Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Which Is Better?

The major difference between these models is that Evisu No.1 is raw denim while Evisu No.2 is treated.

Evisu No.1 is more expensive than Evisu No.2. Another key difference is that Evisu No.2 is softer and more comfortable than Evisu No.1.

The Evisu No. 1 has not undergone any kind of washing or process of distressing, this leaves it stiff whereas the Evisu No. 2 has been washed, dyed, and shrunk.

Research has shown that Evisu No. 1 is Evisu’s Private stock collection that is made in Japan using Japanese fabric while Evisu No. 2 is made in China using Japanese fabric.

When I reached out to the Evisu brand, here was their response to my inquest about Evisu No1 and No2.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2

Let’s take a look at these Evisu models.

First glance at EVISU No.1

Evisu No.1 vs No.2 Evisu No.1 vs No.2

  • Untreated/unsanforized
  • Raw denim
  • 100% cotton
  • Straight fit
  • Crotch rivet
  • Leather patch

This model is untreated and unsanforized meaning it has never touched water. It has a rough texture and a straight silhouette fit.

It is raw denim with 100% cotton selvedge denim which makes it durable. It has longer fades, due to the fact that it is unwashed it does not fade easily

It features a button fly and a leather patch at the back pocket. It also features a crotch rivet. It is a shrink-to-fit jeans. It has a hand-painted seagull at the back of the jeans.

It has a unique color but once you wear them and put some stress on them the lines make some distressed look on them. The jeans have a self-edge on the end of the fabric.

Its inner part at the end has red paint. The jean has two-tone stitching throughout. It has a bit of stretch to it for flexibility. The jeans has thin pockets and it runs big.

First glance at EVISU No.2

Evisu No.1 vs No.2 Evisu No.1 vs No.2

  • Sanforized
  • Loose fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Selvedge denim
  • Seagull mark
  • Distressed

The Evisu No. 2 is made of 100% cotton. It is a loose fit of the original classic model.  It has a hand-painted seagull mark on its back pockets. It starts to shrink after wash.

It features a button fly. It has partially lined back pockets with leather patch. It features little fading and heavy wear. It is selvedge denim. It features different lot numbers which correspond to different types of fit. it is distressed denim with a baggy fit.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2:  Comparison

Features Evisu No. 1 Evisu No. 2
Treatment Not treated It is treated
Grade It is a higher grade It is the lower grade
Price More expensive Less expensive
Fit Straight fit Loose fit
Colour Deep blue Sky blue
Comfort Not so comfortable Softer and more comfortable
Durability It is more durable It is durable

 Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Treatment

Evisu No.1 is not treated, in other words, it is unsanforized. It is a raw denim, this means that you can wear this jeans for awhile before you wash it.

This gives the jeans a unique look. A raw denim is usually a denim that is unwashed, it has a clean look and a dark indigo colour. Research has shown that raw denims are quite durable, this is due to the selvedge edge that they have and they can hold up pretty long

The fact that this jean is not treated means it can be shrunk to fit which will happen after you wash it.

Evisu No.2 is treated, in other words, it is sanforized. Though it will still have some marks of the wearer once washed.

Sanforization is the process whereby you pre-shrink the fabric before making it into a jean. This is a treatment to help reduce the shrinkage of the jeans. This jeans has a bit of chemical treatment like dye in them.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2 : Grade

Evisu No.1 is the higher grade while Evisu No. 2 is the lower grade.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Price

Evisu No. 1 is more expensive.

This model is expensive because it is thinner denim and it takes a longer time to make. It is pricey because it is unique and more quality as it takes great skill to produce this fabric.

Also, the hand-painting at the back pockets of the jeans is quite costly compared to normal printing which adds to the price of the jeans.

The Evisu No.1 is made using high-end Japanese denim which is very heavy and more expensive.

Raw denim is quite expensive too making Evisu No. 1 an expensive model.

Evisu No.2 is less expensive. It is quite affordable unlike Evisu No.1. The Evisu is made using Chinese selvedge denim which is quite accessible and less expensive.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Fit

Evisu No. 1 has a straight fit through the leg for better comfort. The slim straight fit of this jeans will sit close to your body without being too tight. It will run straight from the hips and then down through the legs.

It is not narrow around the bottom. It is slightly fitted and gives you a stylish look.

Evisu No. 2 has a loose fit. this means that it s relaxed around the seat, thigh and knee area. It has enough room for movement and helps you walk around freely.

It is “loose” throughout the jeans. It is very comfortable because it gives a relaxed feel and has a roomy cut.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Color

Evisu No. 1 is raw denim and it usually has a deep blue color. Since it is in its raw form and has never been washed or treated, its dark indigo color remains intact.

Evisu No. 2 is not raw denim and it has been treated, so it has come in sky blue color. This color is achieved through dying and for other colors like grey, mustard, pink, green, black e.t.c a process called Sulphur dying is used.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Comfort

Evisu No. 1 is not so comfortable. Due to the fact that it is raw denim, it has a rough texture and creates a kind of friction against your skin especially when it is first produced. Its straight fit offers a bit of comfort all day long.

Evisu No. 2 is softer and more comfortable since it has been washed. It feels softer to the touch and offers better comfort than raw denim.

It has a relaxed feel to it. It is usually more comfortable when you find the right size and fit.

Evisu No.1 vs No.2: Durability

Evisu No. 1 is more durable. It is stiff to wear and lasts long especially when you do not wash it all the time. This jeans naturally and slowly fades away with washing.

It is 100% cotton which is a twill weave woven for added durability. It is made of authentic materials and an original method for the production process. Raw denim is usually more durable as it has never been exposed to chemicals or abrasion.

Evisu No.2 is durable due to the cotton twill weaves which it is made with. This makes Evisu No. 2 jeans suitable for everyday wear.

Why should you buy Evisu No.1?

Evisu No.1 is the high grade of the Evisu model. You should get this model because it is more durable and would last pretty long. This model is raw and more original as it has never had contact with chemical.

Though, it is a bit pricey but still worth every penny. It has a straight fit which would keep you comfortable all day long. It is fashionable and also versatile. It also has a bit of stretch to it which makes the jeans flexible and enables you to move freely.

Why you should buy Evisu No.2?

The Evisu No. 2 is the lower grade. I recommend that you get this model because it is less expensive.

The softness and comfort that this jeans offer are like no other. It has a loose fit which is not too tight but comfy and soft. It is also durable and can be dyed into any nice color. This jean is more accessible and cheap.


To conclude this article, I would pick Evisu No. 2 as the best jeans for this article.

I would recommend this model because it is more comfortable than Evisu No.1. I usually wear my Evisu No. 2 all day as it offers exceptional comfort and soft feel which No. does not offer, though the No.1 is more durable.

Evisu No. 2 is also less expensive. It is pretty affordable since it is not in its raw form. Getting the No. 2 is easy as it is quite accessible.


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