Do Hollister Jeans Shrink?

Yes, Hollister jeans shrink because it is made of cotton. Most Hollister jeans are made of 100% of cotton.

Cotton is made from plants and plants do wilt in the presence of heat. As a result of that, any fabric made from plants will definitely wilt or shrink in the presence of heat. In this case, jeans shrink when exposed to heat.

In essence, your Hollister jeans will shrink if you are likely using the washing machine to wash them. This should not make you avoid buying Hollister jeans, most jeans shrink.

There are proven ways to prevent your Hollister jeans from shrinking. Maybe your jeans have shrunk already, you can also unshrink them.

How to Unshrink Hollister Jeans

There are proven manual methods you could follow to unshrink your Hollister jeans that are shrunk already. Here are the methods:

You can spray your shrunk Hollister jeans with warm water.

  • This method is as simple as it sounds. You are to boil a glass of water and allow it to get lukewarm, not hot, and not cold.
  • Put the water in a spray bottle. Ensure that the spray bottle is empty of the previous substance and the chemical that might be in it.
  • Place your jeans flat on the floor or a slab. Make sure that the surface you place your jean on is clean and won’t end up staining your jeans.
  • Spray the lukewarm water on your Hollister jeans. While doing so, pull on the jeans to straighten them. Spray on every part of the jeans until you can see no shrinkage.
  • Finally, air-dry your jeans. By the time your jeans are dried, there will be no shrinkage on them.

Another method of unshrinking your Hollister jeans is to sit in a bath

Prepare a warm bath and put on your Hollister jeans that is shrunk. Wear the jeans inner out and sit in the bath. You should sit in the bath for like 15 – 20 minutes.

The jeans is meant to unshrink on you and conform to your body. If after leaving the bath, the jeans has not totally unshrunk, then stay in for a few more minutes. Air-dry it after that.

Remember that the bath should be a warm one and not cold or hot. Whatever method you are using among these two, ensure that the water is not hot. You might damage your jeans if you use water that is slightly above the lukewarm level.

Soak your Hollister jeans in a baby shampoo

Yes, as weird as this sounds, it actually works. If you do not want to go through the stress of doing any of the above, then just soak your shrunk Hollister jeans in baby shampoo.

Get a considerable amount of the baby shampoo and a bowl of water. Mix the baby shampoo with warm water in a bowl.

Then, place your jeans inside the bowl. Leave it out overnight. Then get it out and air dry your jeans. Note that if one method does not give you the results you want, you can always try the next.

How to Prevent Hollister Jeans From Shrinking

What if you just purchased your Hollister jeans and now that you know that Hollister jeans shrink, you want to prevent that from happening to your favorite jean, is it possible to prevent shrinkage on your favorite Hollister jeans?

Yes, it is very possible. Here are proven ways that will help prevent shrinkage on your jeans.

Wash your Hollister jeans in cold water

It is now established that heat or in this case, hot water causes shrinkage on Hollister jeans. It will be practical to avoid using hot water in washing your jeans.

The first thing to do is to hand wash with cold water. This is the easiest way to prevent shrinkage. By doing this, you would not be bothered about the degree of heat to use or not to use.

Set your washing machine and dryer to low heat

If hand washing is tedious for you, then you can still use the washing machine. In this case, you wouldn’t have to set the heat meter to be high. Set the heat low to prevent shrinkage.

It is important that you air dry your jeans

However way you choose to wash it, ensure you air dry it. If you decide to use the washing machine, then air dry your Hollister jeans.

The most damaging thing you’ll do to your jeans is to put them in the dryer. Even if you set it to low heat, there’s the possibility that your jeans will still shrink. So, it is better you air dry your jeans.

Always follow the wash instructions

On every Hollister jeans you buy, there is a wash instruction attached to it. Look out for the wash instructions and follow them.

Those who made the jeans know how they should be preserved. So, ensure that you do not miss the wash instructions on your new Hollister jeans.

You can purchase pre-shrunk Hollister jeans

This might be the best way to avoid all the stress of keeping your jeans from shrinking. It is better you request for the already shrunk jeans.

The bad side to this is that these ones might still shrink.

So, you never can be sure of the certainty of the jeans not shrinking. They might still shrink a little.


Just like every other jeans made from cotton, Hollister jeans are prone to shrinkage.

You can order for the pre-shrunk Hollister jean in order to be on the safer side. But, there are ways to prevent your jeans from shrinking and also unshrink them.

From washing in cold water, air-drying your jeans, set your dryer to low heat and following wash instructions.

Also, you can unshrink your jeans by applying any of the methods above. You have to be careful while carrying out any of these methods in order not to damage your jeans.


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