Do Hollister Jeans Stretch Out?

Typical Hollister jeans stretch, but Hollister’s boyfriend jeans do not.

They are pretty small In size and when you wear Hollister jeans often, they stretch gradually by one or slightly more inches to the size of your tight and waist.

Hollister jeans are manufactured with elastic materials which makes them stretch naturally after you wash them severally. When they slack after a few washes, they tend to loosen up and not stretch again.

Also, Hollister jeans (See on Amazon) are elastic and flexible, and in a bid to accommodate your size, they stretch. Although washing stretches your Hollister jeans, they have a limit to stretching.

Reasons why Do Hollister jeans stretch out?

Hollister jeans stretch out because of the material used to put the jean together. The fabric is designed to adjust to the body’s size.

Polyester, a major component of Hollister jeans retains elasticity. When they stretch, they return to their normal shape except pressure from heat is imposed.

Other materials used to make Hollister shoes such as lycra or spandex are elastic, making the jeans spread and this enables the denim to hug your skin nicely.

These materials extend and do not retract, this makes the jean’s fiber stay clutched and does not give you a baggy feel.

Hollister jeans have a percentage of original cotton in them. This material stretches and the threads from the cotton expand easily, making the jeans stretch out and not return to their former size.

Hollister jeans also stretch out when you heat them in a dryer. While it dries your jeans adequately, it tightens the fabrics. When you do this frequently, your jean becomes stretched out.

Even though Hollister jeans stretch out, how far they can stretch is limited as long as you continue to wear and wash them.

How do I stretch Hollister jeans to fit?

Do you know that you can shrink your favorite Hollister jeans when it suddenly feels baggy?

Before employing any method to make your Hollister stretched jeans fit you properly, always check the tag by the waistband area to know the dos and don’ts of the fabric.

Wash in hot water

After wearing Hollister jeans for some time, you will notice that they begin to stretch and for the same jeans to fit you perfectly, it needs to shrink.

One of the ways to shrink your jeans is to wash them.  Your jeans lock when you wash them in heated water.

Your stretched jeans stretched with enough heat

Sufficient heat can cause your stretched jeans to bond. Engaging this method, you can set your washing machine to a hot setting and wash your jeans twirled inside out in heated water.

Then put in a fabric softener with a little quantity of detergent. Dry with a dryer after washing. The dryer should be as hot as possible to allow your jean shrink.

Use manual iron

You can also employ an iron to recede your jeans for a suitable fit. After washing and drying, you can use a manual iron to dry your jeans till they are totally dried.

Sew the ends

 You can stitch your stretched jeans and customize your jean’s shape to fit you perfectly.

Shrink in boiling water

You can shrink your Hollister stretched jeans by using steaming water. When you turn your stretched jeans inside out, put them into a simmering water container for 20- 25minutes, it will in turn give you the desired fit.

Afterward, dry with extensive heat till it dries completely. You can try this over and over again.

Put on your Hollister stretched jeans while having a warm bath

 When you put on the jeans as you bath, the excess water makes the fabric grips your legs and waist.

Afterward, sit in the bathtub with some more lukewarm water covering your waist and legs. Then allow your jeans to dry fully before you take it off.

How do you Take Care of Hollister Stretched Jeans

Some jeans shrink less than others. Jeans made with polyester shrink when exposed to pressure from heat.

Unlike normal jeans, Hollister stretched jeans are made of a combination of polyester, leather, and cotton.

This makes the jeans sturdy and durable. So, how do you look after your stretched jeans to ensure that it last longer?

Hearken to the Care Tag

To avoid error or damage to your jean, it is important to read the care inscription on the waistband of your Hollister stretched jeans.

There, you get more advice from the manufacturer on how to wash, rinse, dry your jean, and take extensive care of your jeans.

Pay attention to the care label to maintain your Hollister Stretched jeans.

Don’t overheat your water, washing/drying machine, or manual iron.

Follow the care guide’s instructions, or else your spread jeans will not hold back anymore.

Wash in warm water

Normally, when you wash your denim inside warm water with a little detergent. Wet your jeans with mild water and add a neutral-colored detergent to the body of the jeans.

Then lightly scrub dirt from the dirty areas of your stretched jeans. If there are stains in hidden places of the jeans, cautiously use spot-removing mixtures to scrub those places of your denim, then carefully dry your jeans again so that the spandex material doesn’t make your jeans look uneven or get tarnished.

Use Machine to Wash

Some stretched jeans are best tidied up in the laundry machine, with all the rules well kept.

Start by turning your jean inside-out so that the touch inner lining will protect your jean from any unforeseen damage or miscalculation. Set the laundry machine at a hot temperature and put the jean in it.

Don’t add bleach, just a little detergent. Normally, a heated dryer or a manual iron is used to dry fabrics, but for stretch jeans, tumble dry or hang on a line after washing. Do not fold or under the sun.

Fasten your Hollister stretched jeans

After cleaning, don’t fold the jean, instead, drop them on a hanger and leave it there till you are ready to wear them.

Use a shoestring to hold your waist

Instead of using methods that may damage your jean, like; heating your stretched jeans with water or iron to shrink the waist region of your Hollister stretched jeans, you can hold them firm with a shoestring.

All you need to do is to knit the string in two loops and tie it hard to modify your jean fit.

Fold the shoestring into your waistband to conceal it. You can adjust it when you want to.

Don’t Wash them often

To preserve your Hollister stretched jeans, don’t wash them too repeatedly.

Jeans like Hollister are made of spandex and cotton material. Spandex invariably makes your jean maintain its authentic shape.

The spandex and cotton materials make your jean elastic, so they stretch anytime you put them. This can make them feel baggy after wearing them for some time.

It is recommended that you do not wash your Hollister stretch jeans on a steady basis, especially if they are completely made of cotton.

If you want your stretched jean to shrink, wash them in hot water, preferably in a washing machine, and line dry.

How do Hollister jeans fit?

Hollister jeans are excellent for almost every body type. It has several varieties that fit not only your waist but the width and length of your legs.

The sizes of Hollister jeans are relatively small. To get a size that’s not too big or extremely tight on you, you may need to put them on to check, especially if you wear big-sized jeans.

Hollister has four alternatives to pick from. The long, regular, short, and extra short sizes.

This will give you a clue about your ideal size when you place an order online or go shopping at the physical store. The waist size ranges from 00-21, good for various body types.

Hollister jeans are not always true to size, they comfortable and have a wide stretch of sizing, which include yours.

This jean is remarkably comfortable and designed in diverse fashionable varieties, convenient for several body sizes. They include; the jean straight, crop, mom jeans, boot and flare, and curvy jeans.

Hollister jeans are designed in a way that thru can fit different shapes. Every jean has a peculiar shape and this allows you a get a suitable jean, great for your stature.

Although Hollister jeans are available in different sizes, it is recommended that you try them buying.


You ought to be cautious when purchasing Hollister jeans because they stretch out. Even though your Hollister jeans stretch out, they can be shrunk and can stretch to a limited level.

If you want your Hollister stretched jeans for your body’s shape, wash in warm water and dry with heat.

For your Stretched jeans to last, do not wash them frequently, avoid excess heat. It is advisable that you hand wash your stretched jeans instead of using a washing machine.

Turning your jeans inside out prevents them from getting damaged and fading away. Likewise, follow the advice from the manufacturer inscribed and attached to the inner portion of your Hollister jeans.

To find your suitable size, fix two of your figures right between your waist and belly when you wear the jeans.

Again, you can take advantage of the jeans sizes available which include the long, regular, short, and extra short sizes.

After you try a pair of Hollister jeans on or make use of the sizing guide to pick a convenient pair of jeans for you.

If you feel comfortable in/with them, you can go ahead and pay for the Hollister jeans. Hollister jeans run small, but buying your proper fit is attainable.


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