Do G-Star Jeans Shrink?

Ever seen this jeans brand in the closets of a couple of your friends and wonder what’s so special about them. The G-star jean is a big name in producing quality jeans, which competes with big brands like Levi and some other good ones.

The brand which was founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, has stores across the globe with a team of creative designers.

The brand was founded on a basis of creating denim clothing and has its focus on urban style, and also trendy jeans, which meets the dressing need of every lover of denim.

The recognition of the G-star brand especially their raw denim collection is drawn to their no-shrinkage feature and the ability of the jeans to take on the outline of the body.

You will be getting informed on this subject and others concerning the quality jeans from G-star. Additionally, there is a comprehensive size chart for you, which will be a guide in your decision-making journey.

Do They?

Do G-Star Jeans Shrink

No, the G-star jeans do not shrink. The point is that they are specially made to withstand shrinking. This feature is more pronounced in the raw denim collection and makes it very hard to adjust its size.

The G-star jeans were meant to undergo a special heating method that rids them of any form of shrinkage. The process not only prevents shrinkage but also improves the feel and look of the jeans.


If you are new to the world of jeans, or you are just the typical regular jeans lover, you might have asked yourself severally why your pair of G-star jeans do not shrink like others.

And you think, how is this even possible to achieve? Well, the reviews and tests on these jeans show that 95% of the jeans from G-string won’t shrink. And the reason for this is because of the special heating process, which these jeans are subjected to.

On the same note, it is important to note that these jeans are made from mostly untreated denim. Furthermore, surveys also show that 90% of the shrinkage gets rid of at its first wash, which is conducted by the company.

Therefore, it means that G-star jeans are pre-washed, hence their inability to shrink. Alternatively, some people have resorted to hot washing and tumble drying to shrink the jeans, but these experiments would only amount to a small shrinkage which does not count in the real sense.

How to Reduce Shrinkage in G-Star Jeans?

Just as we have established that G-star jeans do not shrink. It is crucial to note the safe practices which would reduce the eventual shrinkage of the G-star jeans.

But before we get right into that, let’s remind you that there’s a no-shrinkage policy from the G-star jeans brand, so the tips given here are more like cautionary measures.

The aim is to reduce the eventual shrinkage of these jeans, probably from washing to removing stains. The tips to achieve this feat include:

Avoid Commercial Dryer for Washing

The first tip in this section is to observe total abstinence from the use of commercial dryers whenever you intend to wash these jeans.

The G-star jeans are not going to look evergreen all the time, the appearance could change from stains from dirt, grease, or oil.

At this point, washing the jeans to remove the stains becomes important. But if you are considering washing the jeans, try not to use commercial dryers. It could cause the shrinking of the jeans.

Use Hand-Washing

Even f you want to wash these jeans, please make use of hand washing.  It will grant you the opportunity of focusing on details while washing You will have time to focus on the selvage, the inseals, and equally the hems.

Avoid Washing

This is just you following the rules of wearing jeans, especially denim. Although this rule will not apply if your jeans are badly stained and need a wash. It is a rule to be observed in the first 2-3 months of wearing these jeans.

In doing this, you will have to avoid any form of washing, rather you can use a different cleaning method known as Freezing.

It is a method of cleaning pieces of denim that involves putting them in a freezer, with the expectation that the subzero temperature of the freezer kills off the bacteria present in the jeans.

Is G-Star Raw Jeans True To Size?

Do G-Star Jeans Shrink

Yes, they are true to size. The G-star jeans come in different sizes which fit well on you.

There are rare cases of over-sizing or under-sizing. But to always stay on the safer side, you have to do is to follow these simple rules of selection and purchase.

  1. Makes sure you know your correct size and measurements.
  2. Order the right size.
  • If ordering online would result in the wrong size selection, adopt shopping in person.
  1. Always try to try out different sizes before making the final purchase. Testing up to three sizes is not a bad idea, at least you will see for yourself which of them fits well.

What Size Are You In G-Star Jeans?

Choosing between different selections of jeans could be hectic. Especially, when it comes to color type and size, it could get hard.

You could choose a color type considering your favorite color, but the size part could go wrong as you could pick the right choice and end up receiving a different size on your doorstep.

Below is a size chart for G-star jeans, for both men and women.

For Men

G-star Size Waist Size (inch) Hip Size (inch)
24 25 2/8 30½
25 26 1/8 31½
26 27 1/8 32½
27 28 1/8 33½
28 29 1/8 34½
29 30 1/8 35½
30 31 1/8 36½
31 32 1/8 37½
32 33 1/8 38 5/8
33 34 39 5/8
34 35 40 4/8
35 36 41 4/8
36 37 42 4/8
37 39 1/8 44 4/8
38 41 3/8 46 4/8
39 43 4/8 48 4/8
40 45 5/8 50 3/8

Inseam Measurement

Length Inseam
26 26 in
28 28 in
30 30 in
32 32 in
34 34 in
36 36 in
38 38 in

For Women

Size Waist Size (inch) Hip Size
22 31 ¾
23 23 7/8 32 ¾
24 24 5/8 33 ¾
25 25 3/8 34 ¾
26 26 1/8 35 ¾
27 27 1/8 36 2/4
28 28 ¼ 37 2/4
29 29 ¼ 38 2/4
30 30 1/8 39 2/4
31 31 1/8 40 2/4
32 32 1/8 41 2/4
33 33 1/8 42 2/4

Inseam Measurement

G-Star Jeans Length Inseam
28 28
30 30
32 32
34 34
36 36

The sizes up in the tables show the different size options made available by the G-star brand. In choosing your size, you have to first know your size and I presume you already know that. So I will give you a short tip on how to read this chart above.

In doing this, you have to identify your waist and hip size for men and women respectively, and then relate it to the size given by G-star.

To illustrate this, let’s assume for the sake of this article that my waist size is 26 1/8 in the men’s category and my hip size is 31.

When selecting the size of jeans, you will choose a jean size that falls within the perimeter of my hip and waist size.

According to the chart above, my jeans size should be 25, since 31 is close to 31½. With this method, you can determine the right choice of jeans for you whether a man or a woman.

How to Care For Your G-star Jeans

There are simple and stress-free ways to take care of your G-star jeans without washing them.


This involves putting your jeans inside a freezer to get cold. To do this, get a zip lock bag and fold up your jeans neatly.

Place it inside the bag and push out all the air inside the bag. Close the bag and place it into the freezer. The subzero temperature of the freeze will terminate any bacteria present and get rid of the smell.


Airing entails taking your jeans outside on either and hanger or washing line. The aim is for it to get air outside, which is capable of getting rid of any possible smell building up.

Avoid Washing

Do not wash these jeans like any other jeans, if possible leave the jeans unwashed. And even if you want to do that, do not wash it with a harsh detergent or use a high-temperature washing machine.

Is G-Star Raw A Good Brand?

Do G-Star Jeans Shrink

Yes, the G-star raw is a good brand. But it surpasses just a good brand, it is also economical and pocket friendly.

So, getting one for yourself is an express show of self-love because they are one of the best brands to pitch with in the game of making jeans and denim. They represent fashion, creativity, and innovation. And, is dedicated to giving the best.


The G-star brand is not a newcomer in the business of producing high-quality and fashionable jeans, for both men and women alike.

They have worked hard to cement their name in the Fashion Wall of Fame and are still in the continuity of bringing the best to the market.

These jeans have almost 100% non-shrinkage feature and are not washable, giving them that vintage look after such a long time.

It is also important that you take good care of these jeans if you have them, their type doesn’t always come by.


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