Do Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans Shrink?

No, Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans do not shrink. The Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans are made with not less than 77% cotton, a mix of at least 27% polyester, and then spandex material which makes up 2% of the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans.

Cotton makes it flexible and durable, it is one of the most used materials in making strong and credible jeans by many manufacturers.

The spandex used in making the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans makes it stretchy, it is in 2% in order to make the jeans not too stretchy rather just normal and as needed.

Why don’t they shrink?

I believe they do not shrink due to the fact that they have probably passed through hot temperature in the process of manufacturing them, this is why when they have been coupled and sold, even if you wash them or dry them under hot temperature and also expose them to excess sunlight it won’t really affect them.

Since most jeans shrink due to the exposure of excess sunlight and exposing them to heat or hot temperature in general, the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans are already immune to this in the sense that they are already passed that stage and level.

Cotton is a very sensitive material that reacts to heat, I believe the manufacturers of the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans knew this and put this into consideration while manufacturing their products.

The unshrinking feature of the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans can be looked at in another way which is possible because of the spandex material and also the polyester material.

Since the spandex is a stretchy material likewise the polyester which is also used in manufacturing the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans, I believe it is possible that these materials are serving as factors hindering the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans from shrinking.

This is possible due to the stretchy feature of the spandex and also the polyester, in the sense that instead of the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans shrinking it will rather regain its initial form as the material combination makes it stretchy.

There is also a possibility that the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans do shrink, maybe with less percentages compared to other jeans but due to the combination of the materials used in manufacturing them which is the spandex which is 2%, and the polyester which is 27%.

They always regain their initial form with no stress and also make it difficult and hard for the wearer and owner to notice since after wearing it, it still comes back to its normal form and fit, fitting the wearer just normal with no sign of shrinking.

What happened to Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans?

Gloria Laura Vanderbilt was an American artist, fashion designer, and socialite.

Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda started her fashion journey at the age of 15, by then she had been engaged in a lot of other activities and adventures as I love to call it with a potential and daring future of a lot of other adventures that she would come to do in the nearest future.

Fashion as a profession became a field of interest for Gloria Laura Vanderbilt in the 1970s starting off with Glentex as one of her first production which aided in making it possible for her name to be licensed and also a collection of her paintings for a line of scarves.

The whole idea of creating jeans by Gloria Laura Vanderbilt came as a proposal by one Indian designer named Mohan Murjani in the year 1976 when his cooperation proposed launching a line of designer jeans to Gloria Laura Vanderbilt.

The proposal came with a unique design that insists that Gloria Laura Vanderbilt’s signature be embroidered on the back pockets of the jeans and also her logo which is the swan at that time.

The outcome of the proposal was a blast as at that time, her jeans were tightly fitted compared to most of the brands out at that time, this singular uniqueness made people love her jeans and she made an immediate success with customers.

Although it didn’t take long for Gloria Laura Vanderbilt to sell the rights to her name to the Murjani Group in 1978, after this she launched her own company and named it GV Ltd.

This company which she has founded in 1976 came up to be the housing and foundation of most of her own creations.

She launched dresses, sheets, and blouses. With leather goods, shoes, and other accessories. Her success had only just begun like the signs of sunrise.

Later around 1982 – 2002, L’Oreal launched a number of 8 fragrances under the brand name Gloria Vanderbilt, by then the Murjani sold rights to the name Gloria Vanderbilt to the Gitano Group Inc. owners in 1988.

However, Gloria Vanderbilt jeans were acquired by Jones Apparel Group in 2002 and have ever since been the proud owner of the name and also one of the most recognized leading and recommended brands in the world of moderately priced women’s wear including the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans.

Are Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans Still made?

Yes, Gloria vanderbilt jeans are still being made and are carried by a whole lot of retailers like Amazon and the rest.

This is considered one of the greatest brands that manufactures one of the most ordered and preferred jeans for women.

A lot of people will rather ask why they are preferred by most women, if you are one with this kind of question in mind, the answer to this is that these are credible jeans that are long-lasting and strong and at the same time they are moderately expensive which makes them easy to get and own by anyone at all.

They are a great choice of investment as they will go a long way with you serving you through thick and thin.

This has been one of the most considered brands that fitted women’s jeans, with women making up more than half of the population on earth it is only fitting how they got the brand to be this popular.

In today’s world of fashion, all you need to do is to make sure that you make good and quality products, with this in play you can leave the rest for your satisfied customers as they will give you the popularity and promotion you need.

It will interest you to know that there are over 60 million pieces of the Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans sold globally and still counting. This is a number making up the total sales of some 2 to 3 brands combined together.

I believe with this little analysis you already have your answers on whether Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans Are Still made or not.

How does Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Fit?

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans is actually true to size, and they hold up pretty well. You don’t need to order a size bigger or smaller, with the Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans there is no need for that.

To top it all, they are just long enough and in the case of them being too long you can just fold them and if you are not one of the folding types then you can just cut off the excess and stitch the edge.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans will still maintain their perfect shape you don’t have anything to worry about.

You should feel a perfect grip at the waist, just enough to make sure they don’t fall off. this is because of the spandex material used in making them.

Just like we have talked about, the combination of spandex and polyester makes these jeans just stretchy enough to give the perfect and required fit for any size of the body you have, you just need to make the right and accurate order in regards to the size you wear.


The Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans are the best still in the market, you can get a pair or two on amazon and rest assured that this is a wise investment.

They are great for gifts so you can get them for a loved one too.

One interesting feature about the Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans Is that they can be worn by all and anyone regardless of age since they have a soft texture due to the cotton fiber used in manufacturing them.



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