Do Pacsun Jeans Shrink?

Yes, just like most of the Denim jeans made these days, the Pacsun jeans are no exception in jeans that will shrink with time.

Most denim jeans shrink not because they have to shrink. In most cases, it is due to how we handle them and use them that makes them shrink over time.

And in some cases, most jeans will shrink with time as it is in their nature as denim products.

There are however some key materials that make denim jeans shrink which are Spandex and cotton. These are materials that have the capability to shrink and stretch.

How will Pacsun Jeans Shrink?

There are many cases that will leave denim jeans like the Pacsun shrinking in no time.

In this part of the article, we will review these cases and hopefully help you avoid them when you get yourself a pair of Pacsun jeans.

Denim reacts to heat

First of all, it is important to note what your jeans are made of as it stands as an important factor in determining if they will shrink or not.

Most of the Pacsun jeans are made with denim fabric and this is why they are able to give you that tight fit and also a customized fitting as the case of preference is regarded.

Pacsun jeans will react to heat and this is how they will shrink, it is inevitable because denim jeans are made with plant fibers and it is for this reason that they shrink when exposed to heat in an excessive form.


The way this works is that when you get yourself a pair of the Pacsun jeans and you decide, let me just dump this in the closet and not use if for now, the manner in which you fold them and keep them can make them shrink.

They are made with plant fibers so they will definitely relax and then relaxation in their form is them shrinking.

Does Pacsun Jeans Run Small?

Yes, Pacsun jeans do run small and this is quite natural and expected of most brands, especially for the fact that they are denim made.

There are models of Pacsun that do not run small, most of these are not made with stretchy denim therefore they maintain a certain form and shape regardless of time use.

Another case of Pacsun jeans running small is when you get yourself a misfit. There are possibilities of some size charts not measuring up to the normal fit that the jeans were made for, if you happen to order based on the size chart’s information then they might end up running small or big.

Take note that these are rare cases.

Will Pacsun Jeans Stretch?

Yes. According to the manufacturers’ review, the Pacsun jeans are made to stretch with time.

This however does not stop them from returning to their former shape after you wash or wear them.

What their stretchy feature means is that you have the advantage of having them stretch when wearing them and then having them give you a tight fit on your body after you must have worn them.

Stretchy denim however has a bummer which is the fact that when washing them they are likely to stretch out of shape. The Pacsun jeans maintain a normal shape regardless.

How do you Unshrink Pacsun Jeans?

In this part of the article, we will be reviewing some of the few steps you can take to redeem your Pacsun jeans after they must have shrunk.

Regular Use

Denim jeans are made to be stretchy, it is in their nature to stretch.

When you find yourself in the situation of having your Pacsun jeans shrunk, all you have to do is to ensure you increase the amount of time you wear them.

With constant and regular use your Pacsun shrunk jeans are bound to regain their initial form regardless of how tight they must have been when they shrank.

So regular use is another way to unshrink your shrunk Pacsun jeans.

Stretch them yourself

If the shape they are now is too tight that you can’t wear them and let them regain their sizes gradually, all you have to do is to stretch them yourself to the required size and shape.

Here is how to go about this:

  • The first thing you need to do in this method is to Wet them with fabric shampoo
  • After that, the second step is to stretch them gradually to the desired shape, be mindful of the way you stretch them not to cause damage by stretching the seamline
  • The third and final step after you must have stretched them to a befitting shape is to let them dry

With these steps, you can unshrink your Pacsun jeans.

What is a Size 5 in Pacsun Jeans?

The size 5 under the Pacsun jeans identifies pair of jeans that comes with a waist of 26. This comes with a length of 35 more or less as it is the appropriate length for such kind of measurement.

Size 5 is a numeric size so you should take note of this when you go shopping in order not to mix the numbers on the size charts.

People who wear a size 5 are mostly after a medium fit, not small and not large, you should take note of this to know where you belong in order to not mix the numbers when you try to get yourself a pair of Pacsun jeans.

What is a size SML in Pacsun Jeans?

SML is the identification abbreviation of the term small clothing size in Pacsun jeans.

This sizing is mostly for women or men with small body sizes which is in the rarest of cases.

This sizing has a waist of 27-29 and then the length of jeans like this is roughly 30.

The length might differ with regards to the exact waist measurement you order but there is a possibility that it may remain the same at that 30 regardless of the waist measurement.

What size is Medium in Pacsun Jeans?

The Size medium in Pacsun jeans identifies the pair of jeans that have a waist of 30-32 and then an in-length of 30-32 as well.

The length of this pair of jeans differs, in fact, it should interest you to know that the in-length of these jeans is not a constant figure therefore there is a possibility of having a customized length when you make your purchase.

Although this depends on everyone’s body size, there is a possibility that most people will prefer ordering the medium as they stand a chance of slim-fitting in case it comes big.

What size is XL in Pacsun Jeans?

The Size Xl in the Pacsun jeans identifies the pair of jeans that has a waist of 34 ½ in most cases and then 34 in rare cases.

The advantage of this is that you can simply take them to the tailor and make sure they are reduced to your size that is if they run big at the waistline.

The length of this pair of jeans comes in 38 or 40 as the case may be.

It is important and will keep you at a vantage point if you take note of this before making your purchase.

What size is 22 in Pacsun Jeans?

The size 22 in Pacsun jeans also refers to size under the small size clothing which has a waist of 22 in some cases and then comes with an inseam of more or less 30.

This sizing under the Pacsun jeans can be categorized under the XXL sizing under the Pacsun Size charts.

Why you should have Pacsun Jeans in your Closet?

Pacsun jeans are one of the latest brands that are making the rounds in the world of fashion.

They make jeans for both men and women and are recommended for this. Speaking of why you should own a pair or two of the Pacsun jeans.

  • The feeling of freedom when you wear your jeans?
  • The taste and smell of quality?
  • You will take the attention of many when you walk because of the classiness of what you are wearing?
  • Value of your money?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then they are the reason why you need to own a pair or two or more than that of the Pacsun jeans in your closet.


Pacsun jeans stretch and they shrink too. It is their ability to retain their shape even after shrinking that you should concentrate more on.

They are quality wears that will let you enjoy the value of your money while they make you look cool and trendy anytime you rock them.

For the fact that they are made with denim, you stand a chance to unshrink them whenever you dump them without use and they tend to shrink even from excessive heat.


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