Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Which Is Better?

The major difference between these pants is that the Easy Khaki has a pleated front while the Signature Khaki has a flat front.

The Easy Khaki is softer and has a lighter fabric than the Signature Khaki. Also, the Easy Khaki is more durable than the Signature Khaki. Both Khakis provides a nice look and all-day comfort with a bit of stretch to them.

Let’s take a glance at these Dockers Khakis.

First glance at Easy Khaki Dockers

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature

  • Stretchy
  • No wrinkle technology
  • Soft fabric
  • Easy care technology
  • Pleated front
  • Durable
  • Comfort

This khaki features a pleated front. It comes in various fits like the classic fit, the slim fit, and the straight fit. It has just the right amount of stretch for maximum comfort and performance.

It can be paired with anything. It features an easy care technology. It has a welt and a zip fly for closure. It has room in the thighs and a straight leg opening.

This Khaki hits at your waist which is a size 32. It is made of 64% cotton, 34% polyester, and 2% elastane.

This khaki should be washed with cold water and dry with medium heat. It is very comfortable and the fabric is nice to the touch and does not wrinkle. It has a side hand pocket and a motion comfort waistband.

First glance at Signature Khaki Dockers

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature

  • No wrinkle technology
  • Stretch
  • Durable buttons
  • Different fit
  • Permanent crease
  • Flat front

The Dockers Signature is a British Khaki and the standard Dockers. This Khaki is crafted with style and performance. It features no wrinkle technology and has a stretch to it. It has 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

It has durable buttons and a flexible waistband for better comfort. It comes in a straight fit, relaxed fit, and classic fit. It is very comfortable and fits great.

The khaki also has a flat front with a permanent crease. It also comes in different fits for different people.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Comparison

Features Dockers Easy Khaki Dockers Signature Khaki
Material It is softer and lighter It is a soft and thin fabric
Size It fits true to size It runs small
Price A little cheaper Not very cheap
Leg opening A straight or tapered leg opening A slim leg opening
Front It has a pleated front It has a flat front
Durability More durable Not so durable


Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Material

Dockers’ Easy Khaki has a softer and lighter material that has a bit of stretch for better performance. Its fabric has a super soft feel to the touch.

The material is also breathable and cool to put on. The material will provide a good amount of comfort all day long. It is crafted from stretch twill woven with a good soft hand finish. The material is lightweight which makes it very comfortable.

Dockers’ Signature Khaki material is made of great quality and gives a perfect fit. It has lux cotton stretch fabric that is soft and thin and allows for a comfortable movement.

It is a no-iron fabric, in order words, it is wrinkle resistant.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Size

The Dockers Easy Khaki fit true to size.

This means that they are sized correctly around the waist and inseam. It fits just right and has the right amount of room for comfort.

The Signature Khaki runs small.

Its waistband runs smaller than other pants. Due to this, you may have issues around your waist and thigh whenever you put on the pant.

To ensure that you do not get a tight pant that would not fit nicely, I recommend you size up or get a size bigger.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Price

The dockers Easy Khaki is a little cheaper than the Signature Khaki. It is more affordable and easy to get. The Easy Khaki cost about $29.99 for a pair.

The dockers Signature Khaki is not as cheap as the Signature Khaki. The Signature Khaki cost about $34.99 for a pair.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Leg opening

Docker Easy Khaki has a straight leg opening which is about 14 inches. It is slightly tapered through the leg. The pant sits at the waist with a straight leg.

Docker Signature Khaki has a slim leg opening. It is slim through the seat and sits below the waist and this gives it a slimming and more fitted look. Its slim leg opening is about 12 inches.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Front

The docker Easy Khaki has a pleated front which gives you a classic and contemporary look. It features tapered legs towards the ankle.

This pant is the best for big guys because it is more spacious and very comfortable as the pleats will offer better room for movement.

The Signature Khaki has a flat front that offers a nice profile throughout the day. Flat front pants usually lie flat or smooth in front close to the zipper.

The Signature Khaki sits below the waist or it is worn a bit lower this shows its flat front look. It is the best for slim guys due to its flat front and slim look.

Dockers Easy Khaki vs Signature: Durability

The Dockers Easy Khaki is more durable. It can last pretty long and it is also made of stretch fabric. Its fabric has a super soft feel.

It is made with DuraFlex Lite alongside a strong cotton blend technology. DuraFlex Lite and the cotton blend makes the pant very durable and lightweight.

The Dockers Signature Khaki is also durable, but not as durable as the Easy Khaki. It is also made of a DuraFlex Lite and a cotton blend technology for better durability and lightweight feature.

Why you should buy Dockers Easy Khaki

I would suggest you get the Dockers Easy Khaki because it has a softer and also lighter fabric. This pant also fits true to size, so you don’t have to worry about sizing up or going a size down.

This Dockers Easy Khaki is also quite affordable, its price is lesser than the other khaki. It features a straight leg that gives you that professional look that you desire.

If you are a big guy, then this pant will look good on you. This pant is also more durable than the Signature Khaki as it is made of quality materials to help it last pretty long while giving you a comfortable feel.

Why you should buy Dockers Signature Khaki

These pants work as hard as you. It is made of a soft fabric and it resists wrinkles. The Signature Khaki looks great to put on to the office or other formal events.

It has a classic design and an individual fit to keep you looking cool and sophisticated all day long. The khaki has a waistband that offers plenty of room for better comfort and style.

The pant can minimize wrinkles right out of the dryer. Its permanent crease and flat front provide a sleek and professional appearance all the time.

The pant can handle any occasion at all. It is finished with a hook and eye closure with a button to help seal the deal and a nice zipper front.

If you are a slim guy then these pants will look good on you as they will give you a perfect fit, this is because it has a slim leg opening that would always fit.

Which is better?

I would conclude this article by telling you the pant that I feel is the better Dockers khaki.

The better pant between these two Dockers Khakis is the Easy Khaki. The Easy Khaki is the better pant because it possesses some features which are better and makes it preferable to the Signature Khaki. Its fabric is softer and lighter. It is true to size.

It has an easy-care technology and it is wrinkle resistant. It is very comfortable and has the right amount of stretch for maximum flexibility. This pant is roomy and would give you a sophisticated look.

The pant also has the right amount of durability and the best part is that it is very affordable and quite easy to get.


This article has examined two Dockers khaki which are the Easy Khaki and the Signature Khaki. We reviewed each of these pants by having the first glance at each and checking out their features.

We also compared them side by side. It was concluded that the Easy Khaki is the better pant. This doesn’t mean that the Signature khaki is not also nice, it has soft, thin fabric and a flat front.


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