Cowboy Cut Jeans vs Regular Jeans: Comparison

Jeans have been a very important of dressing, especially in the western world which has stood the test of time and fashion evolution.

No matter the current tide that sweeps across the fashion scene, jeans remain strong.

And just like atoms, instead of being changed or ridden off, they are transformed into better, stronger, and fancier styles and designs.

These pieces of clothing are mainly produced using cotton or a blend of either synthetic or semi-synthetic materials.

The argument about which jeans suit or fits more for ranch workers, between cowboy cut jeans or regular jeans has been on for quite so time now.

On that note, this article be discussing at length the evolution of these types of jeans, their striking differences and similarities, read on to get the vitals.

Cowboy Cut Jeans Review

Cowboy Cut Jeans vs Regular Jeans

The chronicle of events that led to the origin of cowboy cut jeans is one of necessity and function.

The cowboy cut jeans were presented to the public in 1947, after being designed by Bernard Lichtenstein popularly known as ‘Rodeo Ben’.

Rodeo was a renowned designer from Philadelphia, who designed clothes for Rodeo stars and cowboy musicians like Roges and Gene Autry.

But, before this, boot cuts were sort after as the proper cuts for ranch workers have had their origins from 1850s sailors, which aided them to wear boots.

Similarly, the American media especially Hollywood portrayed boot cuts as the jeans worn by range workers.

All that changed after the introduction of Cowboy cut jeans by Rodeo Ben, using the Wrangler moniker as his brand.

The jeans featured wide belt loops for western-style belts and a wide space at the front which houses a big trophy buckle.

It had a tapered leg and smooth round rivets, which were placed strategically on the points which could pull off.

This first cowboy cut jeans were named 13MWZ, while the number represented the material used then (twill denim), the letters stand for “Mens With Zipper”.

Presently, the Wrangler denim brand is the best and biggest producer of cowboy cut jeans, which are available in classic, slim and relaxed cuts for men and original, classic, and slim cuts for women.

Regular Jeans Review

Cowboy Cut Jeans vs Regular Jeans

This is probably what you have in your closet because they are the most common types of jeans worn.

Also known as straight-leg jeans, regular jeans are the oldest jeans cut in existence.

It was invented by a joint force between tailor Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873.

This form of jeans cut was invented to provide warmth and rigidity to the rail workers, bricklayers, and even farmers in the old times of America.

Due to the coldness which swept across the land during winter, Levi who owned a tent business thought it wise to make pants that could battle cold outside, and he started this with his tent canvas.

He eventually brought in Davis and they designed the first straight-leg jeans which became popular afterward.

In order, to severe the impact of these jeans, the two masterminds used iron rivets to hold points that they thought were vulnerable to tear.

These rivets added more visual appeal to the jeans, and they won the hearts of so many people.

However, jeans were already worn by people, but Levi and Davis reinvented the clothing. Regular jeans have a consecutive styling as it starts from the waist just as the name implies and runs through to the ankle.

These jeans are usually made from a mixture of cotton and materials like polyester or spandex, which improves elasticity.

Most regular jeans are low-waisted, for both men and women, but the high-waist jeans are strictly for the ladies.

In recent times, regular jeans can be found in any jeans store, with brands like Levi’s, Lee, and True Religion having their names on them.

Comparison between Cowboy Cut and Regular Jeans

These two different types of jeans cut are worn on daily basis, but they have differences and likelihoods.

I am going to look into the factors which bring the test of comparison into the subject of Cowboy cut jeans and regular or straight-leg jeans.

Features Cowboy Cut Jeans Regular Jeans
Style Cowboy Style Variety of styles for different functions
Usage Mostly for ranch workers For casual, office, or holiday outfits
Colour Mostly blue Could be black, blue, or any color of choice
Looks Western Mexican appeal Classic and fashionable
Pocket Deep and hip-high pockets Relaxed pockets
Brands Mostly made by the Wrangler brand Produced by a wide range of clothing companies
Belt loops Wider belt loops for western-style belts Normal-sized belt loops
Material 100% Cotton Twill denim Cotton blend (polyester & spandex)
Price range $25 – $55 $40 – $60



The type o fabric used in the production of most cowboy cut jeans is a raw denim material which is in form of cotton twill, this is because the rigidity is needed for horse riders.

However, 100% cotton is used in making cowboy-cut jeans, without the addition of an elastic material.

On the other hand, regular jeans are mostly made with a blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester or semi-synthetic materials like viscose. This material adds elasticity to the cotton and helps it stretch.


While the regular jeans are made by a wide variety of brands and companies like Lee, Levi Strauss & Co., including True Religion.

The Wrangler brand is renowned for producing the first cowboy cut jeans and remains the best producer to date.

Regardless, other brands like Cinch and Lee try to, but their products do not match up to the standard of Wranglers.

This explains why ranch workers are seen wearing only cowboy cuts, made by Wrangler.

Design and Style

Most Cowboy cut jeans have a leg opening which allows ranch workers to wear boots and also showcase their cowboy boots.

The lower is tighter but does not get wider like the bootcut jeans, which get wider from the knee down to the ankle.

The leg opening is not as slim as that of regular jeans, which often run slim and skinny.

Similarly, the belt loop used in regular jeans is smaller compared to those used on cowboy cut, and this is because cowboy cut jeans are usually worn with large belts with a trophy buckle-head.

Plus, regular jeans have tapered legs, which means they run straight down to the ankle and then get tight around it.

They are not tight jeans as believed by people, rather they bring out a silhouette fitting when worn.


This is the part of the comparison which draws the line between these two types of jeans cut.

While Cowboy cut jeans are mainly worn for ranch activities like horse-riding, dung cleaning, and horse cleaning; Regular jeans are worn casually, and most times are even worn to workplaces and order official functions.

Regular jeans such as the high-waisted jeans worn by women can be worn to parties or for a Jurassic holiday.


Most ranch workers prefer wearing Cowboy cut jeans because they are very affordable, and can be replaced easily if they wear out.

But the same can’t be said for regular jeans because most of them are produced with the intent of making them designers. As a result, they end up staying in the rank of expensive jeans.

A good number of regular jeans have a price range of around $40 – $60, while Cowboy cut jeans fall below that price.


Reviews and comments from customers have shown that cowboy cut jeans are eligible to last longer as a result of the type of material used.

Regular jeans are also made of cotton, but the blends and mixtures weaken the cotton to achieve elasticity.

Final Verdict

So basically, after my keen scrutiny of these two jeans cuts. I have a final personal judgment to deliver and it is based on purpose and material.

First off, Cowboy cut jeans are mainly worn by ranch workers and horse riders which makes wearing them casually a bit absurd.

On the contrary, you can wear regular jeans anywhere except the ranch, because you might not feel convenient in them.

Similarly, I would also say that the Regular jeans are made with materials that can stretch.

This makes them sort after in any occasion because they act as your second skin, while Cowboy cut jeans feel sturdy when worn.


This is the end of the not-so-long review and comparison between Cowboy cut jeans and Regular jeans. Most people wear jeans, regardless of their purpose or fabric.

They are more concerned about designs and style, which leaves them buying jeans that make them regret the purchase.

But knowing what these jeans are made of or their usage will help you choose the right jeans for closet and wearing pleasure.

Just as it was mentioned in this article, each of these jeans is cut to have a purpose, a function which like ly puts marks it out as unique.


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