Do American Flag Eagle Shirt Shrink?

Yes, the American Eagle shirt shrinks, and this is because of the fact that they are made with one hundred percent cotton fiber.

With cotton being a vulnerable material to heat, they tend to shrink when they feel pressure, not just any kind of pressure that shrinks them but the pressure that is hot as the case may be.

Your American Eagle shirt will shrink when you wash them with hot or even warm water. The shrinking however depends on whether the cotton used in making your own American Eagle shirt is shrunken from the process of manufacturing or not.

Why do they Shrink?

There are many reasons that contribute to your American Eagle shirt shrinking. The most common reason is the fact that they are under pressure from the sun or even when you wash them with hot or even warm water as the case may be.

Another cause of your shirt shrinking is actually when they do not shrink in essence, and you just outgrew them.

There are cases of people who do not really notice the change in their own body, they gradually outgrow their shirts and because of the fact that they do not really understand what is happening, they think their shirt has to shrink when actually they are the ones who have outgrown the shirt.

If that is the case then you should consider checking your body size when your American Eagle shirt runs small first.

So that you can be sure of the situation in order to be clear if you need to get a new pair of shirts because the ones you have run small and not shrink or if the ones you have actually did shrink and not the other way round.

Well, that is that for a rare case, speaking of the common causes of your shirts shrinking, considering the fact that your American Eagle shirts are made with one hundred percent cotton, they are bound to shrink if you wash them with hot water just like I said earlier.

Your American Eagle shirt will shrink if you wash them in a washing machine along with other clothes.

This is because the inside of the machine when activated might eventually get hot when it is washing due to the working enzymes in the detergents used in washing the clothes.

Sometimes, the possibility of your shirt shrinking all depends on the washing machine as the case may be.

I have a theory about my American Eagle shirt, one I just bought not too long ago, after a few washing it started to feel a little bit tight on me. I initially tot I outgrew them not until I noticed that whenever they feel tight if I wear them through the day they eventually get back to their initial form and shape.

It is then I noticed that it doesn’t really matter if they shrink, as far as you didn’t outgrow them, their stretchy feature will enable them to stretch back to shape.

How do I prevent the American Eagle Shirt from Shrinking?

There are only small ideas on how you can prevent your American Eagle Shirts from shrinking.

Dealing with shirts made with cotton in general is a tricky situation. For the fact that the American Eagle Shirts Are Cotton made, generalizing their treatment with reference to cotton is perhaps the most preferred thing to do.

Even with the fact that there are just little ways you can follow to prevent your American Eagle Shirt from shrinking that is practiced by many people, I will however show you a few of the steps I have taken and they actually worked for me in preventing my American Eagle Shirts from shrinking.

Here are some of the decisions you can take to prevent your American Eagles Shirt from Shrinking.

Avoid washing them in water

Preventing your American Eagle shirt from shrinking means you have to avoid washing them with hot water. Cotton is a vulnerable material that reacts to heat, they tend to react to heat in any form which will, in turn, will make them shrink.

So, if you can abstain from washing your shirt in warm or hot water then this is another great preventive method for shrinking.

Regular wearing of your American Eagle shirt

Since cotton is involved, it is no longer a new thing and I am sure you are all aware that cotton shrinks and relaxes with time to talk more of the fact that you do not wear your American Eagle Shirt more often, the cotton will stretch and relax which will in rarest cases shrink due to over relaxation.

So wearing your American Eagle shirt more often and on a regular basis will prevent them from shrinking as the case may be since they won’t really have time to regain their original size to talk more of shrinking.

There are perks however attached to this preventive method, in the sense that your American Eagle shirt might end up running a size up and becoming an extra-size shirt in the process of regular wearing.

You see cotton is a tricky material that when pressured slacks and then when left alone shrinks in the process. you should just be careful how you go about this particular method but it will surely work.

How do I fix Shrunken American Eagle Shirt?

Here is something I am willing to discuss with full confidence because I have been there and I can actually tell verified steps you can take to restore that shrunken shirt of yours no matter how long it has been that it shrunk.

You know most people would not really take preventive methods obviously maybe because they are too busy to notice their shirts changing the shape and all.

Nevertheless, in this part of the article, I will outline a few steps you can take to restore your shrunken American Eagle Shirt, and be rest assured that if you follow these steps you will definitely get results.

  • Soak in water
  • Stretch
  • Dry

Soak in water

The first step to take in an attempt to bring back your American Eagle shirt is to soak them in water and make sure they are wet

Cotton is a vulnerable material when it is wet and you stand a great chance of restoring them back to its initial form if they are wet.

A common example if it has happened to you before is the case of your shirt feeling a little too free when you are sweaty, and then they seem to have magically regained their initial form when you dry them and when you wear them again it feels like oh, they never went baggy, ever!

They feel normal and then you just wave it off and be like never mind or whatever LOL.

What really happened is that, at that point where you were sweaty, the shirt you had on, I am guessing since it must have been made with cotton, the cotton must have been affected by the sweat and that relationship between your Sweat and your shirt caused it to slack a little.

This means that you can actually restore your shirt to a desired shape and size whenever they shrink with the help of water.

Now to the next step!!


You can guess that after soaking the next thing to do is to stretch them to the desired shape.

Others will normally wear the soaked shirt on their body in order to make sure they don’t go passed the wanted shape.


The last and final step is to let the soaked and stretched American Eagle shirt dry.

Drying has some effect on this however, this is with regards to the possibility that over-drying them will rather shrink them than just let them maintain the wanted shape.

Drying under room temperature is most advisable in this case. This is because this drying method allows the shirt to dry with all fibers including the Cotton relaxing in their own time with no stress or pressure at all.

Another way you can ensure your shrunk shirt is restored and remains in the restored and desired shape is to use baby shampoo when stretching them.

You can decide to use the shampoo for soaking them but it is advisable that you soak them first and then spray them with the baby shampoo or even fabric shampoo that is if it won’t end up bleaching your shirt in the process, that is why water and stretching is the best option. No side effects.


With the little discussed here on American Eagle shirts, I am sure you don’t have to let go of your own simply because they are shrunk and out of shape.

You can restore them and still have a time of use with them as the case may be.

But hold up a little, am I the only one who feels it is easier to like restore my American Eagle shirt back to its initial and preferred shape after they have shrunk than it is to prevent them from shrinking?

Well, this is a discussion for another day!!


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