Diesel vs G-Star Jeans: Which Is Better?

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t understand the need for a pair of denim jeans. No clothing collection is complete without a pair of denim jeans pants. Jeans are uniquely crafted pants made from a fabric called denim.

This post compares two popular brands of denim jeans and sees which is more suited for your taste. Qualities and style of denim jeans are a significant distinction in separating jeans from other pants.

Differences Between Diesel and G-Star Jeans

The difference between Diesel and G-Star Jeans is the denim material used in manufacturing them. Diesel jeans use treated denim, while G-Star jeans use raw denim in their jeans.

The design used in Diesel jeans is precise and strategic in its functionality. Its design includes a yoke made of two tapered pieces of material sewn in place at the top back of the jeans.

This ensures the fit of the jeans is tighter at the waist than at the hips, instead of using a dart or pleats. The jeans pants have a patch back pocket, while the front pockets are horizontally curved similar to regular pants.

Rivets also divide the edges of the front pockets extending from the waist down to the ankles, with the entire leg undercover. Diesel Jean shorts are also available.

Diesel and G–Star jeans are well-recognized brands in the jean market. They have similar qualities and some differences too.

This article will talk about that. G-Star jeans were first founded in Amsterdam by Jos van Tiburg while diesel jeans are an Italian brand founded by Renzo Rossco in 1985.

Diesel jeans entered the fashion industry and sought to revolutionize how jeans appeared, manufacturing jeans that looked already used. This idea was a bomb, and well accepted in the jean community.

G-Star jeans are known for using raw denim jeans that are faded and stiffer compared to diesel jeans.

Diesel Jeans Review

Diesel vs G-Star Jeans

Diesel is an Italian company that specializes in retail clothing. It supplies denim, footwear, and other clothing accessories.

The company has two branches of its brand; diesel and diesel Black Gold.

A kids’ clothing line called Diesel Kid is sold by the company, and they are known for their surreal advertising campaign.

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso started sewing jeans on a homemade sewing machine at the young age of fifteen.

With this sewing machine belonging to his mother, Renzo produced low-riding, bell-bottomed jeans, which he wore himself and also sold to friends. He later proceeded to the industrial manufacturing high school in Padua.

In 1976 Rosso began working for Moltex, which was a clothing producer founded by Adriano Goldschmied.

He worked there for two years, before taking out a loan from his father to buy a forty percent share of the company and changing its name to Diesel.

Diesel began selling jeans under the brand name. Goldschmied’s interest was later bought by Rosso in 1985, making him the sole owner of the company.

Diesel jeans sought to expand the brand, opting to invest in unconventional ads for its jeans. They wanted their loyal customers to understand the values they support.


  • QR code for product authenticity.
  • Durable material.
  • Pre-washed jeans design.
  • Updated jeans design yearly.


  • Expensive jeans.

G-Star Jeans Review

Diesel vs G-Star Jeans

G-Star was founded by Dutch designer Jon Van Tilburg in Amsterdam in 1989. It was a clothing company that specializes in producing raw denim.

Getting inspiration from vintage military designs around the world, G-Star began producing jeans.

These jeans were made with raw and untreated denim. G-Star has had many models represent the brand over the decades, with collaborations with musicians, actors, and entertainers.

Drawing inspiration from military apparel, G-Star jeans have special pocket constructions and features of trims.

They rose to new heights by constantly challenging conventional styles and pushing boundaries to discover new designs of denim jeans, becoming an iconic brand.

G-Star as a brand embraced change while keeping the authenticity of the denim. By combining simple and technological advancement, the brand has maintained a dominant image and development.

G-Star was the first denim brand to be showcased at the NEW-York fashion week in 2011.

Also, the company has a diverse range of retail shops around the globe including major fashion centers like Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, San Francisco, London, and an eCommerce shop.

Unlike other brands, G-star offers multiple types of styles and washes for its jeans. New product launches are done every season.

The brand promotes the original allure of denim by subjecting them to washes and treatment that brings out special traits. With sustainability in its core value, the brand remains focused on delivering excellently.


  • No waist gap.
  • Lightweight cotton blend.
  • Machine washable.

Head-to-head Comparison Of Diesel Jeans And G-star Jeans

In this post, we are comparing both jeans brands against each other using some factors. This comparison doesn’t put one jean ahead of another, rather it accentuates the features of the brands.


Both jeans are manufactured from cotton. A mixture of cotton and other material is used in varying percentages to produce different jeans.

Diesel jeans are usually cotton 95% and other percentages of polyester, and Elastane.

G-star is primarily made with 100 percent cotton except for the super stretch collections G-star jeans brands use sustainable practices in manufacturing their jeans from using organic cotton to using recycled materials for polymer.


Both jeans brands have a significant price tag, with a range of price from $50 -$200 depending on the jean selected. When selecting a pair of jeans it is much cheaper to buy on discounted days.

Style and Design

For me, style is everything, especially with jeans. Many jeans brands are leaders in the market simply by the style of pants they design. Different factors make up the different styles of diesel jeans.

Diesel jeans are styled to be more relaxed and casual, with a semi-formal look, while G-star jeans appear casual to formal.

Diesel jeans are classically styled jeans that speak of denim authenticity and ruggedness, while G-star differs in style by the source of material they use in production.

They use denim jeans made from Brooklyn denim or crushed denim, this denim material is darker, sleeker, and thinner.

Diesel jeans are perfect for standing out from a crowd full of jeans by the style alone while G-star may not have the same effect.

Diesel jeans are better styled than G-star jeans, adding an Italian touch to their style, and appearing cool and trendy.


Both brands of jeans have similar usage and functionality. A great cloth piece is versatile in application, blending into any event of your choice. Diesel jeans are casual, semi-formal, and relaxed.

Its jeans have seen wide use among the younger generation accustomed to being called to cool and funky jean brand.

G-Star jeans are casual and straight cut, suitable for the workplace, dinner dates, weekend hangouts, and everyday wear.

Diesel jeans have a similar use; the true strength of any clothing is how durable it is under constant usage.

This is a quality possessed by both jeans brands, and for styling, diesel jeans would be more appropriate for a casual setting than G-star jeans, although it depends on you.

Pairing them with proper tops and footwear can enhance and suit your appearance to your desire.


We know denim fabric is vital in making jeans pants. The variation in the production of each denim accounts for all jeans being distinct to their brand design. Diesel jeans are made with treated denim fabrics.

The uniqueness of diesel jeans stems from the process the denim fabric undergoes. Denim jeans have a statement used to look,  achieved by having several items of washing during production.

The process ranges from a simple stone wash process to a complex treatment of the denim fabric.

G-star jeans use raw denim in their manufacturing. They traditionally use various levels of the stone wash process to achieve multiple fading intensities.

As with Raw denim fabric, G-star jeans are stiffer than diesel jeans and less stretchy. G-star jeans have a thinner denim fabric. One keynote is both jeans’ overall appearance is determined by the washing process used in production.

The washing process influences the fade intensity and allows for special effects for the desired look.

The stretchiness of the material affects durability, making G-Star a more preferred choice of the two because raw denim is not as elastic as treated ones.

Final Verdict

Finally, we have concluded by deciding which jeans brand is better between the two. Both jeans offer high-end products and are perfect for you.

Diesel jeans are preferable of the two because Diesel jeans have a more comfortable denim fabric based entirely on composition, are styled with modern fashion, and have more users around the globe.

With this said, you can relax and carefully pick out the best jeans outfit for that perfect dinner, workplace meeting or hang out with friends. Know that good denim should always increase your confidence and looks.


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