Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Comparison

The major difference between Everlane and Levi’s is that you can find more affordable jeans on Levi’s than Everlane.

Also, the stretch in Everlane is adequate and more comfortable compared to Levi’s. Everlane and Levi’s are two jeans brands that basically use the same materials for the production of their jeans.

In this review, we are going to find out if they are better than big-name brands. We will also review the brands individually and we’ll finally say which of them is better.

Are They Better Than Big Name Brands?

This is kind of difficult to answer because Levi’s is among the top brands in jeans. The answer is straight and simple.

Everlane and Levi’s are better than most big-name jeans brands. Of course, they are some brands better than them. The fact remains that, they are better than many other jeans brands.

Overview of Everlane and Levi’s

Before we take the review for each brand, let’s check an overview of the construction of these jeans, the quality, the comfort level, the pricing, the durability, and the sizing.

The table below summarizes everything.

Features Everlane Levi’s
Construction & styles High rise, wide leg, rigid, button fly, straight leg, extra high rise, relaxed fit, curvy fit. Button closure, straight leg, high rise, cropped leg, flattering, zip fly, relaxed fit, skinny fit, slim fit.
Comfort level Just enough stretch for comfort Comfortable
Price Affordable; $50 – $84 Affordable; $42 – $100
Durability Last long Last long
Sizing/fitting Fits right Fits right
Materials Organic cotton, elastane Organic cotton, elastane
Quality Stable in quality Declining in quality


Everlane Denim Review

Everlane High Way Jean

Everlane vs Levi's Jeans

I fell in love with this jean the moment I read about it on the internet. Yea, just reading words can reveal the true potential of a thing. And I haven’t stopped loving it till now.

There are many high-way jeans on Everlane collection. This jean is available in several colors and I’m going to take the time to list out the colours here.

There is the vintage indigo, distressed, coal, light indigo, washed black, cali blue, ecru, and Folsom blue. So, you can get whichever you like. I personally like the vintage indigo.

This jean is made of organic cotton and elastane. There is an adequate stretch for comfort. The leg is wider at the bottom. The style is high rise. Most Everlane jeans are high-rise.


  • Just like I’ve said, the stretch added is just enough to make the jeans very comfortable.
  • Many options of color to choose from and the fitting is perfect.
  • The high rise style is so comfortable on the belly button and it’s perfect.
  • It is affordable. You do not need up to a thousand dollars to get this.
  • Just as every other Everlane jeans, this is durable.

Everlane Men’s Relaxed Fit Jean

Everlane vs Levi's Jeans

It’s actually difficult to get a described relaxed fit jean to be actually relaxed fit. I’ve seen a brand that described a jean as a relaxed fit but customers were complaining that the jeans got too tight on them.

This very Everlane relaxed fit is actually a relaxed fit. The comfort here is premium and you won’t have any regret getting this. It is a mid-weight denim with stretch for comfort.

This jean is also made of cotton and elastane. Here is something unique I found out about the material of these jeans; Roica V550 yarn is added and this yarn does not contain harmful chemicals. It fits well and is relaxed.


  • Comfort is the first thing I’ll mention here as that is the most important. This jean is comfortable enough.
  • The fitting is right as it is truly relaxed on the body when you order the right size.
  • It is also affordable, so you don’t have to save up long to get it.
  • It is durable enough and can last you for long.

Everlane Curvy 90’s Cheeky Jean

Everlane vs Levi's Jeans

This very cheeky jean has an extra high rise. So high that it may get too high on some people. The jean leg style is straight leg. This is specifically for curvy women and it is actually good for them.

There is the butt-lifting fit and that gives you confidence that you’re wearing the right thing. There are times I wear an item of clothing and do not feel good about myself because the cloth just doesn’t fit the way I would want.

That is not the case with this curvy cheeky jean, it fits just in the right places. This jean is made of 100% organic cotton. That means that it is heavy and rigid.

It has a button fly closure and fits just well. Don’t bother about the price, you can afford this. It’s just about $84.


  • It is comfortable on the body even without stretch.
  • It fits perfectly on curvy women and the butt fits perfectly.
  • It is high rise and fits well on the waist or belly.
  • The button fly closure helps in holding firm on the waist.
  • This jean is affordable, even though it costs almost a hundred bucks.


  • The jeans might run small on you. Endeavor to size up for a better fitting.
  • The high rise may get too high on you that it makes you uncomfortable.

Levi’s Jeans Review

Levi’s Men’s Original Fit Jean

Levi’s is one of the most famous jeans brand, if not the most famous. They have a variety of jeans models in their collection and lots of positive and negative reviews.

This very Levi’s jean is for men and it is made with cotton and elastane materials. This jean sits just right at the waist. It has a button closure type and it is a comfortable pair of jean.

From my experience with Levi’s, I have discovered that the quality of their jeans is gradually declining. That situation where you get something really good from them in the first order, and the next gets so ugly.

This has happened repeatedly. But, you do not need to bother, you can find great quality on Levi’s even today. This jean is in straight leg style and it is very much affordable.


  • Levi’s jeans are always comfortable and this is comfortable as well.
  • They have nice customer service and that will make you keep going back to Levi’s.
  • This jean is very affordable. You can get this for just $47.


  • It may not last for you. I have already said that Levi’s is declining in quality.
  • The material is thin instead of being thick. This may not be for all the jeans they have, but some are thin from the first day of purchase.

Levi’s 501 Crop Jean

This Levi’s 501 crop jeans for women is really great. It is really comfortable just as Levi’s jeans are supposed to be. This jean is made of cotton and elastane materials.

The rise style for this jean is high rise and it is actually high rise. The pattern of the jean is straight through the hip and thigh. It is also made in a straight-leg style.

From the photo, you can see that this jean is cropped. The fitting is flattering on the body and well-fitting. This crop jean is actually affordable as it is sold on Amazon store for $69. It has a button closure.


  • This Levi’s jean is comfortable on the body.
  • I love the fashion of the jeans, the crop style and the look.
  • The jean is well-fitting and flattering on the body.
  • And then, the price is what you can afford.


  • It runs large. You may size down or check the sizing chart for the right sizing.
  • It’s actually large for petite girls.

Levi’s Men’s Big & Tall Jean

So, I decided to pick out a jean from the relaxed fit collection. This big and tall jean is made for men who are actually big and tall. Don’t tune out yet, there are sizes that may fit all kinds of men.

Just that, the best fitting is on big and tall men. It is made of 100% cotton. The rise style is high rise and it is also a straight leg style. The jean has more room in the seat and thigh side.

Because it is made of 100% cotton, the jean is thick. And, the fitting is relaxed fit just as described. So, even with all of these qualities, it is still very affordable.


  • The jean is comfortable.
  • The jean has a perfect fitting and truly relaxed fit.
  • The high-rise style is perfect and holds firm on the waist.
  • The jean is very affordable.


  • You might not be lucky to get the lasting ones. Some actually do not last.
  • There may be some construction flaws in the one you purchase. But, that’s not going to appear in all the jeans.

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Head-to-Head Comparison

So, we have reviewed these jeans individually. We are now going to compare these two brands side by side. We’ll compare the construction, comfort level, quality, price, sizing, and durability.

Which is better in all these factors?

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Construction/Design

Everlane jeans are well stitched and they have a collection of nice designs. The way high design is a great collection. Most of the Everlane’s jeans are high-rise.

There is the perfect design for curvy women, straight and skinny. Levi’s are great jeans also and their construction is similar to that of Everlane.

I noticed that both of them use cotton and elastane as the materials for their jeans. When it comes to construction, both brands are doing well.

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Comfort Level

Both brands here make really comfortable jeans. The only bad side to Levi’s is that they are declining in quality and that means a decline in comfort.

Everlane jeans are made with adequate stretch for enough comfort. This is also the same with Levi’s. The presence of the elastane is to make the jean stretchy and comfortable.

When it comes to comfort, Everlane is doing better in that.

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Sizing/fitting

Both Everlane and Levi’s have size charts for their jeans. And, as long as you follow the size chart to pick your size, you are not supposed to have any issue with the fitting.

But, it is not always so. Everlane jeans are fitting enough and Levi’s too. Both brands have some complaints about the sizing. But, I think that when it comes to a perfect fit, Levi’s does it better.

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Price

Pricing matters, as you may like a jean but not have enough money to buy it. The fact here is that both Everlane and Levi’s jeans are affordable.

They are just within the same price range. Most of their jeans are not above $100. You can find Everlane jeans from $64 and below to $84+.

While, for Levi’s, you can find them between $42 to $100. So, they both fall within the same range and you can use the same amount to get any of them.

Everlane vs Levi’s Jeans: Durability

I think that both jeans are durable. They both last as long as you want them to last. If you continually care for your jeans, I believe both brands will last long.

But, because of the decline in Levi’s jeans, we are not so sure about their durability. Let’s just hope you always pick Levi’s jeans that are really Levi’s jeans.

Overall Verdict – Which Is Better?

Ordinarily, this should have been Levi’s taking the crown as usual. But, the truth is that other brands are highly competing with Levi’s and Everlane have proven to be one.

But for the decline in quality of Levi’s, I would have chosen them to be better. Levi’s are still great jeans and can be perfect for you. But, in this review, I believe that Everlane is better than Levi’s.

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