Cowboy Cut Jeans vs Bootcut: Comparison

The major difference between the Cowboy Cut Jeans and boot Cut Jeans can be seen clearly around the width of the lower leg of individual Jeans.

Whereas for that of the Cowboy Cut Jeans the lower leg is tighter and has just enough space for the Cowboy boot to fit in, unlike the Bootcut Jeans which have a wider width that starts from the thigh down to the edge of the Jeans.

Another noticeable difference between the two is that the Cowboy Cut Jeans is more popular for rodeo riders compared to the Bootcut Jeans.

What is Cowboy Cut Jeans?

Cowboy Cut Jeans is a popular model of Jeans among Cowboys that is made specifically for Cowboys and other riders.

This type of Jeans has a unique design that is made with the sole purpose of being comfortable when worn and used to ride on the back of a horse or bike as the case may be.

Speaking of which, let’s check out this model of the Cowboy Cut Jeans;

Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jean

  • Machine washable
  • Slim fit
  • Zipper closure
  • Made with 100% Cotton
  • Considered a Classic Cowboy Jean

Looking at this particular Cowboy Cut Jeans, they can almost pass for a tapered leg Jean which only makes them more fashionable.

But if you look closely to the lower leg width, you will notice how the Jean is on the boot that the wearer is wearing.

This is something that makes the Cowboy Cut Jean different from the tapered leg Jean and also the Bootcut Jean.

What is Bootcut Jeans?

The boot Cut Jeans is a special model of Jeans that were made specifically for the purpose of workers who work using boots for safety and all.

This style was copied from the Navy men who needed to work with boots and their uniform which is the pants.

Speaking of which, here is a model of the Bootcut Jeans;

Levi’s Classic Bootcut Jeans

  • This has a higher back rise
  • It is made with cotton, spandex, and polyester
  • Clearly, this is a Bootcut Jean
  • Comes with a zipper closure
  • Mid-rise Jean, it sits at the waist

When you look at this picture of the Bootcut Jean and then scroll up a bit to look at the Cowboy Cut Jeans, I believe the difference is clear.

You can see that the legs of this Bootcut Jeans open more and more making it wider even as you go down which is the complete opposite with the Cowboy boots in play.

When do you wear Cowboy Cut Jeans?

Having understood the difference between both models of Jeans wear, I believe by now we should have been making certain assumptions on when and where you can wear this model and when you can wear that model.

The thing about the Cowboy Cut Jeans is that it offers a diverse way of use, some of which we will mention here.

When you Ride a Horse

The Cowboy Cut Jeans is the most recommended model of Jeans for horseback riding. It will give you the support and the comfort you need when you mount a horse.

With the Cowboy Cut Jeans, you don’t have to worry about anything as you are covered in all aspects.

Using this will help you maintain the amount of freedom and enjoyment you get whenever you ride on a horse or bike.

When do you wear Bootcut Jeans?

The Bootcut Jeans is one of the models of Jeans that has a lot of use. Their versatility level is much.

Nevertheless, I managed to narrow down all the times you can use the Cowboy Cut Jeans, (if that is even possible) to some significant keywords which I know we will all agree to after I have mentioned them.

When you are a Worker

Workers like people who work with irons, wood workers, miners even military personnel who stand as the original owners of the model, and so on and so forth make use of the Bootcut Jeans.

This is because most of the workers I’ve mentioned above need to wear safety boots as mandated due to the kind of work they do.

Comparison between Cowboy Cut Jeans and Bootcut

In this part of the article, we have some key factors that make up a good model of Jeans which we will be using as comparing subjects to understand which one is better and if you can use one in place of the other.

Features Cowboy Cut Jeans Bootcut Jeans
Function Functional Functional
Comfort Less Comfortable More Comfortable
Quality More Quality Less Quality
Durability Extremely Durable Durable
Preferred Model Loved Most Loved
Price Less Expensive More Expensive



Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Versatile

Bootcut Jeans

  • Versatile


When we speak of how functional both models are, I believe from where we are coming from by now we should have answered this question.

Both models are functional as they can be used for many other purposes and not necessarily what they were made for.

The Cowboy Cut Jeans for instance can be used in place of a tapered Jean and It will serve well, giving you the slim fit you want and the grip on the waist that tapered Jeans come with.

The Bootcut Jeans also is not left out in this form of versatility as you can see people styling this same Jean with casual wears.

For that fact, we have a draw in this part of the comparison.


Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Less Comfortable

Bootcut Jeans

  • More Comfortable


Both models are definitely made to be comfortable when you use them in the line of work they were made for.

But when we talk of versatility, we have to consider how they will feel on you when you use them for other activities.

When you wear the Cowboy Cut Jeans without a Cowboy boot then there is bound to be a little bit of discomfort, especially from the edge of the Jeans since then you will be having excess space to deal with, unlike the Bootcut Jeans that you will easily convert this to a style even with a sneaker or flip-flop, a rare case with the Cowboy Cut in play.


Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Top-Notch Quality

Bootcut Jeans

  • Top-Notch Quality


If anything then I believe that both brands have this in common.

Considering the line of activity that they were made for, it only makes sense that they offer the best quality and nothing more.

However, the Cowboy Cut Jeans happen to be of more quality compared to the Bootcut and this is because there are different brands of the Bootcut Jeans made with different materials that cannot measure up to the Cowboy Cut Jeans.

On the part of the Cowboy Cut Jeans, I’d say the producers of such Jeans are rare.


Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Extremely durable

Bootcut Jeans

  • Durable


The durability of either model of Jean depends on how often you use them.

However, considering some of the low-budget Bootcut Jeans now on the market, it is hard to vouch for the durability of the Bootcut Jeans.

The Cowboy Cut Jeans on the other hand was designed to take a beating and I believe the manufacturers have managed to limit the possibility of you owning a fake by 1/100.

Preferred Model (Based on reviews)

Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • Loved more by Cowboys more

Bootcut Jeans

  • Loved by Everyone


It should interest you to know that most people love the Bootcut Jeans more than the Cowboy Cut Jeans simply because the Bootcut Jeans came into existence before the Cowboy Cut Jeans.

A history like this will leave you wondering what Cowboys used at the time when the Bootcut Jeans was the only model available.

Well back in those days, everyone used Bootcut Jeans. For horseback riding, for work, and then any other thing.

This is why most people prefer and love the Bootcut Jeans more. It is more about what they have been used to and all.

The Cowboy Cut Jeans were made from the idea of the Bootcut Jeans.


Cowboy Cut Jeans

  • $21

Bootcut Jeans

  • $39


The Cowboy Cut Jeans is less expensive in this part of the comparison. This is probably because they are not as popular as the Bootcut Jeans.

Do not hesitate to get yourself a pair of either on Amazon.


Making a single selection of which one I prefer after this comparison seems like a hard task.

Both are cool models and will serve well.

However, even with the fact that the Bootcut Jeans is very much versatile, it is not safe to use it for horseback riding as you stand being exposed to accidents and all.

To end this argument, why not get a pair of both and see how you like them.


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