Do Calvin Klein Jeans Shrink?

Potentially yes! Calvin Klein Jeans are made from natural fibers which cause them to shrink a little bit after laundry.

There is a 7%-10% shrinkage after the first wash, and as the jean is heated during laundry, their chances of shrinking increase.

Using water to wash makes them shrink even more, and the same goes on when a hot dryer is used to dry the jean.

Aside from shrinking when washed at a high temperature, the jeans lose color. As a result of this, a safer option is to air dry your jeans.

Although air-drying can take quite a long time and you may be stimulated to use a hot dryer to dry them, in order to reduce the rate of shrinkage, you should fix your jean in a low or no heat cycle.

Major reasons why Calvin Klein Jeans Shrink?

The primary reason why Calvin Klein jeans shrink has to do with how it is made up and what they are put together with. Just like other varieties of fabrics, these jeans will also shrink under certain conditions:

High temperature during Laundry while Using a washer

Making use of a washer to wash your jeans is one of the familiar reasons why jeans shrink. Furthermore, the tendency for your jeans to shrink greatly depends on the temperature of the water you use to wash them.

Particularly, If you are washing your jeans for the first time using hot water, it is likely to shrink a little or slightly more, depending on the fabric used.

There is a possibility that the jean can shrink as much as two pant sizes when washed with hot water.

Using a Dryer with a high temperature

Just like Calvin Klein jeans can shrink in a washing machine at a high temperature, they also have the potential of shrinking in a hot dryer.

Nevertheless, if you didn’t use hot water in washing them, they’ll still shrink if you use a dryer with a high temperature to dry them.

Favorably, reducing the temperature of your dryer will help in preventing your jean from shrinking. This makes it easily possible to prevent shrinkage than using the washer.

Consistent Washing

There is likely to be a 10% shrinkage after the first wash of your favorite Calvin Klein Jeans.

With continued washing, it has the potential of shrinking over time, this is because Calvin Klein jeans are designed to stretch when you wear them to accommodate your body size.

The fibers shrink when the more you wash them and stretch out when you wear them.

The Calvin Klein Washing Instructions

Jean/Denim is an everyday outfit that is made up of cotton material, it may be your jacket, t-shirt, or even a pair of your favorite jeans.

When these products as treated with the same care as designed, they last through seasons.

Considering the misconceptions surrounding Calvin Klein jeans, it is important that you get the accurate tip from the right source.

The guide underneath will give you all you need to know about taking care of your jean, from the washing, ironing, and drying process.

Not only will you prolong the lifespan of your favorite jeans, but you will also contribute to sustaining your style.

How to wash Calvin Klein jeans

In order to preserve the color of your jeans, wash them in cool water. You can also make use of warm water whose temperature is not above 30 degrees Celsius. To avoid fading, it is advisable that you turn your jeans inside out.

It is not necessary for your Calvin Klein jeans to be washed after every wear, it is best if you spot the regions with dirt on them and clean them up using a spot remover. This is a better way to keep your jean clean.

Avoid Ironing and drying them directly under sunlight

While ironing, extreme heat can destroy the fibers in your jean and this will make them shrink.

Calvin Klein’s manufacturers encourage that you use a drying line to dry them in order to protect the fit of your denim. When tumbling them or drying them on the line, turn them inside out and hang them in a shade to avoid fading and shrinkage.

Drying them under the direct sun can weaken your denim fabrics. This is why you should dry them under a shade where they are exposed to fresh and not directly under the light where they are exposed to the harsh rays.

Avoid using a hot dryer

The average home dryer can produce heat of about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, making it just like a furnace that will make your jean come out resembling a flat paper.

Due to the kind of heat it emits, it makes room for friction between the fabrics of the jeans which in turn gives them a dull color and also reduces their quality.

In a case where you are in a hurry and forced to use a dryer, set your device to a cool to warm fluffing setting to replace a hot dryer. It can take more time, but it is a great choice for your jean to have a better look.

How to prevent Calvin Klein from shrinking

As stated earlier, jeans tend to shrink both in the washing machine and while drying in a heated dryer.

However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop washing. Below are some ways you can keep your jeans clean without making them shrink:

Use cold water while washing with a gentle cycle

So many people believe that due to the hard nature of Calvin Klein jeans, they would require very tough handling while washing. This is far from the truth.

Calvin Klein jeans do not absorb odor and dirt just like other fabrics do, a gentle cycle can help you keep it clean and not shrunk. While using a gentle cycle, don’t forget hot or even warm water can cause your Calvin jeans to shrink.

Use white vinegar instead of your regular detergent

Regular detergent is harsh on your jeans and will cause the fabric to shrink and fade.

  • Employ your hands to clean Instead of a machine washer. This will help you to maintain your jeans and keep them from shrinking. All that is required of you to do is mix a cup of vinegar with cold water and let your jean soak for about 15 minutes before washing it.
  • Air-dry your jeans instead of using a dryer

You can make use of your clothesline outside, clothes airer, or even your airy compound to dry your jeans, by hanging them

Wait until your jean gets dried enough for you to wear. Although you can use select the lowest setting on your air dryer when drying your jean, when you employ the air-drying method, there won’t be any need to be for you to worry if your Calvin Klein jean would shrink or not because this method lets you have the best result naturally.

How to fix shrunken Calvin Klein Jeans

No doubt that Calvin Klein’s brand produces good quality jeans, you may get disappointed by the manner in which they shrink and the result you get when heat meets with your jeans. Moreover, this is unavoidable.

So, should you throw your shrunk Calvin Klein jeans away? Definitely No!

If you diligently follow the following steps, you will be able to unshrink them. All you need is lukewarm water and some household products.

Lukewarm water

Calvin Klein jeans have an incredible Reaction when they come in contact with specifically in accordance to its temperature.

If the water used on the jean is hot or cold, it tends to shrink or stretch respectively. Using lukewarm or cold water is the simplest and quickest way of shrinking your jean.

These are what you’ll need:

  • Lukewarm/Coldwater
  • Spray bottle or sponge
  • Tape measure

The first step is to measure your Calvin Klein jean to see how many measures it is shrunk, this will give you an apt idea of how much you need to stretch them.

Secondly, fill up your spray bottle with lukewarm/cold water. Alternatively, you can use a leech-like material if you don’t have a sprinkle bottle.

Spray the lukewarm water all over the jean you want to stretch. Once the jean has been thoroughly sprayed, at this point, you can begin to walk gently in them until you reach your desired level of stretch or target measurement.

Once you’ve attained this, leave them to air-dry.

Use a fabric conditioner

A fabric conditioner serves as a softer to add extra softness to fabrics. It stops your denim from coming out stiff after washing, making them stretch a lot more loose instead.

You’ll need a fabric conditioner, lukewarm water, and a spray bottle for this procedure.

First, you should fill your spray bottle with lukewarm water until it reaches a 4/5 mark, and then fill the remaining 1/5 mark with the fabric conditioner.

Make sure that the nuzzle is thoroughly fastened to prevent it from spilling. At this point, shake the spray bottle.

Once the water and conditioner are well mixed, begin to spray the mixture onto your jean and gently work out the regions in need of stretching.

Once you have attained your desired level of stretch, do not want to make use of the dryer as it will re-shrink your jeans. Air drying is another efficient method to prevent shrinking. Just hand the jean on the line to dry.


Your jeans also do not have to go through washing and drying every other day in order to be clean, there are other methods you can employ which have been explained before now.

So, whenever you think they are very dirty, you can wash them, but do that occasionally, when they require a good wash.

This way, your jean will last two years or even more and will fit you like a dream during this period of time.

Talking about the temperature effect on Calvin Klein jeans, although pointing out a particular temperature that causes Calvin Klein jeans to shrink may be a difficult task, it is reliable to say that when they are exposed to temperatures at 85 to 90 degrees or even higher they will shrink.

Therefore washing your jeans with water that has a temperature below 60 degrees will help prevent shrinking.

Having established the fact that Hot water tends to shrink your jean as well as using a hot dryer, there are people who feel using cold water does not make their clothes clean as using hot water would.

This is credible because the water below 60 degrees isn’t efficient in killing germs/bacteria. If you’re skeptical about using cold water, then it’s best you buy pre-shrunk jeans.


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