Everlux vs Luxtreme: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Everlux fabric and the Luxteme fabric is that the Everlux fabric dries up really fast and gives a cool feel during intense workouts while the Luxtreme fabric is made for sweat-wicking purposes as it is good for high sweat.

Luxtreme fabric offers a high amount of compression while Everlux offers a high level of comfort. These leggings are both Lululemon leggings and I would like to explain the key features of each of them.

Let’s take a glance at these leggings.

First glance at Everlux leggings

  • Soft
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Smooth feel
  • Dual-knit construction
  • Nylon
  • Elastane

It is the combination of luxtreme and nulu. It is very soft to the touch and can also be sweat-wicking.

This fabric feels cool and dries pretty fast. It has a medium weight and it has a smooth feel. It features a dual-knit construction. This fabric is made of 77% nylon and 23% elastane.

The nylon helps to pull sweat away from your body thereby making it dry fast and the elastane offers great support and stretch.

This fabric helps you keep your mind on your movement instead of your sweat, this is because it would dry your sweat almost immediately so there would be no need to feel distracted by irritation. These leggings can also serve as a casual outfit too apart from exercise.

First glance at Luxterme leggings

  • Sweat-wicking
  • Four-way stretch
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Interlock construction
  • Smooth

The Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking and has an interlock construction. It fits like a second skin and has a four-way stretch for more elasticity.

Unlike the two-way stretch which provides some amount of stretch and recovers some of the fabric, the four-way stretch offers better freedom of motion and also increases the durability of the leggings.

The four-way stretch helps the leggings stretch both crosswise and lengthwise. It has a high amount of elastane which makes them have a stretchy feel and also will make them tight and snug.

Luxtreme is designed for sweat-wicking purposes, it is good for high sweat. It has a light feel and doesn’t feel like cotton. Instead, this fabric is slick to the touch and has a smooth face. To an extent, the fabric is highly resistant to friction.

It is breathable and can be used for other sweaty activities or any high-intensity exercise.  It is made of 69% nylon and 31% elastane.

It features both deep pockets and small pockets. This fabric holds up greatly against friction and is highly durable.

Everlux vs Luxtreme: Comparison

Features Everlux Luxtreme
Purpose Better for sweating and dries fast High performance and sweat-wicking
Durability Highly durable for performance Can hold up wear and tear
Feel Offers a warm feel Offers a smooth and cool feel
Comfort It offers high intensity comfort Comfort and more compression
Construction Dual knit construction Interlock construction `


Everlux fabric offers better comfort and it is great to wear to the gym as it wicks sweat incredibly well.

This fabric is both functional and comfortable, this is possible because it serves two different functions through its unique yard combination.

One is its skin side that wicks moisture away from the skin while the other function is the outer layer that spreads moisture to help maximize evaporation. This process will keep you comfortable throughout.

If you do sweat a lot or you love sweaty workouts, this fabric is the best for you. It is the best because it was designed to keep you very comfortable in a sweaty environment.

The fabric will wick your sweat fast and give you a better performance. It is sweat friendly and made for intense workouts.

Luxtreme also helps to wick sweat during a high performance, the fabric keeps you going during fast and repetitive movement.

It is also nice for high sweat and the best for intense workouts. This fabric offers maximum support for high performance while you sweat your hardest. This fabric is the best for runners and high intensity workouts.


Everlux is quite durable for high performance. It helps you perform better in a high-humidity environment.

It is soft to the touch and also dries very quickly. The dual knit construction makes the fabric durable and resistant to tear. This fabric was made to be very durable.

The fabric is resistant to pilling. The dual knit construction makes it last longer and gives it a sturdy and structured look.

Luxtreme can hold up wear and tear. It can hold up greatly against friction, this is why it would last longer. It can literally look new for years. It is a versatile fabric and it can be used for all sweaty exercises.


Everlux offers a warm feel while you work out. It feels a little hotter while you work out. It feels like the combination of nulu and luxtreme.

It is buttery-soft against the skin and gives a comfy feeling no matter how hard you go or how sweaty you get due to the workout. It dries fast and as well feels comfy.

The two knitted fabrics allow you to have a cool-to-the-touch feeling of the fabric.

Luxtreme offers a cool and smooth feel. It feels a lot cooler as you work out in them. It is also sleek and has a smooth and shiny face. It also feels lighter and quite cool against the skin.

It features a shiny smooth feel and a good amount of elastane to make it stretchy and still snug.


Everlux fabric has a dual knit construction. Dual knit is usually heavy and firm such that it would not run. It is made with a double set of needles which produces the double thickness of the fabric.

This construction makes the leggings sturdy and durable. It gives the leggings a more structured and well-made look. This construction is more durable and flexible.

Everlux fabric is durable and will not wear or tear with ease. It is resistant to pilling. These leggings are also temperature regulating as it helps to keep you cool in a hot environment.

Luxtreme has an interlock construction. This construction offers great support and incredible coverage. This construction makes the fabric breathable, soft, and warm.

The construction is quite thick, strong, stretchy, and durable. It is a type of double-knit construction.

This construction makes Luxtreme more breathable and durable. It gives a smooth and cool feel too.

Why you should buy Everlux?

I suggest you buy Everlux leggings because it is the best fabric for handling sweat. Everlux fabric combines the best of nulu and luxtreme.

It is very soft to the touch and also comfy. It wicks sweat during high performance. This fabric also feels slightly warm, it is made of nylon and elastane which helps to wick sweat and at the same time offer maximum support.

It dries quickly in a hot and sweaty environment. It is very comfortable to wear for a casual outing or any low-impact workouts and still durable enough for high performance.

This fabric is designed to be comfortable and helps you perform better in a high-humidity, low air-flow, and extra sweaty environment.

Why you should buy Luxtreme?

This fabric offers support and gives a smooth feel. It is the best for running as it gives a compressive tightness.

It is good for running because the material is smooth and can as well wick moisture which is good for running. This fabric is a combination of a sleek and smooth feel.

It offers a cool feel against the skin and it is compressive. This fabric is the best for running, spin classes, CrossFit, and other high-intensity fitness programs.

This fabric is one of the most flexible fabrics which makes it great for runners. It allows you to move freely and it is also thicker than other fabrics. It is designed for less friction as well as shape retention.

Everlux of Luxtreme? Final Verdict

When it comes to deciding which leggings are better, my vote goes to the Luxtreme legging. I picked these leggings because they can withstand wear and tear.

These leggings will also offer a smooth and cool feel against your skin. It is very much comfortable and durable due to its construction and also has more compression than the Everlux leggings.

These leggings feel cool as you work out and have a smooth face. It holds up pretty well against friction and would always look new. It wicks sweat and also offers great support while you work out.

The leggings fit very well like a second skin and have a four-way stretch for better flexibility.


This article has examined two Lululemon leggings which are Everlux and Luxtreme. We looked at their key features and their differences.

We also selected the better leggings and gave reasons why it is the better choice. Both leggings are durable, comfy, light, soft, and sweat-wicking.


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