Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink?

Yes, American Eagle Jeans shrink by 2% after a wash or generally when put in the dryer.

As shrinkage is a common problem with denim jeans, your pair of jeans will likely shrink in length and width, especially after the first wash.

This is due to the combination of water and detergent plus different drying cycles as well as using the wrong temperature.

It’s hard to tell how much they will shrink, we recommend you measure them before you wash them and again after washing.

But were you aware that American Eagle jeans also stretch out? That’s right, it seems that these particular jeans are made of a material that stretches but will possibly shrink back to size, this means you should be able to wear them without worrying about them shrinking in length after washing.

Most people would say they shrink in size. If you want your jeans to remain at their true size, avoid putting them into the dryer, instead, line dry them or use low heat on a tumble dry cycle.

5 effective ways to shrink American Eagle Jeans?

Do American Eagle Jeans Shrink

You might probably be wondering “why would I want to shrink my jeans when I can just buy a pair of my size?” well, I want to ask you this, “have you ever found the most ideal pair of denim.

The price and the wash are just what you need – except they later stretched out or seem to be a bit baggy in some specific areas like in the leg, bum, etc.?

If that pair of American Eagle jeans are your dream denim with its fit that’s almost what you need but not exactly really because they don’t fit well.

Don’t give up!

We have put together some hacks that will help you get your desired fit on that American Eagle Jean without necessarily visiting a tailor to have it altered or have your mom or sis try doing their magic on them.

Furthermore, shrinking your jeans yourself can be incredibly fun, especially when you successfully do it then arrived at your desired size, you’ll have for yourself a one-of-a-kind pair.

So let’s get prepared. Here are some effective ways to shrink your American Eagle jeans.

Wash and heat them

This is one of the ways almost everyone shrinks their jeans and it’s quite simple, all you need is HEAT!

Wash and dry them in the hottest heat will make the fibers of your denim shrink, leading to the pair getting smaller.

Here is how to:

Wash your jeans in hot water

Place your jeans in your washer and set the washing machine to the hottest setting possible, do not use a delicate or hand-washing setting, use a permanent press instead.

Use a detergent and fabric softener as you normally do. The detergent will not affect the shrinking process in any way, and for fabric softener, it can help to prevent the jeans from being too stiff after shrinking.

Dry your jeans in a drying machine

Remove the jeans immediately from the washer and place them in the dryer. With the hottest setting, let the jeans dry completely.

If you can leave your jeans in the dryer for like 10 minutes longer, you will definitely arrive at w better result. Avoid air-drying your jeans, doing so while you follow this method will lead to some shrink areas to stretch out

Repeat if necessary

If your jeans seem to be a boy loose after this process, repeat another cycle.

Use a spray on specific areas

Let your spray bottle be filled with softener and water that’s hot

Make a mixture of water and liquid fabric softener into a spray bottle and shake vigorously. Note that this method will not work effectively if you use just plain water, avoid using detergent still.

Spray the area you intend to shrink

Saturate the area you wish to shrink with the mixture. Ensure that the area is well soaked, the areas you didn’t spray won’t be affected so there’s no need to worry. You can use this method in the waistband if it’s beginning to stretch out.

Place your jeans in the dryer

Run your jeans through a standard cycle with the hottest heat setting, this will make the fibers of the wet areas shrink. Don’t air-dry as it won’t give the same results.

Try as many steps as you can

If the supposed area did not shrink as you desired, apply more of the solution and then dry again.

Take a bath

This might be crazy and you might find it hilarious, but sitting in a hot bath for some minutes will make your jeans stretch the threads out and help make the denim fit your body shape.

Put your jeans on

Slide into the loose pair of jeans, buttoning them up as you normally do, this method is the only one that requires you to wear your jeans to shrink them and since you are on them the jean will create a desired cozy fit around your fit.

Fill the bath with hot water

Large enough to totally cover your legs up to your waist, ensure to make the water as hot as you can take, you don’t want to burn yourself, use your hand to know how hot it is.

Get in the bathtub

Remain in the tub till the water cools to room temperature. Ensure that your jeans are under the water completely.

Sit out in the sun

If it’s possible, sit in a sunny shade to do this so that your jeans will conform to the shape of your legs. This will take more than two but many hours for your jeans to dry.

Boil them

Do you desire a more interesting way to effectively shrink your jeans? Another hack to try is boiling them. It’s funny, I know

Turn your jeans inside out

Ensure they are completely inside out, this helps lessen the amount of fading that will take place. This method is singled out for shrinking your new American Eagle jeans with a dark wash.

Boil a large pot of water

Fill up the pot with water, get the stove ready then bring it up using high heat ensure to use a large pot and water that will completely cover your jean.

Do not cover the pot as your jeans are submerged inside the water, if you can, use a culinary took to push the jeans under the water at intervals.

Dry in the dryer

Transfer your jeans to the dryer after moving them from the boiling water, use the hottest dry settings, avoid air-dry, and make sure the jeans are dried completely before removing them from the dryer


Wash your jeans using hot water

Boiling them also works, the former helps to wash your jeans as you shrink them, while the latter seems to be quicker, for both methods, make sure the water is really hot.

Dry your jeans until they are slightly wet

Dry up your jeans in the dryer until they are damp.

Iron the jeans until they dry

Place the jean on the ironing table and iron thoroughly until the fabric is dry, know that this might not be your desired size, but it is effective if you only intend to do a slight alteration.

FAQs on American Eagles Jeans

Do American Eagle Jeans stretch?

The short answer is yes, American Eagle jeans will stretch out with wear.

It all depends on how they were constructed in the first place. Almost all jeans have NO STRETCH at all, which means that they are made of 100% cotton denim, you can still find non-stretch jeans at American Eagle.

How good are American Eagle Jeans?

American Eagle jeans are very known by almost everyone. They have been around for a long time and many people wear them.

This means that the jeans are not bad quality and they are probably decent jeans.

But many people who wear American Eagle jeans say that they are not as great as other brands like Levi’s or Calvin Klein. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a pair of jeans.

If you are looking for something low-key, then try American Eagle jeans out and see if you like them. If you want to go with a more expensive brand, then check out Levi’s and Calvin Klein instead of American Eagle jeans.

Despite they are low-key, American Eagle Jeans are typically made with a comfortable, sturdy material, they come in slim and regular cuts that fit most body types’ wants.

The brand had also started to introduce more styles, such as jean jackets or denim pants for women.

American Eagle jeans are usually around $50-$150 which is an affordable price for many people. The b only downside is that the jeans can stretch out after a few wears.

Some of them may not hold up as well as others but the cheaper price means you might be willing to buy a new pair every month or two.

They are comfortable and perfectly casual wear, so they are good if you just want something that looks good but isn’t going to last forever.

If you looking for a place to buy American Eagle Jean near you, they have 300 stores Nationwide but if your local store doesn’t have what you are looking for, fear not! They also sell their jeans online.

Do American Eagle jeggings shrink?

Just like the American Eagle Jeans, the American Eagle jeggings will shrink if exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time under wash or under the dryer.

There are many ways clothing can shrink and American Eagle jeggings is not an exception.

If you have a few pairs, it would be wise to test out each one of them and see which ones shrunk and which didn’t. You could also try washing them all on hot/warm water.

If you do find that they shrunk, you might want to get a larger size the next time because they typically won’t stretch back to their original size after shrinking for too much.

Do American Eagle Shirts Shrink?

American Eagle is a clothing company that produces shirts, jeans, and other clothes.

The company does not have a reputation for making clothes that shrink over time. American Eagle uses different fabrics in their clothing to make sure the clothes do not shrink.

If you accidentally dry your American Eagle shirt on high heat, it will shrink. While some people say they do and others say they don’t if you want to be on the safer side.

We’d recommend buying a bigger size than you need so that it won’t affect you if it ever shrinks after washing and drying.

The good thing about American Eagle is that their clothes are pretty affordable so, if your shirt does shrink, you can purchase another one.

Do American Eagle pants shrink?

A lot of people wonder if American Eagle pants shrink. Yes. Almost all pants will shrink after being washed, and this includes American Eagle pants.

The best way to avoid shrinking your pants is to wash them in cold water and hang them up to dry.

If you have to use hot water, make sure they are not in the dryer for long periods as that too can cause them to shrink.

You also want to be careful about what detergent you use when washing your American Eagle pants as the harsh detergent can cause more shrinkage than gentle ones.

Do American Eagle shorts shrink?

There is the possibility of your American Eagle shirt shrinking after washing or after exposing them to high heat for a long time.

Some people who have bought these American Eagle shirts say they are a bit on the tight side when they buy them but then after a wash or two, they fit perfectly.

It’s important to know how your clothes will fit before you purchase them so you don’t end up having to return your purchased item and wasting money on shipping them.

If you are concerned about the size of your clothes, make sure to order one or two sizes lather than your normal size.

For example, if you wear American Eagle size 28 jeans but want a tighter fit you should order a size 30, this will ensure the size won’t be smaller for you after placing them in the wash and dry in hot settings.

Do American Eagle boxers shrink?

If you are washing in cold water and drying as instructed you shouldn’t worry about shrinking but if you are not following the instructions and washing under high heat, then they could easily shrink over time.

It also depends on how big you got your boxers in the first place too. For example, if you got your boxers a little bigger than your size at first, they will probably shrink to be closer to your actual size after the first wash.

But if you bought them right when they fit, they do not change in size at all. So, it’s really quite difficult to give an answer to this question for sure without knowing more about what you did with them after getting them and what material they are made out of.


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