10 Best Dickies Fold Over Pants to Buy (in 2023)

Dickies fold-over pants are soft, smooth, stretchy, and durable. Some of these pants are wrinkle and stain-resistant.

Dickies fold-over pants come in several styles and colors which you can choose from. You can wear them for a formal event or any casual event and can be paired up with a nice shirt and boots.

They are very comfortable and also formal. It comes in the Loose fit, Original fit, Regular fit, Relaxed fit, and others.

Let’s take a look at some of Dickies fold-over pants.

Top 10 Dickies Fold-Over Pants You Should Buy

Dickie fold over pants Features Rating
Dickies Original 874 Work Pant A tough and durable fabric 4.3/5
Dickies Relaxed Cargo Work Pant Flex fabric for easy movement 4.4/5
Dickies Double Knee Work Pant An extra layer of fabric reinforcement, roomy pockets, and a flex technology 4.4/5
Dickies 874 Flex Pant Stretchy and flexible fabric 4.3/5
Dickies Work Pant Spandex stretch fabric for added durability 4.2/5
Dickies Regular Twill Pant Moisture-wicking technology and cotton twill 4.5/5
Dickies Carpenter Pant Tough max technology and a Performance fabric with tool pockets 4.6/5
Dickies Relaxed Fit Utility Pant Triple stitched with 9 pockets 4.4/5
Dickies Flex Slim Fit Work Pant An 8.3-ounce stretch twill and a moisture-wicking fabric 3.8/5
Dickies Xtreme Flare Srubs Pant Adjustable drawstring and a soft fabric 4.4/5


Dickies Original 874 Work Pant

This 874 Dickies work pant is the original model made of tough and durable fabric. It is made of a traditional and with a wider fit which you would love.

The fold-over pant is made of high-quality craftsmanship to offer quality and comfortable pants. It is made of 65% Polyester and 35% cotton.

It has a flat front, its waist closure consists of a hook and an eye. It features several tunnel belt loops and a heavy-duty ratcheting brass zipper.

The fold-over pant also has a side seam front pocket alongside belt welt pockets for a flap-free feel. It comes in several colors which can be worn with any type of shirt.

It is a classic workwear for men. The cotton used in making this pant is stain resistant and does not wrinkle as it is wrinkle resistant too.

It is built for hard wear for durability and is great for an on and off the job. The pant features a classic rise that sits comfortably at the waist.

The pant also features slightly tapered legs to give enough room around the seat and thighs for all-day comfort.

This pant gives a good fit, keeps you comfortable, and also looks fashionable.

Dickies Relaxed Cargo Work Pant

The Dickies Cargo work pant is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This work pant is fade resistant and wrinkle-resistant for added durability.

The pant has a straight leg fit which sits slightly below the waist with an extra room through the thigh and seat. It features a hook & eye waist closure alongside a heavy-duty brass ratcheting zipper.

It also features stitched down pocket flap and welt back pockets used for smooth contours. It is a quality pant that is designed to offer maximum comfort all day long.

The zippers, hook and eye, and buttons are sturdy. It comes in a variety of styles and colors all with rugged construction. It has about 6 pockets. It has a flex fabric for maximum comfort and easy movement all day long.

Dickies Double Knee Work Pant

This Dickies Loose Fit Pant is made of polyester and cotton. It has a loose fit type. The Pant is wrinkle and fade resistant.

It has an extra layer of fabric reinforcement around the knees. This is a perfect pant for kneeling, bending as well as getting in and out of a truck, this is because it is a double knee pant meant for durability and performance.

It is functional and fashionable, made with quality and comfort in mind. It features a sturdy metal hook & eye closure around the waist. It also features signature tunnel belt loops to offer extra support.

It features side seam front pockets alongside back welt pockets used for a flap-free contour. It also has an easy access multi-use pocket on the right leg of the pant.

The pockets of this pant are roomy and the zippers and buttons are sturdy. It is a performance pant as it has an extra layer of fabric which would help in any activity and would prevent tears and also ensure that it lasts pretty long.

The pant sits at the waist with a loose fit, double knee, multi-use pocket, and belt loops. It is made with a stretch twill fabric which is full of Flex technology.

Dickies 874 Flex Pant

This Flex Work Pant is made of 65% Polyester and 35% cotton. This is the highest rise pant, it sits comfortably around the natural waist. It is made with flex fabric to help enhance mobility as well as comfort.

Its cotton fabric helps to wick away moisture from the skin to help keep you dry all day long. It also features stain release which can help maintain quality and additional durability.

The difference between this 874 Flex Work Pant and the 874 Original Work Pant is that the Flex pant is stretchy or has more stretch to it while the Original work pant does not stretch as much as the Flex Pant.

The Original 874 has a tough and durable fabric while the Flex 874 has a stretchy and flexible fabric. The Flex Work Pant gives comfort and ease in movement.

It has slightly tapered legs and features a hook and eye closure alongside a brass zipper.

Dickies Work Pant

The Skinny Straight-fit work pant features a cotton blend and a skinny leg style. It is a classic workwear with a zipper closure.

The pant has a lower rise, it is durable and wrinkle resistant. It incorporates 1% spandex, spandex stretch fabric helps to increase the durability of the pant by offering a stain-resistant style.

Its skinny straight-fit provides maximum comfort which sits below the waist and snug through the seat and thigh. It is designed with 2-piece waistband with tunnel belt loops with an extra pocket on the leg.

It has a mechanical stretch fabric that helps in increasing the durability of the pant to enable them last pretty long. It has 2 front pockets,2 rear pockets, and 1 multi-use pocket.

This pant features a zipper closure.

Dickies Regular Twill Pant

This Straight Stretch Twill pant is made of polyester blend. It features a low rise and sits below the waist with a slim fit through the seat and thigh. It has a brass zipper for its closure. It is a classic work wear that is moisture-wicking and wrinkle resistant.

It has a stain-release finish for added durability. It is a very popular slim work pant that is functional and fashionable. It features tunnel belt loops, a hook & eye closure, and a heavy-duty brass ratcheting zipper.

It has side seam front pockets and black welt pockets. It also features a multi-use cell phone pocket. This pant is made with quality and comfort in mind, it has roomy pockets and sturdy zippers & buttons.

It is made with superior craftsmanship, the pant is crafted from strong cotton twill. The Twill is a mechanical stretch fabric that helps in increasing the durability of the pant. It features a classic style and long-lasting comfort.

Dickies Carpenter Pant


This Duck Carpenter Pant is made of 68% cotton, 30% polyester, and 2% elastane. This pant features flex fabric for better comfort and easy movement.

It incorporates a Tough max technology to provide you with exceptional performance all day long. The pant features a Utility loop and also dual tool pockets for flexibility during woodwork. It has a modern work fit. The pant sits slightly below the waist.

It has reinforcement throughout the pant. The Performance fabric of this Duck Carpenter pant is twice stronger and more durable than all-cotton fabric. This pant is specially made with polyester-wrapped yarns.

This performance fabric provides incredible durability, exceptional flexibility, and excellent abrasion resistance.

The pant has Triple-needle reinforcement seams which ensure you are getting maximum comfort out of the pant.

Dickies Relaxed Fit Utility Pant

The Relaxed Fit Utility pant is a standard painter’s pant, it is made of 100% cotton drill fabric and it features a hook and eye closure with about 9 pockets.

Both legs of the pant feature hammer loops alongside an extra-large back pocket. The seams of this pant are triple stitched for maximum durability, strength, and longevity. It also features a deep rule pocket and a cell pocket on the left leg.

This pant features a relaxed fit in the seat and the thigh for a comfortable kneeling and bending with slightly tapered legs for a good fitting over a boot. This pant is made with comfort, quality, and value in mind.

It has roomy pockets and heavy-duty brass zippers and sturdy buttons. It is super comfortable and offers a good fit and function which you need while carrying out your job.

Dickies Flex Slim Fit Work Pant

This women’s flex work pant is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It is a slim fit with an 8.3-ounce stretch twill which provides maximum comfort and easy movement.

Its tough cotton twill makes the pant wrinkle and stain resistant and as well helps to wick away moisture to keep you clean and dry all day long. This pant features the Original 874 work pant design.

The pant gives women a slim fit and comfortable look. This pant like other work pant features roomy pockets, tunnel belt loops, a heavy-duty zipper and a sturdy button.

It is made with high craftsmanship to provide you with unmatched comfort. Its back pocket provides better utility. The pant has a slimmer fit through the hip and thigh.

Dickies Stretch Flare Srubs Pant

The Xtreme Stretch Flare Scrubs Pant is made of 75% polyester, 21% rayon, and 4% spandex. It has no heavy-duty zipper or sturdy button, but a pull-on style. It is a moderate flare pant as it has a mid-rise.

The pant also features an adjustable drawstring alongside a full elastic waist and belt loops. It features two patch pockets, a cargo pocket, and pen slots.

This pant has a soft fabric that gives a soft silky feeling which can help to improve comfort. It gives women a contemporary fit, its front pockets have seams to give a nice look.


The Dickies pants above are all made of good quality. They are fashionable as well as functional. They all have Amazon links below just incase you need to get a pair for yourself or others.


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