Do Kancan Jeans Shrink?

Yes, Kancan Jeans usually shrink. This is something you should know if you want to purchase Kancan jeans. Most times, Kancan Jeans shrink as a result of washing them with hot water or exposing it to excess heat while drying them in the dryer.

Each time you wash your jeans with hot water and you let them dry,  you will notice that the jeans will start to shrink.

This is not always a good thing as you will have to straighten the jeans when next you want to wear them. In this article, I will explain to you why Kanchan jeans shrink and possible solutions to a shrunk Kancan jeans.

Why do Kancan Jeans shrink?

When you notice that your jeans have started to shrink, you need to know exactly what caused it to shrink. This would help you to know what to do to prevent the jeans from shrinking.

When your jeans shrink, it is not usually in the best state and you would not like the outcome of a shrunk jeans. Take a look at the true various reasons why your Kancan jeans shrink.

Your Kancan jeans will shrink :

  • When exposed to heat/hot water
  • Based on the material build

When exposed to heat/hot water

This is the commonest reason why your Kancan jeans shrink. The material used in making Kancan jeans are plant-based, usually when the plant is exposed to heat it usually shrinks.

That is the same reason why when you wash your Kancan jeans in hot water it makes them shrink when the jeans get dried.

You may have washed your Kancan jeans with hot water without the knowledge that hot water causes the jeans to shrink.

If you notice the jeans shrinking after washing with hot water, then you should know by now that washing your Kancan jeans with hot water or even exposing it to excess heat will cause it to shrink.

Based on the material build

Another thing that causes Kancan jeans to shrink is the material build. When you get your Kancan jeans you need to see the label or the tag to know what material build it has.

Even if you are sure of what material the jeans have, you still need to check the label to see the exact build quality. This is because there is some sort of material build combination that some jeans have which is prone to shrinking.

For example, polyester is a material that is prone to shrinking and if you notice that your Kancan jeans have polyester in them, then you should expect them to shrink when you wash them.

If you notice the polyester material in your Kancan jeans, then you would try to prevent the jeans from shrinking with these methods I will explain later in this article.

How do you fix shrunk Kancan Jeans?

When your Kancan jeans are already shrunk, you would need to get them back to normal, especially if you want to wear them out.

That is exactly what this segment of this article explains, I will explain how you can fix a shrunk Kancan jeans should in case you want to wear the jeans out.

Take a look at the various methods to fix a shrunk jeans:

  • You can spray it with lukewarm water
  • You can iron it

Method 1 – Spray it with lukewarm water and airdry

This is the very first method with which you can fix a shrunk Kancan jeans. To do this, you need to:

  • Get a spray bottle and ensure that it is free from chemicals.
  • Once you have the bottle ready you should go ahead to fill it up with some lukewarm water and ensure that the spray is working well
  • Pour a little amount of water into the jeans and make sure that it touches the major parts of the jeans that are shrunk
  • When you have done that then you should go ahead to spread the jeans on the floor
  • You can either spread the jeans on a neat floor or on a wide surface
  • Spread and separate the legs of the jeans and start using your hands to stretch the jeans
  • You have to make sure you touch all the parts of the jeans
  • The final thing you need to do is to air-dry the Jean
  • You should simply take the jeans and spread it where enough air can get to it
  • Make sure it has completely dried before you try it on.

If done properly you will definitely get the desired result and your shrunken jeans will be fixed.

Method 2 – Iron it

This is the easiest method that does not waste time at all and works the fastest. All you need to do is to get your shrunken jeans and get it ready to be ironed.

Step 1: Prepare your Kancan jeans for ironing, get your iron, and plug it into the source.

Step 2: Turn on your iron and put it to medium heat. The medium heat will help to straighten the jeans and make them look good. Ensure that you do not make the iron top hot so that it does not burn your jean.

Step 3 – Once you have got your desired result you should turn off the iron and your jeans are ready to be worn. This is the easiest method that takes less time and is also very effective.

How to prevent Kancan jeans from Shrinking

It is not really a good thing when your jeans shrink, it makes the jeans look bad and you will not be able to wear them out until it has been fixed.

The good thing is that you can prevent your jeans from Shrinking, that is exactly what I will share in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the various ways you can prevent Kancan jeans from shrinking:

  • Avoid washing with hot water
  • Avoid exposing your Kancan jeans to extreme heat when drying

Avoid washing with hot water

Hot water is usually the culprit when it comes to shrinking jeans. You need to not wash your jeans with hot water if you do not want them to shrink.

The jeans always look bad when it shrinks, and it is not a good thing because it can affect how long the jeans will last.

If you want to was your Kancan jeans the best thing is to wash them with cold water so that you would get your preferred result, also, for your jeans to be able to last long for you.

You are only doing yourself good if you keep your Kancan jeans away from hot water, you should do this all the time to prevent shrinking.

Avoid exposing your Kancan jeans to extreme heat when drying

This is another way that you can prevent your Kancan jeans from shrinking. When you wash your jeans and you want to dry it in the dryer, you should reduce the heat so that the jeans would not shrink.

If you are not drying it manually by spreading it outside, ensure you set the heat of the dryer to a low one so that you can get the best results and also for the sake of the jeans not shrinking.

When your jeans shrink often, it gradually depreciates in quality causing them to not last as long as it was supposed to.

These are the two major ways that you can prevent your Kancan jeans from shrinking. Once you are able to do this rest assured that your jeans would be in a good condition when you are done washing and drying them.


I have already established the fact at the beginning of this article that Kancan jeans shrink. The major culprit of this shrinking is heat, it could be caused by hot water when you wash it or heat from the dryer.

These two are what cause shrinking. However, the good thing is that you can prevent this shrinking, you can make use of the methods I explained above in this article to prevent shrinking in your Kancan jeans.

I also mentioned that it is important to check the label of your Kancan jeans to see the material build that it comes with, this is because materials like polyester are prone to shrinking.

It will shrink faster than any other clothing material out there. You should check the label so as to be sure of the exact material.

Once you notice polyester, then you expect that the jeans will shrink faster than other materials. When you are aware of this you will take the preventive methods faster before it even happens.


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