Do Nike Pros Ride Up? Here’s What We Know!

Yes, Nike Pros usually ride up. When you wear Nike Pro, you will notice that it goes higher than it normally would. It rides up, which is not a new thing.

If a garment rides up, what it means is that it moves upwards, which is usually out of its usual position. If you wear Nike Pros that ride up, the best way around this is to wear tight underneath.

When you wear tight underneath, if the Nike Pros tend to ride up, you will not feel it too much. It will still be comfortable to an extent.


Nike Pros ride up a certain way. I will explain that. How this happens is that when you wear the Nike pros, after you walk a couple of steps, you will notice that the Nike pros will start to go upwards towards your waist area.

Most of the time, you do not always feel comfortable when your shorts rise up. Sometimes, when your shorts ride up, it can happen as a result of your shape or size.

Some shorts are usually made with materials that are smooth and can slide up easily because of how smooth they are and also because of your shape. This is one way the ride-up happens.

Most of the time, you will not know that your Nike pro will ride up until you start to wear it. So, if you want to buy a Nike Pro, put it on and walk around the area to see if it rides up.

It will be best for you to not buy the one that will ride up because you will not feel comfortable in it at all, and sometimes it can even become annoying when you walk or sit and your shorts ride up.

What is the point of Nike Pro?

The point of Nike Pro is to make you super comfortable while you are at the gym. Can you work efficiently without the right tools? Definitely not! This is also applicable to Nike Pro.

When you head to the gym to work out, without the right type of outfit, you will not perform at your best and you will also not be as comfortable.

This is why you need to wear Nike Pro while you work out. When you wear something comfortable to the gym, you will be able to work out efficiently for a long time. The same thing happens if you are headed somewhere with uncomfortable clothing.

You will not enjoy it at all. When you see athletes perform their various sports, you notice one thing: they are always in their sports kits.

You notice footballers with their jersey and their boots. You also notice gym rats when they go work out in the gym. You notice them with their outfit, which helps them stay productive in the gym.

When you next go for any workout session in the gym, you should always go with Nike Pro so that you can perform at your best at the gym.

Is Nike Pro comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, Nike Pro is very good at it! When you get one for the purpose of wearing it to your workout session, you will enjoy how comfortable it will be on your body.

This product is made from 50% recycled polyester fiber. What makes it comfortable is that it has a stretchy and supportive fabric that helps to wick sweat away when you wear it.

With something like this, you can wear it all day as you work out, and you will not feel sweaty. When the shorts wick out all the sweat, you get comfortable, and you will not feel dirty because of too much sweat.

When you wear clothes that are comfortable for any sort of workout, you will perform at your best and this will also make you enjoy your workout session.

Each time you engage in something without the right type of outfit, you may not perform at your best. That is why Nike Pro is made to be super comfortable each time you wear it.

Among all the shorts that you can wear for a workout, the Nike Pro is one of the most comfortable that you can get out there.

Do Nike Pros run small or big?

Nike Pros are true to size and do not run small or large. What this means is that when you purchase any of the Nike Pro shorts, they will fit you exactly and they will have the exact length that they are supposed to have.

This saves you the stress of having to size up or size down in any of the Nike Pro shorts. Other clothes that usually run small or big make you size up by choosing to wear the one that is a bit bigger than you, and if it runs big, you will have to size down.

This may be a lot of stress for you as you would be forced to pick a size bigger than you. Because this Nike pro typically runs true to size, you won’t have to worry about sizing up or down in any of the shorts.

You buy will be your exact size, and that alone saves you a lot of stress from having to size up or down. It comes in the exact length and it also looks cute in such a way that it will look stylish on you when you wear it.

Every other thing about the Nike Pro is good, and you will definitely enjoy making use of it.

Are Nike Pros see-through?

The Nike Pros are not totally see-through; they are semi-transparent. This means that even if you wear it with your underwear, your underwear will still be visible.

This is not a good thing, especially if it is a woman wearing this Nike pro. Wearing the Nike Pro over and under Armour compression shorts will help to conceal your underwear.

It is not see-through and it is better than when you just wear the Nike Pro over your underwear. You could be performing your sport and your underwear will be visible.

This is quite embarrassing and it is not a good thing at all. To make this less of a problem for you, just like it was suggested earlier in this article, you can easily wear something beneath before you wear your underwear.

This will make your underwear less visible.

Do Nike Pros shrink?

As long as Nike Pros are made with 100% polyester, they will not shrink when you expose them to extreme heat. Some Nike pros are made with 50% polyester.

What this means is that they are made with a blend of polyester and organic cotton. As long as it has a blend of cotton, there is every possibility that the Nike pros will shrink.

Before you pick up any Nike polyester short that you want to get, you need to read the label to see what it is made of.

If it has a blend, then you should expect it to shrink when you expose it to heat. Better still, when you notice that the Nike pro has cotton in it, you should be cautious to not subject it to extreme heat.

Are Nike Pro shorts good?

As long as fit, quality, comfort, style, and durability are concerned, Nike pro shorts are the best that you can get out there.

I highly recommend you get this because if you make use of it for any workout, you will get the best results because you will be comfortable all day long, and when you are comfortable, you will perform at your best.

I will even advise you to buy more of these Nike pro shorts so that you can have more than one pair. When you have more than one pair, it will be easier for you to rotate them and it will even make the shorts last longer for you all day long.

When you rotate the shorts on a daily basis, it makes the other ones last longer for you because you will not be wearing them too often.

How to style your Nike Pro shorts?

There are various ways you can style your Nike Pro shorts for them to fit you so well. It is usually good when you wear your best outfit when you want to work out.

When you look good, it can boost your self-esteem to a certain level. Take a look at the various ways you can style your Nike pro shorts:

  • With a traditional padded sports bra
  • Nike mesh pullover long sleeve

With a traditional padded sports bra

This is one easy way you can style your Nike pro shorts. This one is primarily for women who will be going to the gym to work out.

You would definitely need a sports bra in order for you to stay safe or keep your breasts in place while you work out. You would not want to wear something that would make you have wobbly breasts.

You would not even be comfortable if, as a woman, you went to the gym and you did not wear anything to hold your breasts in place. It could also be embarrassing at times.

Take note that this is applicable only to women, as men do not need to wear any form of sports bra. Sports bras are quite affordable, and if you want to get a pair for yourself, you will not have to break the bank to get a really good sports bra.

If you are looking for something to style your Nike pro with, you can simply style it with one of these fancy sports bras and you will be very comfortable in it all day long.

You may not be working out all day in the gym, but remember that as a woman you need to give your breasts some breathing space, so it is not always best for you to wear a sports bra throughout the day.

When you’re not working out, try to reduce it a bit.

Nike mesh pullover long sleeve

This is a unisex outfit that can be worn by a man or a woman. Why I like this outfit is that it is long-sleeved and it has a mesh feel that feels super comfortable each time you wear it, either as a man or a woman.

This mesh long sleeve has the ability to wick out sweat during your workout session just to keep you comfortable all day long. This is a feature you need in any outfit you wear for a workout.

Consider styling your Nike pro in one of this Nike pullover mesh long sleeves, and you’ll be not only comfortable but also stylish and attractive while working out.

You should consider going for this mesh long sleeve because it looks really good on you as you wear it.


Nike Pros are one of the most comfortable shorts that you can wear while you work out. The only thing you may not find pleasing is that it could ride up in some situations.

If the shorts ride up, then it largely depends on your size and shape. It happens mostly to those who have more fat around their thigh area.

You will notice that when you wear these shorts it will start to ride up. If you get these Nike pro shorts and you are looking for the best way to style them, if you are female, you can rock them with a nice-looking sports bra and you will love how they look on you.

Also, if you are a guy, you can simply wear a Nike pullover mesh long sleeve. It equally looks good on you as you wear it.


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