Do Goodfellow Jeans Shrink?

Yes, Goodfellow Jeans shrink.

Goodfellow Is one of the most recognized-brand that deals with men’s accessories.

It is a brand that debuted in 2017 and ever since they have made a focus and have drawn an area of concentration on making a credible foundation of great items that are focused on ensuring great fit and comfort to their customers, giving them a modern taste of fashion in general.

Just like many other great brands which have come and gone, Goodfellow Jeans also shrink, and in this article, we will be reviewing what Goodfellow Jeans is made of and how to maintain them.

Why do Goodfellow Jeans Shrink?

Just like other Jeans that are made with cotton or even a little touch of cotton, Goodfellow is no exception, it is as well made with cotton.

Now If that be the case, Goodfellow Jeans shrink because it is only natural that they do so. The process of making denim jeans of any kind with the Goodfellow inclusive is the twilling of the cotton fiber together to get the desired product.

Cotton on the other hand is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows with a little bit of fat, waxes, and water.

When cotton is used in making Jeans, it is raw and not relaxed in most cases and this is in order to get the required product and also not to temper with the required quantity.

Now having known all this, it is possible that you begin to guess why the Goodfellow Jeans shrink.


With cotton being the material used in making the Goodfellow Jeans it is only normal to expect it to shrink after the first wash.

The Goodfellow Jeans shrink because during the first wash the cotton is soaked by water and then forced to relax.

This is one of the processes that cause shrinking in the Goodfellow Jeans and other Jeans in general.

Exposure to sunlight

Apart from washing, Jeans also shrink with excess exposure to sunlight. When you expose your Goodfellow Jeans to heat they will shrink.

This is because cotton contains a little bit of fat and wax with water inclusive that tends to get shrunken when exposed to heat ether from the sun direct or in the case of sitting close to the fireplace.

The fact that the Goodfellow Jeans shrink does not mean they are of cheap quality.

You can actually deal with this encounter by just ensuring you get a size bigger maybe with just one 1-Inch bigger than your normal size so that when you wash them they will shrink to your normal and not turn to skinny Jeans instead.

It is very important to note that cotton fiber is the main reason behind the shrinking of the Goodfellow Jeans. It shrinks due to the relaxation of the cotton fibers.

During the whole process of creation of the Jeans, the cotton is stretched and pulled and then weave and spanned. All this contributes to the Goodfellow Jeans shrinking.

What are Goodfellow Jeans Made of?

Goodfellow Jeans are made with cotton fiber. Cotton fiber makes up 99% if not 100% of the Goodfellow Jeans.

The main manufacturer of the Goodfellow Jeans known as Target uses cotton fiber in manufacturing the Denim material that Goodfellow Jeans are made of.

This is because Jeans are needed to be strong and breathable even in the smallest way possible. It is in consideration of this that Jeans are made with cotton.

The whole ideology of using cotton in manufacturing Jeans has boosted the lifespan of our wear these days.

Cotton is more durable and considerably expensive, in fact, most of the best Jeans like the Goodfellow are made from cotton.

This is what makes the Goodfellow Jeans long-lasting allowing you to enjoy the value of your money. They come in different textures, they can be sturdy, stiff, and rigid. Even flexible as the case of preference may be for you.

How to prevent Goodfellow Jeans from Shrinking

Since we have to learn to live with the possibility of our Jeans shrinking, it is only fair and appropriate that we have possible ways of preventing our Jeans from shrinking, since every problem has a solution.

In this part of the article, we will be reviewing ways and things you can do to prevent your Jeans from shrinking.

These days we don’t necessarily have to live with the fear of our Jeans shrinking since there are ways that we can actually prevent it from happening in the first place.

First and foremost, in order to prevent your Goodfellow Jeans from shrinking, you need to avoid hot temperatures. With heat being one of the greatest elements in causing Jeans to shrink, avoiding anything hot will help prevent your Jeans from shrinking.

Since this is one of the impactful factors that affect the Jeans with the Goodfellow inclusive since it is also made with cotton, I have taken the remedy to discuss further how you can actually wash and dry your Goodfellow Jeans and still be keep them away from anything hot, whether hot water or even sunlight.

All you need to do is to make sure you wash your Jeans with cold water, and avoid warm water in this case as any small change of temperature can really affect the cotton material.

When washing your Jeans ensure you use cold water for the washing and then when drying, you can allow the Jeans to dry under room temperature or use an air dryer on them since heat is a culprit in making the Jeans shrink, it is advisable that you avoid it any way possible.

So using an air dryer to dry your Jeans will help prevent shrinking and also allow them to dry under room temperature with no force from the sunlight or any hot-tempered element.

Adhering to this will really affect your Jeans in a good way in the sense that you won’t need to worry about your Goodfellow Jeans shrinking again.

This method has been tested and is trusted and you don’t stand any disadvantage going about your Jeans this way.

How to fix a Shrunken Goodfellow Jeans

Thanks to experience from different people, we have certain ways we can actually fix our shrunken Goodfellow Jeans with no stress.

You don’t have to let go of your Jeans just because they have shrunk, LOL there are cases of elder ones giving their juniors ones their Jeans just because it has shrunk and can no longer size them.

Well, this too will stop, you finally get a chance to really enjoy your money and your favorite Jeans.

The steps to how you can unshrink your Jeans are not complex at all and I will be guiding you through them as the article progresses.

The fact is Jeans only shrink after the first wash, they do not continue shrinking with each wash.

In this case, we are referring to the point at which your favorite Jeans have shrunk and lost their original shape. What to do is very simple.

First make sure you have any of these which are baby shampoo, hair conditioner, and fabric conditioner.

Make sure you have any one of these mentioned above. If you have any of those, the next thing to do is to get a sprayer and then spray your shrunk Jeans with either the baby shampoo, hair conditioner, or fabric conditioner.

Take note that it is not just about spraying them with either of the products mentioned above it is based on how you do the spraying, more like the kind of activity you put in when spraying them.

Now, this is how to go about it. When spraying them with either of the products mentioned above, you make sure you are stretching them gradually.

The products mentioned above will let the Jeans be flexible enough for you to be able to customize the fitting and the shape of your shrunk Jeans.

So you stretch the shrunk Goodfellow Jeans while you spray them until you reach the desired length which is your own length.

This is as simple as it is, you don’t have to let go of your shrunk Jeans or give them away anymore, following these stressless steps will leave your Jeans sizing as they did before.

I am not sure how regularly you can do this on one Jeans so you should trade carefully not to damage your Jeans due to excess and regular application of conditioners in the name of trying to unshrink them.


The Goodfellow Jeans is one of the most used wears for everyday activities, they can also be used as work wears and also trendy wears. They are durable and long-lasting and are considerably expensive.

By considerably, I mean you can get a pair of Goodfellow Jeans for just $27 online.

With the knowledge you’ve made from this article, there is nothing stopping you from getting a pair of Goodfellow Jeans.


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