lululemon and other sportswear brands, knocking out the inferior few.

Fabletics is a trendy lifestyle brand, that specializes in the production of activewear for men and women.

They operate a paid membership program that offers its members special perks: access to exclusive products and member credits which let you get up to a 50% discount on purchases. The unused member credits expire after 12 months.

Kate Hudson was approached by the other two with this idea, at a time when Lululemon dominated with their highly-priced sportswear products.

With their smart idea of a membership program and endorsements from celebrities; Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato, and many more, Fabletics has emerged as an iconic brand, offering nice and inexpensive activewear to its 2 million loyal members and countless non-members.

Over the years, Fabletics has evolved from its great start as an eCommerce brand to an even greater position in the market, setting up over 100 stores around the world.

Old Navy As A Brand

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings

Old Navy has its parent brand as The Gap, so its history might just begin from there. The Gap was established by Donald Fisher in the late 1960s, as a place for inexpensive jeans.

In the 1980s, Millard Drexler became the new owner, under whom Old Navy was founded. In the 1990s, Millard heard a rumor about a rival brand planning to set up a clothing store that will offer lower prices.

Seeing this as a threat, he chose to act first by contacting The Gap’s garment suppliers with his idea of a new clothing line.

In 1993, The Gap worked on the idea, converting some of its already built stores into its new brand of inexpensive clothing and named it ‘Gap Warehouse’.

After a few weeks, they decided the new brand needs to have its own name and they chose, ‘Old Navy’, which, reportedly, is the name of a bar Millard had come across in Paris. The first official Old Navy store was opened in 1994, in California.

Why The Comparison

Why should we compare anymore when we all know Fabletics takes the lead in the ranking of customers? This is because someone would go for Old Navy Leggings than Fabletics and this might not be a matter of preference.

You are about to know why you might have to choose when you are in a dilemma of making a pick. While Fabletics is ranked high, it doesn’t have actually perfect reviews either

It is cheaper than Lululemon’s but it is yet to surpass in the ratings, despite its perks. Why?! With this comparison, you get to know;

  • Which is more durable
  • Which is more fashionable
  • Which is best for the purpose it serves
  • A Comparison of top products from both brands.

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings: Similarities


There are leggings and there are yoga pants. There are also leggings that function as yoga pants (it’s basically the same, though). Fabletics and Old Navy offer leggings with squat-proof features.

Non-sheer and Thick

You must have had an experience with transparent leggings. While wearing these pants outside, your underwear will be revealed and you might get embarrassed.

Fabletics and Old Navy have chosen thick finely-knit fabrics for their leggings, making it hard for light to pass through and air your dirty linen. The thickness also prevents it from tearing apart quickly.


Fabletics and Old Navy use similar materials in making their leggings. Materials include nylon, spandex, polyester, and cotton.


This downside applies to both brands in different ways. The Old Navy Leggings are considered inconsistent in their level of thickness, as light-colored leggings are reported to be less vague and squat-proof.

The Fabletics are considered inconsistent with their size fit, though there are only a few complaints on this.

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings: Differences

Sizing and Fit

Fabletics have a range of sizes with extras, helping them to satisfy all kinds of customers with all kinds of waists.

They also happen to fit true to size most of the time. Old Navy Leggings tend to run large. In fact, Old Navy is reported to have all their products oversized.

Fabletics Perks

Fabletics offers special discounts and VIP offers to subscribers. Old Navy doesn’t

Old Navy General Leggings

Old Navy offers their leggings general i.e. they produce leggings that should be able to perform all kinds of exercises. Fabletics, on the other hand, seem to have their leggings made for specifically stated functions.


Fabletics has a membership program that offers huge bonuses to subscribers, at a monthly fee of $50. With this, Fabletics has its lowest price at $50.

While this is cheaper than Lululemon, as intended, it is not as cheap as Old Navy Leggings. Old Navy offers its leggings for prices that can be as low as $10.

In this case, even with Fabletics’ big discounts on purchases, Old Navy Leggings can still be very much cheaper in price, while still maintaining good quality.

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings: Comparison

 This is where we compare the reviewed best products of both brands and analyze which is better to suit your taste and which takes the lead.

Fabletics High-waisted Powerhold 7/8 Vs Old Navy High-waisted Powerpress leggings

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings

  1. Both leggings are extremely moisture-wicking i.e. they help to dry off sweat quickly so your workout session is not disturbed.
  2. Both are compression leggings, supporting your muscles when you exercise and providing a comfortable feel, all through
  3. Both are composed of Polyester and Spandex, which provides a soft cotton-like feel.
  4. Both have an all-way stretch feature
  5. Fabletics Powerhold has UPF, which protects against the sun. It helps you to keep exercising during summer. This is where Fabletics wins.

Fabletics Trinity High-waisted Pocket Leggings vs Old Navy High-waisted Powersoft Side Pocket

Fabletics vs Old Navy Leggings

  1. Trinity has a breathable fabric and is more comfortable, having a composition of nylon and spandex while Powersoft is composed of Polyester and Spandex.
  2. Trinity has low compression, compared to Powersoft, but it has a very smooth second-skin feel. However, Powersoft is reported to be compressive…. Or TOO compressive.
  3. Trinity has hidden pockets which help you to keep things. Powersoft has even deeper pockets which might be beneficial.
  4. Both leggings have butt-sculpting features, giving you a perfect look before you begin to work out. This is a Tie!

Which Is Better?

Eventually, you will have to be making the choice yourself. There are factors that guide your preference here; the feel, the look, and the price.

There are people who will go for the expensive product, all because it is expensive and it feels big…  and there are more reasonable people, who will just go for what is seen as the best for them.

If I were to choose a perfect pair of leggings for my girl, I would probably go for the butt-sculpting ones but the factors for choosing have to go beyond that when it feels uncomfortable.

From the comparison above, I believe there’s not a very wide margin between Old Navy Leggings and Fabletics leggings so I’ll just go for the cheaper option… Old Navy wins on my side.


There might not be a very wide margin in the quality of products but there is a margin, at least. Fabletics has a wide range of leggings with their best functions specified. They also have a wide range of sizes for anyone to fit in.

Asides from that, the tagged size comes true, unlike Old Navy which might be a bit bigger.


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