Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink? Here’s What We Know!

There Hollister clothing brand is a renowned brand for the production of mainly cloth which are for teens, or well out as young adults.

The brand which started its operations in the year 2000, is a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch which made its debut in 1998.

They are a widely stretched company in the business of convenient clothing, with over 200 major stores across the United States. In later years, this brand has been able to stretch towards countries off of the shores of America.

They got all their recognition from years of dedicated quality products and services. As part of their clothing remarks and innovations, they made the Hollister Sweatpants, which have been a huge success since its birth.

But these pants have been a subject of customers’ complaints, even after their success. And all these are tied to its shrinkage, a natural phenomenon that is associated with most wear made with cotton.

We will be drawing your attention to how the process of shrinking happens and its causes. By the end of this article, you will see clarence with shrinkage in Hollister sweatpants.

Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink

Do Hollister Sweatpants Really Shrink?

Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink

Yes, they do. These pants from the desk Hollister have a high chance of shrinking right after the first wash.

A customer remarked on how he saw that his sweatpants shrunk just after he washed them for the first time, even though he followed the care instructions from the manufacturers.

The shrinkage makes the pants lessen in size and contract. Over time, the pants become tight on the wearer, as against the initial size in which it was bought.

How does this happen?

Most of the sweatpants made by Hollister are made with full cotton and sometimes with a combination of either polyester, viscose, or elastane.

While the minor compositions are barely held responsible for shrinkage, the main material which Cotton has a hand in it. Cotton is responsive to the effects of heat and high temperature.

It is liable to retract and reduce in size when the tensions around the fiber are released. Plus, viscose which is another known material that is used by Hollister to make these sweatpants is prone to shrinkage.

The material which is a semi-synthetic material, made from plant-based raw material is prone to shrinkage. This material which is not entirely a synthetic material has instant responsiveness to the upshot of heat.

What Are The Other Ways That Hollister Sweatpants Shrink?

The shrinking process in most sweatpants, especially the ones made by Hollister is believed to be tied only to the effects of using hot dryers.

Contrary to that, other things could cause sweatpants to shrink. Some of these factors which foster shrinkage includes:

  • Wringing of pants after wash.
  • Exposure to moisture.
  • Hot water washing.
  • Sun-drying.
  • Washing in a high-temperature machine.

Wringing of Pants after Wash

Hand washing is a good way of avoiding shrinkage, but you might want to revisit your washing pattern. Because wringing sweatpants can cause the fibers to retract, leading to the shrinkage of the material.

Exposure to moisture

The In-depth look into the shrinkage process of most sweatpants suggests that they shrink due to the presence of moisture and heat.

Therefore, leaving sweatpants damp even after washing them, can cause the material to shrink. So, storing your sweatpants while they are still damp can increase their chances of shrinking.

Sun Drying

Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink

After washing your sweatpants, there are ways to get them dry before storing them, and drying them by the sun is one of the ways.

This procedure entails spreading the pants on a washing liner outside to dry from the sun heat.

But, this same practice can result in the shrinkage of those pants because of excessive heat effects coming from the sunlight. Thus, leaving your pants outside to get thoroughly dried is a factor that can also cause shrinkage.

Washing in High-Temperature Machine

Using a washing machine to wash your sweatpants is a good idea, but subjecting it to intense heat could result in another thing.

Setting the washing machine to a high-temperature state can take its full course on the pants by applying heat to the pants.

This heat in turn disintegrates the tension which is present in the fiber, causing them to discharge and shrink.

How to Stop Hollister Sweatpants from Shrinking

Wearing shrunk pants can be bad, yet it is not entirely a dressing taboo. But it is not good for your fitting and convenience.

Consequently, if you are looking for ways to stop comfortable Hollister sweatpants from shrinking, this part of the article points out how you can do just that:

  • Avoid Hot Water Washing
  • Adopt open-air drying
  • Desist from sun drying
  • Avoid the use of a high-temperature dryer

Avoid Hot Water Washing

To have your favorite Hollister sweatpants stay in shape for a long period, try to steer clear of using hot water to wash your pants.

The practice may be helpful in stain removal, but it constitutes the shrinkage of sweatpants. Thus, avoiding its use stops your Hollister sweatpants from shrinking.

Desist from Sun Drying

Total abstinence from subjecting your pants to dry through hot sunlight could save them from shrinking, especially just after the first washing.

The heat emissions from the sun can completely dry up the moisture in the pants and make them retract in size. Hence, resisting the urge for sun drying is a turning point for you to stop your sweatpants from shrinking.

Avoid Use of High Temperature

Avoiding the use of washing machines set on a high frequency is another way of ensuring that your Hollister sweatpants stay put and stand the test of time.

This is because these dryers spin and tumble the pants, all under a high temperature. Avoiding this whole spinning process prevents shrinkage from taking place on your sweatpants.

How to Unshrink Your Hollister Sweatpant?

Having a shrunk pair of Hollister sweatpants in your closet does not mean that you lack an alluring sense of fashion. Instead, it just means that you know how to pick your cotton-made wear.

However, if you have one or you know someone who does, these crucial steps are fashioned to help you get your shrunk sweatpants back in shape. The following are needed to carry out this unshrinking procedure:

  • Lukewarm Water
  • Washing detergent
  • A basin, bathtub, or kitchen sink
  • A flat platform
  • A towel

Procedures to unshrink your Hollister sweatpants:

  1. Fill up the basin, bathtub, or sink (whichever one you have at your disposal), with the lukewarm water.
  2. Add the detergent into the water and leave to dissolve.
  3. Proceed to dip the sweatpants into the solution and leave to soak for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Take off the pants, place them on the flat platform and stretch them to their original size.
  5. After that, roll the pants on the towel and apply pressure to release the water left.
  6. Dry by hanging outside on a liner.

How to Take Care of Your Hollister Sweatpants?

The Hollister sweatpants are most young people’s favorite pants, and they intend to keep them like that. Well, you cannot do that by using the wrong form of care or maintenance procedure.

These preceding care practices are ways of ensuring that your Hollister sweatpants remain your best bet.

  • Follow the label guide
  • Use enzyme-based detergents
  • Use warm water to wash
  • Use vinegar to rinse

Follow Label Guide

Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink

Stick to the manufacturer’s guide on the label attached to the product, usually found at the back of the waistband. It will direct you on the dos and don’ts of taking care of the sweatpants.

Use Enzyme-based Detergents

The use of enzyme-formulated washing detergent helps to disintegrate most of the protein-based stains on the pants. They do this without affecting the makeover of the fabric or material.

Use Warm Water To Wash

Do Hollister Sweatpants Shrink

Whether you are using hand washing or a machine, either way, make sure the water is warm. Plus, when using the washing machine, set it according to the label instructions given for the sweatpant.

Use Vinegar To Rinse

Use a recommended amount of vinegar to rinse the pants. Using about 1-2 tablespoons of the substance is good, but it is dependent on the number of pants in one wash. The vinegar removes leftovers from the detergent after wash.


For years, wearing Hollister sweatpants has been quite a comfortable experience. Their unique youthful design and construction prove that they are indeed putting in the work.

Good work in making better and better sweatpants, among other products like hoodies, shorts, vests, etc.

If you have these Hollister sweatpants or are planning on getting one, then I think this article has removed you from the dark room of ignorance and set you on the right part. Now you know what you are getting and how to take care of it.


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