Do Jeggings Shrink?

Yes, jeggings shrink. In a case whereby the jeggings you own are made with a high percentage of cotton fiber then they are bound to shrink.

Although the shrinking is not totally a bad thing as we all know that jeans made with cotton are in most cases stretch a bit, so there is every possibility that your Jeggings will definitely stretch back to shape when you wear them.

The fact to note here, however, is that the Jeggings do shrink and this happens mostly length-wise and then crosswise, which if you ask me is more of a common trait in jeans.

Major reasons why Jeggings shrink?

The Jeggings shrink in some cases where the Percentage of cotton used in manufacturing them is high.

This is one of the reasons that make jeggings shrink. This happens as a result of the cotton fiber I used when manufacturing them.

Since cotton is a very sensitive material, it reacts to heat and with the fact that the percentage of this particular material is much in the jeggings, it takes little effort or pressure from heat to shrink them.

The theory from some observant customers states that your jeggings will definitely shrink the crosswise and then also length-wise and if this happens it only clarifies the fact that your jeggings are made with a high percentage of cotton fiber.

Your jeggings shrinking crosswise means that they will decrease in length, and this is going to be noticeable in the sense that the length of your Jeggings will decrease, making them a bit short for you as the case may be.

Your jeggings shrinking width-wise means there will be a case where your jeggings will run a bit tight.

This happens in most cases and might not be noticeable by a lot of people only you and this is because of the fact that judging from the initial design of jeggings in the first place, they were made to be a bit tight with just enough space for breathability.

Jeggings are made to be a perfect fit all the way from the waist to the ankle, they basically fit like gloves, this is why they are called jeggings in the first place I believe.

The idea of jeggings I feel is gotten from the leggings. Basically, jeggings are leggings that are made to look like slim tight denim jeans.

Their shrinking in consideration to this theory is going to be hardly noticeable width-wise, however, your jeggings shrinking will be noticeable through the reduction of the height.

The theory accompanying the shrinking of jeggings is all effective if and only if they are made with a higher percentage of cotton and this is also effective because cotton is a very sensitive material when heat is in the discussion.

There is however a possibility that your jeggings will not shrink at all and this is only possible if the percentage of cotton is low leaving the percentage of both spandex and polyester to be greater in the combination.

How to fix Shrunken jeggings

In this part of the article, I will be sharing with you three steps you can take to restore your shrunken jeggings.

These steps are taken and have been confirmed to work and with luck, I might add up a bonus step for you that is totally less complex only if you are determined.

 Here are three steps you can follow to fix your shrunken jeggings

  • Water
  • Pull
  • Dry

Spray your Jeans with Water

Water is very important which is why it is the first thing and step to take in order for you to restore your shrunken jeggings.

Without wasting much time, I will go ahead to tell you how to use water on the shrunken jeggings.

You take the water and then spray them on the affected areas, I mean areas that have shrunk on your Jeggings.

Spray the water on the affected areas, this is commonly the calves and the waistband or wherever the case might be on your end.

Now over to the second step!!

Pull your Jeans

After applying water to the affected areas, the next thing to do is to pull, pull, pull, and then pull.

You need to do this accordingly; it shouldn’t be too much so that you won’t pull your shrunken jeggings out of the shape you get?

And also it shouldn’t be too little in order to get the required shape.

You will need a bit of strength to get the required result.

Now over to the third step!!


This is the last and final step in restoring your shrunken jeggings. After you have sprayed water on them, and then pull them or stretch them in whatever way you decide to put them, the desired and preferred shape.

Allow them to dry.

This is the final step and if you did the first two correctly, this should be the final stop, or destination.

Your jeggings will and should remain in shape, more like a customized shape since you restored it.

And then just like I promised, keep this between me and you 😉

Another way you can restore your shrunken jeggings is to wear them, get in a bathtub full of water and lay down inside with your waist down to your leg totally submerged in water.

The water should be warm and then make sure to sit inside for not less than fifteen minutes.

After fifteen or more minutes, you can use a towel to dry them or a hand dryer based on what you have.

How to Prevent Jeggings from Shrinking

Preventing anything from shrinking sometimes feels like an impossible thing to do.

With the fact that jeggings are jeans-like and then they also possess traits of leggings, preventing them from shrinking is not as complex as many would presume.

In this part of the article, I will be discussing ways or rather steps you can take in preventing your Jeggings from shrinking.

To prevent your jeggings from shrinking here is what you need to do:

Do not dry your jeggings by hanging them from the bottom

Drying your Jeggings from the bottom will make them vulnerable to stretching.

The fibers stand a chance that is against you in stretching which will dramatically make your jeggings shrink one way or the other in the most gradual form possible.

Wash your Jeggings with cold water

To prevent your jeggings from shrinking, make sure to wash them with cold water and then ensure to avoid drying them under the sun. it is preferable that you let them dry at room temperature.

Using the hand dryer to dry them will also serve well, but if you are too busy for the usage of hand dryers then you can allow them dry under room temperature or even overnight when the heat from the sun is less effective.

Avoid Heat as much as you can

The most common enemy of jeggings is heat, and this is because of the fact that it is made with cotton fibers.

Just like I have said initially, cotton reacts to pressure, the rise of heat temperature makes them shrink which leaves us at the consideration and also the theory that if you can avoid heat or any form of heat pressure then your jeggings are bound to stand firm and not shrink.

The final verdict on this part of the article leaves us with one standard solution and the fact is no matter how we twist words or even steps that we might take in countering the shrink of our jeggings, the best and most effective solution is to ensure we avoid heat.

Avoid drying your jeggings under the sun.

Preferably dry your jeggings under room temperature or even overnight if you feel comfortable doing so.

Wash them with cold water, it helps the fibers relax and not shrink or strain.


There is a bonus idea I have for you all who followed the article to this extent.

Jeggings are made with sensible material, a combination of Cotton fiber, polyester, and then spandex.

All these are brought together to make jeggings. Now, there are two ways to jeggings.

One is that they shrink.

Two is that they stretch.

We on the other hand spent the penny on learning how to not make them shrink and totally disregard or made no emphasis on how to make them not stretch which is something that is bound to happen with the jeggings being the topic of discussion.

Personally, I feel it is a bit okay if your jeggings shrink in most cases than when they stretch.

For instance, we have discussed and reviewed steps you can follow to ensure your shrunken jeggings are restored, well what if they stretch?

What do you do if your jeggings stretch?

A little answer to this question is that, if your jeggings stretch, wash them with hot water. Kind of the opposite of what you would do if they shrink, undo all when they stretch rather.

Expect detailed step by step on what to do when your jeggings stretch in our next article, we got you covered.

PS: Also, a fun fact is, that jeggings are leggings that are named jeggings because they are leggings that are in form of jeans.


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