What Is the Difference Between White Label and Green Label Cinch Jeans?

The main difference between White Label Cinch jeans and Green Label Cinch jeans is that Green label cinch jeans are these jeans “just sit well.”

It’s more like a close fit cut that doesn’t require tailoring, and it features a mid-rise, taper leg, fitted waist, and hip, with an original rise.

While the White label cinch jeans are regarded as a universal fit for most men’s jeans, it has a mid-rise, nice straight leg, a more relaxed thigh, and knee, providing more room for comfort.

Both Jeans are generally known to be tough and durable for the rodeo arena or life on the ranch, while also being fashionable enough for a night on the town alongside a pair of cowboy boots and western shirt.

They come in various forms; white label, black label, green label, and silver label.

But in this post, we’ll be focusing more on the other differences between the White label and Green label cinch jeans.

Other major differences between White Label and Green Label Cinch Jeans

What Is the Difference Between White Label and Green Label Cinch Jeans
Green Label
What Is the Difference Between White Label and Green Label Cinch Jeans
White Label

Leg Type

When talking about the leg type of the two jeans, we want to consider both the fit and the cut. Both of these terms are important for a great jeans fitting and comfort.

The cut describes the shape of the legs (tapered or straight), while the fit describes how loose or tight the jeans feel around the leg.

Green label cinch jeans are slightly tapered at the bottom, meaning that they narrow a bit towards the hem, i.e. from the hip to the ankle to provide a more close fit.

However, Green label cinch jean is actually Cinch’s original style and is the most fitted of the entire relaxed Cinch. They help one look more proportionate if you’re skinny, help shorter legs look longer, and they come closer to your boots.

White Label Cinch Jeans, on the other hand, have a straight leg cut, which means that the jeans are straight from the waist, hip down to the ankle. This provides a more comfortable loose-fitting for all men’s body sizes.

At this, we can say that Green Label Cinch jeans are tapered jeans while White Label Cinch Jeans are straight leg jeans.

Leg Opening

This varies according to the fit and cut of the jeans, just as we described above, so let’s understand what the leg opening is. It is a circumference around the bottom of the leg of your jeans.

Tapered jeans tend to have narrower leg openings while straight jeans have a wider type. The average leg opening of a tapered jean is 16.375″, while that of straight-leg silhouettes is

Green label cinch jeans have a 16.375-inch leg opening, which means that it prevents that bell-bottom look on the hem, it follows the shape of your leg, and it doesn’t offer snugness around the ankle as the opening is wide enough to contain the boots.

While White label cinch jeans have an 18-inch leg opening, which means that these cuts tend to be more generous in the knee area and allow for more free movement.

Finish Details

Both Green label and white label cinch jeans are made of heavyweight 14.25 oz. of denim and 100% cotton and sandblasted for the perfect finishing touch.

What this means is that the jeans are made to be soft, so as to fit the edges and curves of the body. And that’s one feature that gives the Cinch jeans that worn-out yet classic look and feels.

Green label Cinch Jeans, however, are only limited to the medium stonewash and dark stonewash finishing (types of sandblasting).

But the White Label Jeans, especially the White Label Cinch Performance Jeans, are now available in several trendy denim finishes from tinting, to grinding, hand sanding, whiskers, and tacking.

So, you have versatile options to choose from, aside from durability and comfort around the legs that the jeans offer.

Bottom and Jeans Rise

Since Cinch jeans are made for rodeo riders and ranch owners to complement their riding lifestyle, the bottom and jean rise of the pants is either high or mid.

The jeans rise explains the distance from the waistband and the crotch seam, thus determining where the jeans would sit on your waist (jeans rise).

The jeans rise of Green Label Cinch Jeans come in an original rise i.e. mid-rise, meaning that the buckle sits across the navel.

But the bottom rise is high, and it is this feature that makes the Green label cinch jeans the choice for riding, as it gives enough room for bending over without feeling discomfort in the front. 

Whereas, the jean rise for White Label Cinch Jeans is a low rise, making the buckle sit below the belly button. And the bottom rise is a mid-rise, and this makes the jeans offer both a casual and form-fitting look.

Pocket Position and Design

Aside from the regular-sized pockets, a small-sized pair is included in both jeans at the right-sided pocket but it was originally designed for cowboys in the 1800s, to keep their watches safe while riding horseback.

The five-pocket feature offered by both jeans features:

  • Two front pockets
  • Two back pockets
  • Small-sized pocket

However, the five-pocket design in the Green label cinch jean is slightly lowered at the front and possesses double reinforced stitching where needed. While the White Label Cinch Jeans come with more uniquely designed pockets than the Green Label type.


The Green Label Cinch jeans come in only two washes which are medium and dark stonewash. They are tough and durable.

While the White Label Cinch jeans come in numerous washes such as light, medium, dark, and rinse. And they are made of heavy-weight, high-quality denim.

Pant Fit

Green Label Cinch Jeans are designed to come up to your waist and taper straight down from the knee to your ankle giving you a close body fitting.

And the hem of the jeans comes closer to your boots, giving them the overall balance your outfit needs.

The styling features:

  • Fitted waist and hips
  • Original rise
  • Relaxed thigh
  • Relaxed knee
  • Tapered leg

While White Label Cinch Jeans are designed to give you full comfort. It features a straight cut right from the waist, hip, thigh, knee down to the ankle. It is a bottom mid-rise jeans for a contemporary look. The styling features:

  • A relaxed fit for both the waist and the hip
  • Mid Rise
  • Relaxed thigh
  • Relaxed knee
  • Straight leg
  • 18-inch leg opening

Best Seller

The Green Label Cinch Jean sells mostly as work jeans because of its more relaxed fitting, price point, and history in 1996 as one of the first best-relaxed jeans in the western market.

Plus it suits the taste of traditional men who want a higher rise, original fit, relaxed thigh, and the tapered jeans style. It is also the most fitted of all Cinch Jeans.

However, the White Label Cinch Jeans sell well as it is the first Cinch jeans sold to a guy new in the Cinch jeans world.

This is because it fits the average male body type, plus it offers the universal fit of straight cut, mid-rise, relaxed thighs, and hips. It comes in a variety of new washes and different finishes for many different age groups.


Cinch jeans has been designing and manufacturing premium western wear clothing since their inception and their jeans are phenomenal. We have seen the major differences between the White label and the Green label Cinch jeans.

The White label cinch jean offers a universal fit and a straight leg cut. Green Label Cinch Jeans is a great choice if you want your pants to have that fitted look, as they make great tapered cut jeans.

However, I would rather splurge on a new pair of White Label Cinch Jeans instead, as it offers all through the year, the latest fashion denim jean finishes from tinting, hand sanding, whiskers, tacking, and grinding for not only cowboy rodeo and horse riders but also for working men who need jeans that can look classic without compromising comfort.

Thus, they are designed to be looser in a straight-cut pattern fit.

Green Label Cinch Jeans, on the other hand, are true to size. And their jeans offer better body fitting for even non-riding men.

These jeans are also available in two popular finishes that you can choose from, the dark stonewash and the medium stonewash. Not only that, Green Label Cinch Jeans doesn’t need any tailoring, so it’s a win-win for you!

So, in a nutshell, if you want your pants to come up high to your waist then the Green Label Cinch Jeans is the best Cinch jean for you as they don’t gap at the waistline and they also offer great fitting for all.

However, if what you need is a jean that sits low on your waist, the White Label Cinch Jeans are designed specifically for that purpose.


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