Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Dockers pant and the Dickies pants is that Dockers pants are stretchier than Dickies pants.

Dockers pants are usually for business events and formal wear while Dickies pants are workwear for the “working man”.  Both pants are comfortable and durable but Dockers pants are much more durable and comfortable as they are made of soft fabric.

Let’s take a glance at these pants.

First glance

Let’s take look at the features of the pants.

Dockers Pants

Dockers vs Dickies Pants

  • Full-grain leather
  • No wrinkle technology
  • Stretch
  • Varieties of fits
  • Comfort

The Dockers pants are made of full-grain leather. It features stretch for better performance. It has a zip fly and a button closure. It has a no-wrinkle technology which makes the pants wrinkle resistant.

It comes in various fits like the straight fit, classic fit, slim fit, and relaxed fit. It has a pleated front and the flat front. It also has a button closure. It fits well through the seat and thigh. It has a side hand pocket and its fabric is soft.

Dickies Pants

Dockers vs Dickies Pants

  • 100% cotton
  • Strong buttons
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Recycled fibers
  • Various fits, styles, and sizes

Dickies pants are made of 100% cotton. It also comes in various fits, styles, and sizes. Dickies pant features melamine buttons which are very strong. They are also wrinkle-resistant.

The pants have wrinkle-resistant technology as it is being chemically processed to keep their shape and resist wrinkle. They are made from recycled fibers for flexibility and comfort.

It is slim fit through the leg and thigh for a smart look. It features back pockets and side pockets. It has a hook and eye closure.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Comparison

Features Dockers Pants
Dickies Pants
Stretch It has a bit of stretch It does not have stretch except for their cargo pants
Size It runs big It fit true to size
Durability Much more durable It is durable and tough
Comfort Can be comfortable for a long time It may not be comfortable for a long time due to its toughness
Price A bit expensive Quite cheap
Fit It has a relaxed fit It has a loose fit
Function It’s a formal pant It is a work pant


Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Stretch

Dockers pants have a bit of stretch in them. It has a little stretch for better performance and all-day comfort.

Its stretch makes it easy for you to move around and offer stress and wrinkle-free performance. It features a signature stretch and SmartFlex to give a nice stretching feel to the pant.

Dickies pant does not really stretch, their waistline is not elastic so they won’t stretch as you expect them to. The pants don’t stretch but their cargo pant does.

The Dickies Cargo pant is made of a strong cotton twill which is very flexible and helps to offer easy movement. The twill has a mechanical stretch fabric that makes the pant durable.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Size

Dockers pants are true to size. They are not just true to size but also true to length. This means your size for your Dockers pants will still be your size for your Dickies pant and even across all brands.

Dickies pants do not fit true to size. I would suggest you size up to get a perfect fit. Always go for a bigger size whenever you want to order your Dickies pant especially if you are between sizes.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Durability

Dockers pants are more durable and are guaranteed to last longer than Dickies pants.

This is due to the fact that Dockers pants have extra material around the seat and knee area which keeps them from wearing out quickly.

Dockers pants can withstand years of use as they are made of durable construction.

Dickies pants are known to be very tough and durable. This is the reason they are well known in the workforce.

Dickies pants are made to last, they are made of tough, durable fabrics and blends that make them last pretty much longer than other pants in your wardrobe.

This pant is also tear-resistant. It is made with durable fibers to create a sturdy yet comfortable pants.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Comfort

Dockers pants can be very comfortable and can be worn all day long. This is due to its soft materials and flexible design.

These pants are constructed with comfort in mind. it features a nice stretch, comfortable waistband, and soft feel to offer superior comfort all day long. Its material is soft to the touch, nice looking, and lightweight.

Dickies pants are tough and durable but they may not be comfortable to put on for so long. They can be really stiff and unforgiving.

Dickies pants are pretty tough and durable but the side effect of their toughness is that sometimes, they can be really stiff from the store.

This doesn’t mean that Dickies pants are not comfortable at all, their fit can make you comfortable and you can also break them in for better comfort.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Price

Dockers pants are a bit expensive. It costs $34.99 for a pair. Though, its price sometimes may vary based on the size, color, or store. You can get a pair of Dockers pants from Amazon at a very affordable.

Dickies pants are quite cheap. A pair cost about $19.97 with free shipping. Also note that the price may vary based on the size, color, store, and style.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Fit

Dockers have a relaxed fit. They are for guys that need enough room to move around in. It also features a straight fit that would give you a relaxed look that would not be baggy. It is so wearable and roomy that it was given the name “Classic”.

Dickies pants have a loose fit. They are versatile, comfortable, and have enough room for you to move around all day. They are roomy but not baggy, it has a roomy fit in the seat and thigh. Unlike the relaxed fit, the loose fit does not have tapering.

Dockers vs Dickies Pants: Function

Dockers pants are mostly worn for fashion and style. They are formal wear for a smart-casual look. They serve as dress pants for formal occasions. It can be paired with a button-down shirt and a nice shoe for a business casual look.

Dickies pants are always ready to get down to business anytime any day. It keeps you comfortable and focused while carrying out your job. It is a work pant for the working man. It helps you gain productivity in your job.

The pant can be worn not just for formal events but also for a hard job. It can be worn by skaters, coal miners, construction workers, soldiers, carpenters, painters, and many more. It is both functional and fashionable.

For instance, the Dickies Carpenter pant has a hammer loop for better performance and the Dickies Utility pant has utility loop and tool pockets.

Why you should buy Dockers Pants

You should buy Dockers pants because you can easily get them in any fit of your choice. They all offer comfort, versatility, quality, and confidence. This pant has a timeless style with various fits for you to pick from.

It is also a wrinkle-free pant, so you don’t need to bother about wrinkles on your pant. Its fabric is quite soft and would keep you comfortable all day long.

Why you should buy Dickers Pants

You should buy Dickies pants because the brand has so many professional attire that would fit most wardrobes, They come in various sizes and fits. It is also versatile and very much affordable.

The pant is built to last so you would wear them for a pretty long time. it is made of quality materials. Dickies pants are functional workwear for men. It is made with quality and value in mind.

Dickies pants are made of superior craftsmanship and can offer long-lasting comfort. These pants can be worn by coal miners, and construction workers.

Dickies pants combine durability, comfort, and style. They come in different styles, there are pants for carpenters, painters, farmers, skaters, mechanics, and other types of jobs.

These work pants feature utility pockets while some have hammer loops.

Dockers or Dickies Pants: Final Verdict

When it comes to deciding which brand is better between Dockers pants and Dickies pants, my vote goes to Dickies.

Since its inception, Dickies has so many selections of workwear compared to Dockers. Though Dockers pants are made has a little stretch and can be very soft to the touch which makes them comfortable to wear all day long but you should note that Dickies pant is the pant for every man.

Whether you work at a construction site or as a painter or even if you want to put it on to a business meeting, Dickies has it all. I love these pants because they are functional and fashionable and also cheap to get. Amazon would be a good place to get yours.


This article has examined two pants, the Dockers pants, and the Dickies pant. Both pants are very fashionable and stylish, they are also comfortable and durable.

We discussed their features and also compared them to each other. We came to a conclusion that the Dickies pant is the better pant between the two and also stated the reason for the choice.


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