Do KanCan Shorts Run Small?

KanCan jeans shorts does not run small. Because KanCan jeans shorts feels comfortable and they stretch a lot, they tend to run big after wearing them many times.

So, it is suggested that you size down when buying one since they will be quite wider than your normal jeans.

Do KanCan Shorts Shrink?

Unlike some other shorts, the rate of shrinkage in KanCan shorts is trivial. This means that Kancan shorts shrink a little, not up to the regular one inch.

How to shrink your Kancan Shorts

Even though KanCan Shorts stretch so much but do not shrink as much, you can practice the following methods to shrink them;

Wash Your KanCan Shorts

To shrink your KanCan Shorts, wash them. You can wash them manually or use your machine with hot water. After washing, use a hand dryer to dry, the heat from these processes will cause them to shrink.

Don’t forget that your KanCan shorts do not shrink too much, so, if this process doesn’t work as expected, don’t dry your shorts so many times in the dryer or wash them too much, this may weaken them too easily.

Boil Your KanCan Shorts

This technique works so well. The process is interesting and swift too. All you need to do is to get your machine set with water in it or get a big pot of water and put your shorts in it.

Add some more water if the former is not adequate, then add some salt. After 30 minutes of boiling, remove your Shorts using a stick, and then allow them to dry in a dryer.

Iron Your Shorts

If you are not satisfied after washing your hands and drying them in a dryer, you can iron them.

You can also employ this method if your shorts get stained or were not properly washed around the bum area, you can wash them again and iron them till it gets dry. If you don’t have a fryer, this method works too.

Sew Your Shorts

If your Shorts are too big and you cannot wait to perform all of these processes, you can customize your shorts to your ideal by reducing it with a sewing machine.

Are KanCan Jeans Stretchy

KanCan Jeans stretch a lot to conform to your body’s shape.

Aside from their capacity to stretch, they are pretty soft and very comfortable when you wear them.

For persons who love wearing high-rise jeans, the jeans fluff up from both the back and front sides si that you will feel relaxed and flexible when you move in them.

Stretchy jeans are made of Polyester, Cotton, and Spandex. KanCan jeans are made of 65.4% Denim, 33.6% cotton, 1% Spandex, and Polyester.

This combination of Spandex, which is an elastic artificial fiber, and cotton makes KanCan jeans stretch. KanCan Jeans are very comfy since they stretch to accommodate your legs, they permit your effortless flexibility too.

Stretch jeans are one of the most famous kinds of jeans in the market currently with KanCan jeans inclusive.

Basically, stretch jeans are made of materials that easily spread to accommodate your body, they are more like your regular kind of jeans.

They allow you to move freely and adjust to your body’s posture,  to give you a nice fitting.

Anyone can put on KanCan jeans because they are stretchy. Persons with bigger body sizes appreciate these jeans for their nice make-up and adaptability.

As a slim person or an individual who wears smaller sizes, you should take note that KanCan jeans are a little bit bigger than your regular jeans since they are stretchy and become loose over time.

Whether stretchy or not, your jeans are meant to fit you tightly so when you downsize, you get a chance of wearing suitable jeans. You also enjoy the stretchy feature of these jeans in their curvy varieties.

How Well Do KanCan Shorts Fit?

KanCan shorts are super stretchy, this makes them fit snugly to your legs. These Jeans are very stretchy and thus fit very comfortably.

But because they are stretchable, you may need to size down as they may fit a little bit bigger than other jeans in your wardrobe. KanCan shorts fit great, somehow tight, but very nice.

Their high-rise shorts feel soft and their materials are sturdy too. Despite the reality that they slightly shrink but stretch very much, they are not baggy or extremely loose that is why you should size down before buying, wash with hot water, or hold your shorts by sewing to shrink them if you have paid for them already.

Underneath are the impressions you get from a fitting KanCan shorts:

Super Comfy

KanCan Shorts are designed with materials that make them stretch a little. This increases the level of your productivity and boosts your mood.

KanCan’s shorts gives you more room for movement. Most intriguing, they look glamorous and feel light.

They accommodate your Body’s shape

When it comes to fit, KanCan shorts suits your body’s shape adequately, they also have varieties that have curvy cuts. They have this glove-like fitting especially when you newly wear them.

KanCan Jeans Size Chart

It is important that you use the size chart to know your exact fit anytime you want to purchase a pair of KanCan jeans online or before going to a physical shop to try them on.

Underneath is the Size Blueprint:

Size Waist Hips
0/23 23” 34”
1/24 24” 35”
3/25 25” 36”
5/26 26” 37”
7/27 27” 38”
9/28 28.5” 39.5”
11/29 30” 41”
13/30 31.5” 42.3”
15/31 33” 44”


How to Make Your KanCan fit

Going for appropriately fitted clothes is one of the ways to appear sharp and enhance your fashion style.

You can make your KanCan fit by:

Purchasing your jeans from a physical store

Shopping for your clothing online is great, but to get a well-fitted KanCan, it is recommended that you buy from a physical store where you can try the jeans on to know how well it suits you.

Getting your KanCan from a physical store is also suggested when you want to buy a variety you’ve never won before or if you are getting a pair for the first time. This is to ensure that it fits you properly.

Pick at least three different sizes to test

When you go to a physical store to get a pair of KanCan, get one you feel will fit you exactly, another above your size, and the last slightly below your normal size.

Try them on one after another to make sure you get the best. Look out for your best fit, your most suitable style, or denim texture before you buy.

You must not go for the most expensive when it comes to fitting

With time, innovations will come up, sizes will change similarly. So, go for the pair that suits you best and is within your budget.

Since your intention is to get fitting jeans, buy one which’s shape will not easily get altered, and is comfy and versatile.

Try on a slimmer fit

Who knows if smaller size jeans will fit you more? You won’t know until you test them.

You may want to go for a mid-rise, high-rise, or even a low-rise variety, all you need to do to get a KanCan that fits is to get a slimmer one that can stretch.

Check Out The Varieties of Skinny Jeans That Are Available

There are different sizes and shapes of skinny jeans, some are in rectangular forms, reversed triangular forms others are in curvy shapes, look out for the one that fits you best.

Scrutinize the length of your KanCan Jeans

When analyzing to get KanCan jeans, buy one that is not too short or longer than your legs. Regard your limb’s shape too and the style you prefer that fits you snugly.

If you need a KanCan that fits you, it is more suitable to look out for all of these before you pay for it, but if you’ve made a mistake, your pair of KanCan can still fit if you:

  1. Wash them in cold water

If you notice that your KanCan feels loose, you can wash in cold water to tighten them. Turn your jeans and wash them, then heat at a high temperature. You can do this for your new or worn-out KanCan to fit.

  1. Reduce your KanCan Jeans Waistband

You can do this throw sewing the edges or washing with certain tightening substances using different methods.

KanCan jeans hardly shrink, and even when they do, they don’t shrink much, unlike other jeans. They are remarkably stretchy, this makes you feel comfortable in them as they accommodate your body’s shape properly.

Since they stretch a lot, you need to go for a size quite smaller than your usual jeans because they may not shrink in the long run as much as you expect.

Before you buy KanCan jeans or shorts, use the size blueprint so you don’t get one that doesn’t fit you adequately.


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