Do Cello Jeans Run Small?

Cello jeans run smaller than the exact size on the jeans chart, so you need to go a size up from the normal jeans size.

Truth is, the sizing system at Cello varies a lot, as some denim would fit you perfectly, and others would not,  despite being the same size.

That’s why it is very important to cross-check the size chart of each jeans to match your very own measurement, as this will help you size up or down when necessary and avoid the hassle of returning the jeans again.

Do you size up or down in Cello jeans?

You should size up Cello jeans if you are going for a skinny, high-waisted, or flare fit and size them down if you are going for the baggy jeans type.

However, whether or not you choose to size up or down in your new pair of Cello jeans actually depends on these other factors.

One is your body size, this is one important thing to consider before splurging on a new set of jeans. As not every jeans will stay consistent with sizing and give the perfect fit.

Let’s imagine this, as a lady you have a pear-shaped body structure and your friend is triangle shaped.

Similar loose-fitting jeans will feel tight on her and a bit loose on you because the body differs. And with this you can know that okay this set of Cello jeans feels loose, I’ll size it down next time.

The other is the jeans cut. Depending on how a pair of Cello jeans are tailored, this will reflect the nature of its true fit.

This means that a relaxed jeans cut is meant to stay true to tag size as they stretch and conform to your exact body size over time.

On the other hand, skinny jeans cut will require you to size up or down according to your own size.

What size of Cello jeans should I buy?

If you have a waist size of let’s say 27 inches then the size of Cello jeans to splurge on is size 3 for skinny jeans fit.

The basics here is to buy Cello jeans that offer you that close to perfect body size and since these jeans run small, going a size up from your regular will be the best option.

Also, Cello jeans are sized based on small, medium, large, and extra-large which corresponds to the different body types. I know it is always tricky figuring out your jeans size because a universal sizing system does not suffice as different brands have a different fit.

This means that even if you buy a particular jeans size from one brand, it does not guarantee that it will be the same size from the other brand.

But to avoid the frustration of not knowing which size is right, Cello jeans, brand size, run from odd numbers 1-15, and the corresponding waist sizes measure 26-33 inches.

So, to know what size of Cello jeans to buy, take your correct measurement and compare it with the size chart this will help you choose correctly.

Just like any other denim, these jeans are made with the average person’s measurements, so they may fit exactly to your size or not.

How do I know what size of Cello Jeans to buy?

For you to know what size of Cello jeans to buy, you need to first look out for the Cello jeans size chart containing the list of available sizes that these jeans offer.

Doing this will give you a clearer view of their sizing guide and how you can go about getting your correct measurements before splurging on a pair.

But generally, Cello jeans are true to the size on their tag, and because of how high quality and highly-priced these jeans are, the measurements are cautiously taken from the body size of average-sized individuals, to help limit the chances of one buying ill-fitting jeans.

However, it is best to shop in person so that you can try out several pairs before finding the best match.

But if, on the other hand, you love shopping for jeans online, then one unique way to decipher correctly the size that gives the perfect fit is to carefully observe the jeans.

You can do this by checking the wash, the jeans cut, the weave of the material, and most especially the brand making these jeans. These are the factors that can help you know what size of Cello jeans to buy.

Cello jeans size chart

Cello jeans size chart offers a clue as to what jeans are right for you and they are present on any website selling these jeans.

What you need to know about their size chart is that it differs according to the jeans cut, so the size chart for a skinny fit is different from the boyfriend cut. And the plus-size chart guide features a size range from 14 with 22 being the largest size.

Also, they are measured from the average size taken from their models, using the essential terms like front rise, waist, and inseam to eventually tailor their jeans.

All of these components are important while taking your measurements at home to help you get a fit close to your body size.

However, this is a clue to what their size chart looks like for the skinny cut:

Size Waist Front Rise Inseam
1 25 1/2 8 1/4 29
3 26 1/2 8 1/2 29
5 27 1/2 8 1/8 29
7 28 1/2 9 1/4 29
9 29 1/2 9 5/8 29 1/2
11 30 1/2 10 29 1/2
13 31 1/2 10 3/8 29 1/2


What are Cello jeans made out of? 

Cello jeans are mostly made out of 100% cotton fabrics, making them less prone or resistant to stretching.

Although this material making differs across the various styles and cuts that these jeans come in. So, they could come in a combination of raw materials to produce the final result of good-looking jeans.

For example, the skinny cut is made out of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex, for that extra stretchy feel and style.

You can’t go wrong in a pair of high-rise Cello skinny jeans featuring a dark or blue wash and they will probably be your next go-to pair of jeans.

However, Cello jean jeggings are made out of 57% Cotton, 26% Polyester, 15% Rayon, and 2% Spandex.

All this is geared at creating that perfect vintage look amidst the elastic waistband, faux front pockets, and the unique flare at the bottom that just makes one want to style them up with a nice pair of wedges.

Also, their boot cut is tailored out from 72% Cotton, 25% Polyester, and 3% Spandex, making them a more revamped classic denim for the casual date night-approved jeans which are equipped with a zip fly closure, belt loops, and five pockets.

So, Cello jeans are a combination of stretchy and non-stretchy jeans because they embed different raw materials to manufacture the jeans in several styles, jeans cut, and washes.

What is large in Cello jeans?

22 is Large in Cello jeans for a plus size skinny person with a 40.5 inches waist width and 13 is large on all the other jeans cut but the waist circumference differs.

Again this is due to the fit and style the jeans are made to portray.

But generally, measurements are taken based on the average human body size and waist measurement of models.

Although the large size is the same on all of their cuts, before buying any, remember to note the material making or cut of these jeans.

This should help you decide whether or not to size up, down, or just go with the exact size on the chart.

Plus you don’t need to get involved with paying for additional shipping fees and all the hassles involved in returning these jeans.

So, the trick here is about getting your correct jeans’ length according to your body height and weight.

The length of jeans a 6-foot tall person should wear is a jeans’ with 34” inseam in length. Mind you the waist sizing differs for individuals even with the same inseam.


Cello jeans run small, so you need to size up rather than down. The reason is so as not to get ill-fitting jeans later on.

Another interesting fact about these jeans is that they are not consistent in sizing but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get the correct fit.

You will actually if you learn about their various sizing on the jeans chart guide made for you.

Cello jeans shrink to some extent after washing by machine and even by hand, so, the best option is not to wash too often and limit using a dryer to dry these jeans instead air dry outside or somewhere not in direct contact with the sun.

And just like other denim jeans, Cello offers a true-to-size tag option to select from but you should follow it only if the fit being featured is the relaxed type, if not size up to avoid getting tight-fitted jeans shipped to your doorstep.


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