Does GAP Own Old Navy? Here’s What We Know!

There is this common thread in the business of clothing that creates links and channels between brands, clothing companies, and retail companies.

This link forms a corporate bond between these establishments, either making one a parent company and making the other one either a subsidiary or offshoot brand.

This corporate bond is the case between super clothing company Gap and another line of clothing Old Navy.

Renowned for their quality products, Gap has been much around in the line of producing clothes, especially jeans which is their biggest venture but the question of if they own Old Navy or not still comes up in debates amongst people.

Read on to find out how these two clothing lines are related and on what basis.

Yes, Gap owns the clothing line Old Navy. It is on record that corporate clothing company Gap Inc. takes the credit as the founding company of Old Navy.

Old Navy which was established some 28 years ago, was made a corporate division of Gap Inc. This means that the Old Navy brand is accountable to Gap, for all of its corporate-related issues because Gap acts on the capacity of its parent company.

Why was Old Navy Founded by GAP?

Old Navy clothing company was founded in the year 1994 with the intent to make it a different face from the already existing clothing line which was run under the Gap moniker.

Aside from that motive, I think that another possible reason on which it was established hinges on expansion.

The first set of Old Navy stores was opened to customers in towns like Pittsburg, San Leandro, and Colma, all in California.

Prior, the stores were formerly known as Gap Warehouse founded in 1993 by Gap’s then CEO Millard Drexler.

These stores which were opened served as an indirect response to a teeming line of new brands from a rival company, that was coming up with a dimension of offering cheaper clothes than Gap.

There is this valor that exists in any corporate company that expands. It is almost like a big conquest for some of these brands as they try to break into the market from another view and dimension.

That could have been the case with Gap, which headed on the path of expansion by establishing the Old Navy.

However, the clothing line decided to switch things up a little bit and they achieved this by giving their newfound brand a different identity, motion, and appeal.

The only thing which they did not fail to do was to make sure that this new brand had some of its corporate backing, a factor that greatly impacted the growth of Old Navy, from just being a start-up company into being a full-fledged clothing brand.

Can I Return GAP to Old Navy?

Yes, you can return clothes bought at Gap to Old Navy. Since Old Navy is a division of Gap, it is entitled to accept returns of products belonging to its parent company.

The items from Gap which you can return via Old Navy include jeans, T-shirts, and clothing for both men and women including babies/toddlers.

But there are rules though, which ensure your returned products are received in good faith.

The first of these rules is that you have up to 30 days from the ship date to return the items you got from either their store or Gap.

This implies that you are expected to turn in the items which you want to return within the first 30 days after receiving them.

Once the items are shipped to you, you are entitled to return them within a 30-day deadline. If you fail to do this, your return will not be valid.

But in the case of returning items to a physical store, if you bought it from, you are expected to return it to a Gap store and not an Old Navy store.

Does GAP Take Old Navy Returns?

Yes, Gap accepts the returns of Old Navy items from customers. You also have to bring in the item which you intend to return within 30 days after it got shipped to you.

Old Navy is a division of the larger Gap Inc., which means that it shares corporate ties with the Gap Company.

With regards to the type of corporate relationship that exists between two of these brands, Gap can take the returns of Old Navy items. You can return clothing, jeans, or any other item which you purchased from Old Navy to Gap.

But there is an exception; if you got any of the items from the Old Navy physical store then you cannot return them to Gap. But if it is an online purchase that got shipped to your location then you can return the Old Navy item to Gap.

The returning process requires that you keep the items in their original form, and do not wash or clean them to avoid getting rejected and being left without a refund.

Furthermore, you can only return Old Navy items to Gap through the mail or in UPC format. If you want to visit a physical store for the return, note that you can only return it to an Old Navy store and not a Gap store.

What Companies Are Under GAP?

Gap Inc. is known for its quality and variety of products. They are also known for owning other lines of clothing brands that are also doing great in the clothing industry.

Aside from the Old Navy which was mentioned earlier on in this article, Gap owns other brands such as; Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix, and Janie and Jack. Gap Inc. is one of the biggest clothing companies in the one, not only because of the quality of their products but also their extension

By extension in this text, I’m referring to their expansion in establishing other brands in the same clothing industries.

Banana Republic Review

Does GAP Own Old Navy

The brand now known as the Banana Republic was called ‘Banana Republic and Safari Clothing Company’, established in the year 1978 by couples Mel and Patricia after they left their corporate jobs and went to a Californian district in order to pursue their dreams of owning a business.

The business idea behind Banana Republic initially featured clothing, bags, shoes, or any other accessories that reflected the beach lifestyle or what is generally known as ‘Safari’.

However, in 1983 Gap Inc. purchased the clothing brand from the Zieglar couples, changed its name to ‘Banana Republic’, and rebranded it into what is known as a masstige brand.

A masstige brand is a brand that features high-end prices for quality products but is still accessible to the masses.

At present time, Banana Republic actively operates in over 700 stores both in the US and across the globe. Their product collections include the BR Monogram, BR Sports, Heritage, BR Baby, BR Athletics, and others.

Athleta Review

Does GAP Own Old Navy

The Athleta brand was founded by Scott Kerslake in 1998, just the same year as the Lululemon brand. The brand was founded as a clothing brand that caters to women’s activewear with a clear uniqueness in design and styles.

The brand became a subsidiary of Gap Inc. after the company purchased it in 2008. However, its first store was opened in Mill Valley, California in 2011.

The Athleta brand products range from sports bras, leggings, running shorts, and everything which relates to sporting for women.

Hill City Review

Does GAP Own Old Navy

This is another subsidiary brand owned by Gap. It was founded by creative designer Noah Palmer in collaboration with Gap Inc.,  on October 15, 2018.

It is the most recent brand founded by Gap after over a decade of operating other brands. The brand is a menswear athletic brand with its headquarters in San Francisco.

The products offered by Hill City feature a modern technology that combines durable fabrics with precision in style, and comfort and gives men a lot of clothing items to pick from. It is Gap’s first apparel company to be certified as a B-corp brand.

Intermix Clothing

Does GAP Own Old Navy

Intermix is a luxury fashion brand that offers designer clothing, shoes, bags, and other clothing accessories.

The brand which was founded in 1993 by Khajak Keledijan, was bought over by Gap for $30 million. But it was later purchased recently by Altamont Capital, on 21st May 2021.

Janie and Jack

Does GAP Own Old Navy

This is a children’s clothing brand that was founded in 2002 in San Francisco, California. It encompasses a lot of clothing for kids from a day-old to toddlers and even extends to teenagers.

The brand was purchased by Gap Inc. for $35 million but was recently bought by investment firm Go Global Retail in 2021.

What Is the Gap Brand Known For?

Gap, professionally known as Gap Inc. was founded on 21st August 1969, in San Francisco, California.

The GAP brand is widely known for its involvement in the production of denim jeans and also its strategic acumen in the establishment and management of subsidiary brands.

Their involvement in the latter recognition is only a reflection of what the brand was able to build with its jeans brand.

The jeans brand of Gap Inc. is also known as Gap. These jeans are very much a near-perfect definition of quality denim jeans with a clear touch of timeless design.

The jeans offered by Gap come in different types and styles like their raw denim jeans which is the most popular type of jeans offered by the company, and also their collection of jeans produced with a cotton blend which makes them stretchy.

Moreover, Gap jeans are not a high-end brand as thought by a lot of people, it is affordable but comes with a price tag that sits above most other denim brands in the market.

It is also not a fast-fashion brand as most of its jeans are laced with a seasonal touch of vintage and timeless designs.

The jeans offered by Gap cater to both men and women and have different styles like the High-rise vintage jeans for women, Straight-leg and Bootcut jeans for men, including the trending High-rise Cheeky Jeans for women.

Best Seller: Gap Women’s High-rise Cheeky Straight Jeans

These jeans are certainly a blow for most women, with their straight leg feature and the sexy cheeky back pocket which sits just right on the two sides of your backside.

The jeans also feature a high-rise structure which means that you have enough space between your thighs for easy mobility.

The jeans come mostly in the dark indigo wash which is the color I’m recommending it in and have a distressed cut-off hem which gives it that street-like appeal and look.

You can get these jeans at the price of $49.99 which is very affordable for jeans of their quality and brand name.

Key Features:

  • Material: Cotton, polyester, spandex.
  • Closure Type: Zipper flies with metal button.
  • High-rise structure.
  • Ankle-height inseam length.
  • Classic 5 pocket style.
  • Colour: Dark Indigo.
  • High-waisted.
  • Cheeky back-pocket design.
  • 5 belt loops closure design.
  • Straight leg.


To wrap up this article, it is pertinent that you understand the essence of the corporate relationship which exists between the Gap and Old Navy brands.

This relationship also extends to the other brands which operate under Gap Inc. as subsidiary brands. Also, there is a need for you to know the requirements for returning items bought from one brand to another brand.

At least, it saves you the hassle of not receiving an expected refund or exchange of an item that you deem unfit for you.

Summarily, this article has also let you in, into the brands which operate as subsidiary or divisional establishments from Gap Inc.

The mode of operation and products offered by these brands are also highlighted in this article while showing you the height of business acumen portrayed by the Gap Company.


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