Do Wranglers Jeans Shrink?

These jeans are modeled to last long and keep you comfortable when you wear them.

Yes, Wrangler jeans shrink. They tend to reduce in size by one inch or less when you wash them many times.

When you boil and dry your Wrangler jeans in a hot dryer, they tend to shrink. Same results when you spray your jeans with a mixture of fabric softener on the area you want it to shrink till it gets wet and then dries thoroughly.

These jeans run small in size and the polyester and fabric materials used to create these jeans stretch every time you wear them but, expect your Wrangler jeans to shrink after every wash and spread in the sun.

So, I recommend you go for a size that is a little bit large or will suit you perfectly, even after you wash.

Major reasons why do Wrangler jeans shrink?

A handful of jeans such as Wrangler comprises a large proportion of polyester material which makes them stretch.

This material alters the original plan for the jeans to fit perfectly. Also, it prevents it from shrinking, but the design of Wrangler jeans overshadows the effect of polyester as the jeans shrink back to their original form when washed or obliged to shrink.

The material used

Wrangler jeans are made of tough cotton material that shrinks to its former fit after washing.

One of the utmost reasons why jeans shrink is when heat and moisture combine to reduce the pressure on your denim materials. Another is when you wash and dry your jean using a machine.

During the process of washing, the fibers loosen up which causes them to shrink. You get the same result when you wash your jeans in warm water with some tightening mixture in it.

Intense heat

They also shrink because of intense heat. This comes up when you dry your jeans in a heated dryer or iron repeatedly after washing or apply a denim-shrinking soap, sprinkle, or softener.

During this process, the fabric’s fibers become soft and contract to grip you when you wear them.

Ultimately, Wrangler jeans shrink because it was a part of the plan when designed so, it is made with materials that permit shrinking.

Are Wrangler jeans preshrunk?

Wrangler jeans are modeled in a unique way but, not as preshrunk.

As they are washed in warm water, they shrink. Every cycle of washing makes the tough cotton fabric soft which brings about a shrink in size.

Peradventure, the jean producer incorporates any technique to reduce shrinkage or washes the fabric before it was joined together, you’ll get to see a “Preshrunk” as a tag in the inner waist region.

When your jean is preshrunk, it may shrink slightly when you clean them in warm water, but not so much as a jean that is not preshrunk. The rate of shrinkage is 1%.

Wrangler jeans shrink even when they are not washed in water, they aren’t designed as preshrunk since the jeans shrink exclusively when they are washed.

Wrangler jeans are not preshrunk, but they shrink in length, width, or even both, depending on the brand.

Do Wrangler Stretch jeans shrink?

Yes, they do! Wrangler Stretch jeans are created from good-quality materials known as raw denim and elastic. The denim is stretchy just like polyester jeans. As a result of the elastic property, your jeans start to stretch and feel loose fit after you wear them.

But your stretch jeans can shrink back to fit you as it used to. This happens by combining heat and moisture on your jean to remove tension and retrieves it to its authentic form.

Wrangler jeans shrink when they are washed, especially with hot or boiling water. They can be obliged to shrink as well by using sprays, soaps, fabric softener, or denim-tightener.

They also shrink when you wash inside-out and dry them in heat more than onetime. Furthermore, when you apply a shrinking solution to the waist and other areas of the jean that you wish to reduce, they tend to shrink.

In this method, you spray the liquid till the jeans become damp and dry thoroughly, then the side targeted reduces slightly.

The result of boiling your stretched jeans in a container is a pair of shrink jeans that snugs your body. When you want to get a wrangler jean that fits you suitably, don’t forget that the jeans shrink over time when heated or submerged in water.

How to shrink a Wrangler jeans manually

Wrangler jeans are made with innovative elastic material, which makes the jeans stretch after some period of usage.

As a result of this, your pants need to shrink to fit you perfectly. There are several ways to make your stretched jeans shrink. Some include;

  • Take care of your jeans properly. Knowing well that your jeans have the tendency to loose fit when as you wear them, put them on with care so that they will be cleaned only when dirty. Always check the tag by the waistband area to know the dos and don’ts of the fabric anytime you buy one.
  • Another easy way to shrink your jeans is to wash them. Your jeans close up when you wash them, especially in hot water.
  • You can shrink your stretched jeans with sufficient heat.

Heat can make your jeans bond. Employing this method, you can spin your washing gadget to a heated setting and wash your jeans turned inside out in hot water.

Then add a fabric softener with a little amount of detergent. Use a hot dryer after washing. Your dryer should be set as hot as possible to enable your jeans to shrink. Leave the pants for a few more minutes after they get dried.

  • You can use an iron to shrink your jeans. After washing and heating in a dryer, you can use an iron to dry your jeans till they are completely dry.
  • A sewing machine will do. A tailor can help you customize your jean to fit you perfectly.
  • Wear the jeans while having a hot bath. You can put on the pants when taking your bath as excess water makes the fabric grips your legs and waist. Afterward, sit in the bathtub with some more heated water covering your waist and legs. Then allow your jeans to dry totally before taking off.
  • Inform your dry cleaner to shrink your jeans.
  • Shrink your jeans in boiling water. When you turn your pant inside out and put them into a simmering water container for at least 30 minutes, it will in turn give you the desired fit. Afterward, dry with much heat till it is completely dry. You can try this over and over again.
  • Get Denim-Tightening Products. These sprinkles, fabric softeners, and soaps are produced to shrink jeans.
  • After trying all methods you know and they are of no effect on the jean or does not give you a maximum fit, I recommend you change your jeans.

Do Wrangler jeans shrink in width/length?

Wrangler jeans are made of materials that shrink in both width and length even though it differ from one label to another or fashion trend. It is expected that 3-4% of your jeans shrink by 1 inch or slightly more in length, with an average of 5% in both length and width.

Although, wrangler jeans shrunk in width and length. It shrinks more by the waist area, which consists of the length.

After your first wash, your jean can shrink by 10%, but reduce afterward. Jeans made of 100% cotton shrink by 20% in increased heat or washed in a machine. You can shrink your jeans in length by drying your jean in a heated dryer.


Everyone loves a soothing pair of jeans that fits so well, but just like many other pants, the fabric used to design wrangler jeans stretches and does not fit as it used to over time. This is where the quest to shrink your jeans begins when they being to stretch.

Before now, the methods to shrink your jeans have been explained earlier. You must not necessarily shrink your stretched jeans by stitching them in a tailor’s shop.

You can adopt several methods such as using shrinking mixtures, heating thoroughly the part you want to shrink, washing and drying with a machine, among others.

So, if you discover that your jeans become tighter on your waist after washing and then relax after some time, the waistband brought about the tension that you felt and grasps your body tighter.

The bottom line is wrangler jeans are made to suit you perfectly, but as a result of their elastic quality, they can stretch and fit you loosely later in time.

Some people feel uncomfortable in loosed jeans, so they take advantage of Wrangler’s design to shrink their jeans, which could be completely or in specific parts of the jean.

On a general note, employing machine washing and intense heat is one of the simplest ways to shrink your jeans at little or no cost.


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