Do Liverpool Jeans Run Small?

Being one of the best jeans brands in the world is a big feat for the Liverpool brand, but all of that happened because of their qualities and comfort.

Having these jeans is a big flex, as they are just right for a lot of things. Judging from past reviews, the Liverpool Jeans brand is anything more than good.

But regardless, there is still a flaw, there are still shortcomings for a clothing company like Liverpool. One of these flaws borders on fitting and sizing.

This article answers some questions directed to this cause and equally suggests a variety of jeans which would look nice in your wardrobe and on you.

Do Liverpool Jeans Really Run Small?

Yes, they run small. Liverpool jeans have a case of running small due to the stretch feature of the jeans.

These jeans come in sizes that can be true to size, but there are exceptional scenarios.

These scenarios can be a case where the jeans are smaller than the supposed size. Some of the reviews from reputable online malls like Amazon has further substantiated these claims.

Therefore, it is only ideal that you order slightly up to avoid cases of jeans running small and not being the perfect fit.

What to Do When You Realize That Your Liverpool Jeans Run Small?

Do Liverpool Jeans Run Small

When you get to know that your Liverpool jeans run small, there is no cause for you to raise alarm. You can try out different ways to either get a new set, a refund or make them better.

The fault might be yours in the sense that you might have ordered the wrong size of jeans. However, here are ways you can go about your Liverpool jeans when you realize that they run small.

Contact customer care

This should be the first step you take upon realizing that your Liverpool jeans run small. Check for E-mail addresses, contact numbers, or fax numbers, and start sending out a message.

The message should indicate your desire to return the jeans and probably ask for a refund, Or, you can imply that you would like to swap the jeans for a better size, citing that you like them.

Wear Seldom and Wash Often

This should be your contingency plan if the first step does not pull through. This entails that you keep the jeans, wear them seldom and wash them often.

The idea behind this method is that since Liverpool jeans are widely known for their stretching ability, then yours will also stretch and eventually becomes fit for you to wear.

Do Liverpool Jeans Stretch?

Yes, Liverpool jeans do stretch. They are built and designed with a stretching feature. The purpose of this feature is so that these jeans can adapt and pattern themselves into your body’s structure and shape.

Additionally, regular washing after wearing also increases the chances of it stretching. The stretching does not make the jeans less adorable, it only makes them more compatible with your body.

Are Liverpool Jeans Good Quality?

Do Liverpool Jeans Run Small

Absolutely yes, jeans from the desk of Liverpool brand are very qualitative. They offer one of the best features available in the market and world of clothing.

They are renowned for their stretching and body adaptation qualities, which are one of the most sorts after of qualities.

Women love comfortable and attractive clothing all while on a low budget, Liverpool jeans assure you of these things too.

With the kind of features packed up in it, it is almost impossible to get such jeans at a low rate but Liverpool jeans prove otherwise.

The Liverpool jeans have zero break-in time and are highly multi-functional, fit for several functions.

Similarly, these jeans have a special characteristic that is very few to see in jeans, and this feature is known as ‘Cross-Fitting’.

This involves producing clothing and footwear, especially jeans and shoes, based on the result of the tests conducted n several sizes and fittings from different people.

This process affords Liverpool jeans the luxury of making jeans in which persons of different body shapes can wear the same jean size and still appreciate the fitting.

How To Make Your Liverpool Jeans Fit?

It is clear that at this point, with everything you have read about Liverpool jeans. You are probably thinking of adding one or two of them to your closet.

But you are not sure how to fit your Liverpool jeans, there might just be tips for you. These tips would act as a guide in buying and getting nice Liverpool jeans, which would be worth the value of their cost. Below are the tips on how to make your Liverpool jeans fit.

Endeavor to Shop In-person

There are a lot of merits attached to going your clothes shopping in person. It does not only lead to a cut in prices, it also can help you find the right fitting for anything you are buying.

In this case, shopping in person gives you an avenue to do a proper selection to determine which pair of Liverpool jeans fits you the most.

Consider the Length

This is the second tip in making sure your Liverpool jeans fit you well. This tip suggests that you put the length of the jean and that of yours into consideration.

Knowing this will help you avert purchasing any jeans that are way beyond your length, thereby leading to unfit jeans.

Choose and try out other sizes

It is advisable that you try out other sizes of jeans, preferably three sizes before making the final choice. This affords you the chance to test other sizes and chose which you think would suit you the most.

Be Trendy

In trying to make your Liverpool jeans fit, endeavor to make decisions having the current trend of clothing in mind. You will not only get a jean which fit you, but you will also make yourself look more updated fashion-wise.


If you have worn these jeans for a couple of months, and you wish to make them more fit as a result of stretching. You can shrink the jeans to bring them back to your fitting, making them more appealing to wear.

4 Liverpool Jeans You Should Have in Your Closet

Since Liverpool jeans are relative of good quality and comfortable. It will be only icing to the cake if you know some of these stunning jeans that you should have in your closet.

They won’t only bail you out in difficult times, but these jeans are also stylish and can be worn on special occasions.

  1. Liverpool Marley Girlfriend Jeans
  2. Liverpool Abby Skinny Inseam
  3. Liverpool Chloe Ankle Skinny 28” Inseam
  4. Liverpool Crop Straight With Fray Hem Jeans

Liverpool Marley Girlfriend Jeans

This is one of the jeans from Liverpool that you should consider adding to your clothing collection. The Marley collection has a length of 30″ when unrolled and 27″ when rolled up. It has an appealing design and material, which makes it very desirable.

These jeans are finely made and come in colors Conway Blue, Exposition, Littleton, and Amston. It is also pocket friendly.

Liverpool Abby Skinny 28″ Inseam

This pair of jeans from Liverpool is a must-have for every fashion-minded lady out there. Its awesome stretch rate provides enough while having it on and also balances the fitting on your body.

It has a zipper closure, and a set-in waistband with belt loops and comes in different colors. It is not that cheap but promises to be worth your money. This comes in a variety of colors, so you have more than enough options to choose from.

Liverpool Chloe Ankle Skinny 28″ Inseam

This is yet another Liverpool pair of jeans that should find itself in your wardrobe. Ideal for pool parties, beach outings, or even your safari tour, these jeans provide adequate comfort through their amazing stretch and good recovery.

It is Hi-rise denim with faux pockets on the front and functional back pockets. It is available in white and should be taken care of with precision

Liverpool Crop Straight With Fray Hem Jeans

Here is the final piece in this recommendation list and it has style and radicalism written all over it. This pair of jeans is made from about 99% cotton and has a radical design on the hem.

his design represents social freedom, and these jeans present it well. It has a belt closure and is available in only two colors white and Conway Blue.


The age-long axiom says that we are addressed based on how we dress. Liverpool Jeans have proven to be a name to reckon with in the business of producing quality jeans.

The brand which was inspired by singers, The Beatles, holds a record of bringing some of the most comfortable jeans for women into the market.

Although they are not flawless, they try to keep their banner of quality, pocket-friendly, and convenient products high up

This article has done justice to some questions surrounding the purchase, use, and authenticity of the products from this brand. It is left for you to either join the band of positive testifiers or miss out on this fashion wonder.


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