Do Dickies Carpenter Jeans Shrink?

Yes, your favorite Dickies Carpenter Jeans shrink. It is important to keep this in mind when buying your favorite Dickens Carpenter jeans that they shrink.

After your first wash, there’s normally a 7%-10% shrinkage due to the nature of its fabric. The fabric and yarns are held under tension during the process of knitting yarns into fabric.

Therefore when the fabric some in contact with water, there is a release in the tension the yarn and fabric relaxes and the dimensions of the fabric shrinks.

Since they have the potential of shrinking, the use of a washer, dryer, and hot water during laundry, makes them shrink even more rapidly.

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Major reasons why Dickies Carpenter jeans shrink?

Dickens Carpenter Jeans are made with 100% cotton and it has been a bit of a bugbear through generations. Whether it is woven into denim, lawns, canvas, or gingham, it is sure to encounter shrinking one way or the other when dealing with cotton fibers.

A significant reason why Dickies jeans shrink is because of heat. When it is laundry time, heat can be disastrous to your Dickies Carpenter Jean.

As much as your Jeans can withstand the tumbling in your dryer and beating in your washing machine, they can’t put up with so much heat.

Finding a significant reduction in your jean is normal when you leave your jean in the heat of your dryer.

There is a 20% shrinkage when heat comes in contact with heat and that’s a whopping amount of jean fabric leaving your waistband.

Dickies Carpenter jean has a shrinking superpower and you can blame the cotton for that.

Also, you need to understand that your Dickies Carpenter jean isn’t like your regular clothing and does not require everyday washing as this will encourage a high level of shrinkage.

How to You Wash Dickies Carpenter Jeans?

If you are sitting for most of the day, your Dickies Carpenter jeans require social attention. If you at to appreciate your jean for years to come, the key to long-lasting jeans is in the laundry.

You can stay a long time before washing your Jean.  It is better if you wash them every five to ten years when they are dirty or begin to develop an odor. In a case where you frequently move around, you would be them more frequently.

One of the most effective ways of washing your jean is using hand wash

At the time when you get a new pair of Dickens Carpenter, the best way to wash it so that it’ll last long is by hand, and make sure you wash them alone.

Turn your jeans inside out to avert them from fading away and then place them in a since or bathtub so that they can lay flat.

Use cool water to wash them with care and ensure that you don’t scrub the knee region too hard because it is a soft spot that is likely to wear out if pressure is applied to it.

Employ vinegar instead of your regular detergent to prevent fading out

After you’ve finished washing your jean, rinse them thoroughly with cold water so that the foam is washed away and the water gets bright. Then you can air dry them.

You can also wash in a washer

Set your washer to the gentlest wash progression and select the coldest water option. A gentle machine-washing cleanses your jean of oils and dirt.

Swerve your jeans inside out and zip upwards. Turning them inside-out will maximize the part which makes contact with your skin while you sweat, and minimize fading out.

You don’t want the zipper to snag in any fabric, that’s why you should zip them up.

Next is to select your detergent. To prevent fading, ensure that you avoid bleach which can permanently damage the indigo dye, also skip the fabric softer which is capable of building up the fabrics in your jean.

Instead, use detergents designed for washing dark clothes. Alternatively, use a medium-sized cup of pure vinegar as it is a great option when you want to neutralize odors and set the colors of your jeans.

You may decide to prohibit the former color from affecting the new dye on your jean. Same way, you can directly wash the jean with colors you admire. it is okay when you merge them in dark pigment with other darker hues like black, gray dark blue.

Should I put my Dickies in a dryer?

While some people may cast their valued jeans in the dryer after soaking every week, others carefully air-dry theirs on a clothing line.

Ironically, in most cases, some persons make use of the dryer to save time, but in this process, the heat emitted from the dryer curls up the jean and makes them smaller than their original size.

Dickens carpenter jeans absorb a lot of water and take time to dry, this is because of the material it’s made up of.

Its composition consists of 35% cotton and 65% polyester which makes it a great example of a material that easily shrinks when kept in a dryer.

In a case where you use cold water in washing your Dickies jean, it will still shrink so long as it goes through drying in a dryer.

The heat and friction in a tumble dry can cause your jean to shrink. If you must use a dryer, put your jean in a low or no cycle and use dryer balls also.

While they are still slightly damp, remove them and give them a good stretch and then finish up the process by air-drying them.

How to Fix a Shrunken Dickens Carpenter jeans?

Take a Plunge In the Bathe lunge

This is one of the easiest ways to unshrink your Dickens Carpenter Denim. In this process, consider the drunk-in-tub routine.

It is exactly as written. Put on the jeans and drench yourself in a tub for bathing, filled with lukewarm water. Allow the fabric to soak for about 15 minutes, and then you can hop out of the tub and drain the water off the jeans.

Continue the process young about your daily routine with the jean on for about an hour. I can this may feel uncomfortable, but the reason for this is to help loosen the fibers out and stretch them enough in order to restore them from their shrunk state.

Soak the Jeans in a Mixture of Baby Shampoo and water

If you don’t wish to wear drenched jeans, another option that may seem palatable for you is to soak it in a wide bowl for washing filled with lukewarm water and mixed with baby shampoo.

Dip the jeans into the water and wait for at least 30minutes, then take them out of the water and squeeze to remove excess moisture, and then hang them on a clothesline which will help stretch them out as this is what we are set to achieve.

Stretch them yourself

You can easily unshrink your Dickens carpenter jeans by simply applying some water and using your hands to work it through.

In this process, you’ll need lukewarm water, a spray bottle or sponge, and tape for taking measurements.

First, to get an idea of how much stretching your jean needs, you need to measure it.

After indicating your choice scope on the shrunk Dickies  jeans, fill the sprinkle bottle with lukewarm water. A sponge-like material can as well serve as an alternative if you don’t have a spray bottle.

Begin to splash the lukewarm water on the areas of your jean you need to spread. Once a state of dampness is attained, begin to work gently and evenly on the jeans until the level of stretch you desire is attained and air-dry afterward.

While observing this process, you’d not want to stretch the knees area of your favorite Dickens carpenter jeans because they are weak spots and will damage your jean instead of bringing them back in shape.

How To Prevent Dickies Carpenter Jeans from Shrinking

Adhere to the recommended instructions by the manufacturer

When using a washing machine to wash your jean, firstly you have to read the label on your jean to see the recommendation of the manufacturer.

The tag inside your jean will direct on how you can wash them without shrinking them.

This tag may be placed at the rear end of the waist area of your jean or by the bar pocket. You should only wash your jeans in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid shrinkage of your favorite jean.

Make use of cold water and mild detergent while you set your washer to a slow cycle

Using hot water on your Dickies carpenter jean will make it shrink so also does the intense spinning of a high cycle spin.

If you’re skeptical about using regular detergent, vinegar is a great option as it will help get rid of every dirt or smell and also protect your jean from bleeding.

Dry them using a dryer for not more than 10 mins or preferably air-dry them

If your washer spins, using a dryer will increase the shrinkage in your jean. The heat from your dryer makes them shrink, to avoid this take them out after they’ve stayed for only 10 mins in the dryer.

You continue the drying process, and hang them on a clothesline to dry the rest of the way.

Also, do not dry them directly under sunlight as this will cause them to bleed.


No doubt, Dickens Carpenter jeans are made with excellent quality. I bet that is why you love them.

You would not want your favorite jean looking like baked cardboard after laundry that is why you need to treat them with care.

Ensure you check out for the guide at the waistline or pocket to get proper direction on what to do. A certain type of Dickens Carpenter may give a better result with vinegar instead of your regular detergent, it may be weakened if you iron it.

There are other guides you can find placed right in the trouser, look out for them and adhere to them for a better result.


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