Do Gap Jeans Shrink?

Yes, Gap jeans usually shrink. They usually shrink most times when they come in contact with heat.

This heat could be in form of hot water when you wash the jeans with hot water, or the heat could come from the heat from a dryer. These are the most common causes of your Gap jeans shrinking.

However, the good news is that you can prevent this shrinking and you can also fix your Gap jeans once it has shrunk. This article explains all of that.

I will explain to you why Gap jeans usually shrink in the next segment of this article.

Why do Gap jeans shrink?

When you purchase your Gap jeans you should also be observant as you wear them, you should notice when the jeans start to shrink.

When you notice the shrink, it is wise for you to also know what caused it so that you will be able to avoid or prevent the jeans from shrinking next time.

When you expose your Gap jeans to too much shrinking it can affect their durability and cause it to not last as long as it is supposed to.

Take a look at the various reasons why Gap Jeans shrink:

  • Drying it in extreme heat
  • Washing with hot water
  • The material build

Drying it in heat

This is one common reason why Gap jeans usually shrink. This does not only affect Gap jeans, but it also affects virtually all jeans, and Gap jeans are not an exception.

When you want to dry your Gap jeans in a dryer and you turn on the heat, you will notice that after drying them the jeans will start to shrink.

If you ever wonder why, just know that what caused it is the heat in the dryer. You should avoid this at all times when you want to dry your Gap jeans.

When you expose your jeans to too much shrinking, you are only damaging it and reducing the rate at which it last.

Washing it with hot water

Because Gap jeans are made from a plant-based material, plants usually shrink when they get in contact with heat, you must have noticed that as well. The same thing is applicable to Gap Jeans.

When you wash them with hot water in a machine or even manually, the jeans will start to shrink when you are done washing it. You should always avoid this by choosing to wash your jeans with cold water Instead.

The gap jeans tend to shrink a lot when it is washed with hot water. Take note that you should not always wash your jeans after every wear, it is best you wash them after about 3 wear, depending on what you wear it for.

If you wear it to work a tedious job, you should wash it after each wear, but if you work on a desk, washing it after about 3 wear is still ok.

The aim is to not wash your jeans too much so that it does not shrink because of too much washing.

The material build

The material build of Gap jeans is also one reason why it can shrink. That is why you should know what material your Gap jeans are made from.

After checking, if you notice that your Gap jeans are made from materials or a mixture of Polyester, then you know that your jeans are even more prone to Shrinking than cotton material. It will shrink faster and it will not always look great when it shrinks.

How do you fix a shrunk Gap jeans?

When your Gap jeans get shrunk, it does not always look good at all, and you will definitely need to fix it especially if you need to wear them for an upcoming occasion.

I will show you how you can fix a shrunk Gap jeans to make them look good once again.

Take a look at the various ways you can fix a shrunk Gap jeans:

  • Soaking it in warm water and baby shampoo
  • Ironing it neatly to remove the shrink

Soaking it in lukewarm water and baby shampoo

This is one easy way that you can fix Shrunken Gap jeans.

  • Step 1:  To do this, what you need to get is baby shampoo, first mix enough it in lukewarm water and get your Shrunken jeans.
  • Step 2: Soak your Gap jeans in the lukewarm water mixed with the baby shampoo. You should ensure that the water is more and when you soak the jeans inside you should leave it for about 30 minutes before you bring them out.
  • Step 3: Once 30 minutes has elapsed you should go ahead to bring out the jeans from the water and gently squeeze out the excess water from the jeans then spread it on a line so that it can dry completely.

Once it has dried you would see that the Gap jeans will no longer shink as it was and you can now wear it comfortably to wherever you want to go to.

Ironing it neatly to remove the shrink

This is another easy method that you can use to fix shrunken Gap jeans. To do this you have to get a pressing iron ready. 

  • Step 1: You have to get your pressing iron ready and ensure that you set it to a medium heat level so that it does not get too hot and burn the Jean. Also, get the jeans ready and prepare where you want to iron them.
  • Step 2: Start ironing the jeans gently with a mild heat level, ensure that the iron touches all the parts of the jeans so that the Jean can get straight and neat.
  • When you are done ironing you should check to make sure that there is no more shrink on the jeans. The jeans would be looking good when you are done ironing them.

How to prevent Gap jeans from Shrinking?

No one likes it when their Gap jeans shrink, that is why you need to be cautious and prevent your Gap jeans from Shrinking. How do you prevent your Gap jeans from Shrinking?

Well, you need not worry because I will explain various ways you can prevent your Gap jeans from Shrinking in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the ways you can prevent Gap jeans from shrinking:

  • Avoid washing too frequently
  • Avoid washing with hot water
  • Avoid drying with extreme heat

Avoid washing too frequently

This is something you need to do if you want to leave your Gap jeans from shrinking. You should not always wash it too frequently, if you do so you only expose the Jean to shrinking.

When you wash too often it affects the material and starts to soften it, making it prone to Shrinking at every single wash.

It is best you wash your Gap jeans after about 3 wear. If you work on a tedious job that requires you to wear Gap jeans, instead of having to wash them on every single wear, try to get more pairs of jeans so that you can rotate while you wear them.

Avoid washing with hot water

One thing about jeans reacting with hot water is that it affects all jeans, not just Gap jeans.

But as far as Gap jeans are concerned, you should not wash it with hot water because it can cause Shrinking in the jeans when you wash it.

When your Gap jeans shrink you will not like that outcome at all. That is why you need to keep your Gap jeans from hot water. It is best to wash it with cold water when you want to wash.

Avoid drying it with extreme heat

It is not a bad thing when you want to make use of a dryer to dry your Gap jeans, it helps speed up the drying process. But your Gap Jeans can get shrunk when you put it in a dryer with extreme heat.

When next you want to make use of the dryer to dry your Gap jeans ensure the heat is low so that your jeans would not shrink. If you want to do it manually you can go ahead to spread it on a line so that the jeans can dry without shrinking.

This is one easy way that you can prevent shrinking your Gap jeans.


Now that you already know that Gap jeans usually shrink, and most times the shrinkage is as a result of heat, either heat from a dryer or heat from washing it with hot water. It is also a good thing that there are ways you can prevent this shrinkage.

I have already explained the various ways earlier in this article. If you have Gap jeans that have already Shrunken, you do not have to be worried, they can be fixed with the method I explained above.

If you follow the method well you will definitely get your desired result and you will have your Shrunken jeans fixed.


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