Cinch vs Wrangler Jeans: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the two jeans brands is that the cinch jeans are very comfortable while the wrangler jeans are slightly less comfortable.

The cinch jeans do not need a break-in process while wrangler jeans need to go through a break-in process to have an enhanced and long-term comfort.

Though both brands are quality brands, wrangler jeans has a higher quality, durability, and authenticity. Let’s take a look at these jeans brands.

First glance

Cinch Jeans

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • High rise
  • Slimmer fit
  • Relaxed thigh
  • Tapered legs
  • Quality

This brand produces authentic jeans, it is made out of Ring Spun Denim. It is made of 100% cotton. It is hand-crafted and tough for all-day comfort and durability.

This jean features a higher rise, a slimmer fit through the thigh, and a tapered leg. It was first produced at a time when men wore really tight jeans.

It has varieties of fits like; the White Label, the Carter, the Silver Label, the Dooley, and so on.

Cinch has work jeans and fashion jeans. The jeans have leg openings that are made to fit perfectly over a boot.

It is made of quality materials. It is fitted through the waist and hip, relaxed through the thigh and knee, and a tapered leg opening so that the jeans can stay put while you are on a saddle.

It has a double stitch inseam for ultimate comfort for long days on the saddle. It is tougher than your average jeans.

Wrangle Jeans

  • 100% cotton
  • Updated contemporary fit
  • Lower rise
  • Leg opening
  • Varieties of back pockets
  • Deeper front pocket

It is made of 100% cotton and broken twill. It has a five-pocket styling and it is slim through the seat, thigh, and knee.

It features varieties of back pockets and a leg opening that fits over boots. It has a lower rise for a comfortable fit. It comes in four fits which are; the Boot cut, the Straight leg, the Slim boot, and the Slim straight.

It sits low on the waist with a straight leg that looks and feels great. It also features deeper front pockets, smoother seams, slim fit through the seat, thighs, and knees, and still fits over boots.

Wrangler jeans is a typical western wear, it has enough room in the legs, tight in the waist, and looks very nice with a belt on.

It is not saggy or baggy but fits perfectly especially when you get the right size. It features high pockets that fit a saddle shape perfectly.

Comparison between Cinch and Wrangler Jeans

These jeans will be compared based on the following technical features:

Features Cinch jean Wrangler jean
Comfort Very comfortable Slightly less comfortable
Quality Quality material High-quality material
Fit and sizes True to size Not true to size
Price Very expensive Not so expensive
Break in No break-in process Needs break-in process



Cinch jeans are very much comfortable, more comfortable than Wrangler jeans. It gives you a perfect fit and an all-day comfort.

The yarns of the Ring Spun Denim are used in making these jeans and the warp of the fabric makes the jeans strong and very soft, making the wearer feel maximum comfort while putting them on.

Also, due to the fact that these jeans are known for their relaxed fit, mid-rise, and classic straight leg silhouette, it offers maximum comfort for all ranch activities.

It has extra room for the hip and thigh for a loose fit, this can be seen with the BLACK LABEL.

It offers a nice boot cut for a perfect profile and a relaxed fit, this can be seen with the CARTER. Cinch jeans allow you to move freely as it is fitted and comfortable.

Wrangler jeans is slightly less comfortable. This does not mean Wrangler is not comfortable.

It has premium fabrics which can keep you very cool in summer and as well dry in winter, the fabric allows your skin breathe and does not stop you from moving as you want.

This jeans is also flexible and provides more for the crotch area. Now what actually make this jeans slightly comfortable.

Wrangler jeans uses a heavy kind of twill to make its sturdy denim. Also, the double-stitched outer can sometimes feel uncomfortable.


Wrangler jeans are made of very high quality, this is due to the fact that they offer long-lasting wear for you to do any kind of outdoor activities.

It is a well-known and trusted brand due to its quality. It is known to be very durable workwear. Its fabric and construction are great.

This jean wears out nicely and will probably last till you destroy it, this is to show how quality this jeans is.

Cinch jeans are made from a Ring Spun Denim. This makes it tough and as well durable for rodoe activities. The jeans quality is good, decent, and can stand the test of time.

Its 100% cotton material makes it durable and enables you to use this jeans for a long period of time for all outdoor activities.

Fit and sizes

Wrangler jean is not true to size. It is made out of 100% polyester meaning that it will not expand.

Generally, Wrangler jeans do not stretch but you can take your time to break in the jeans for a more comfortable fit. It runs small, so ordering a big size would be reasonable.

This jeans may shrink after a wash, this is why it is advisable to always get a larger size.

Without getting a size larger than the regular size which you normally wear, your Wrangler jeans may not fit you well because it runs smaller to size.

Cinch jeans are true to size. They are not baggy. They are neither too wide nor too tight. It gives a perfect fit to keep you comfortable all day long.

Theirs is enough room in the hip, thigh, and crotch area but the legs are tapered and fitted. It has an overall fit which is good, all you need to do is get the right fit and enjoy the rest of your day in this jeans.


Wrangler jeans are really not so expensive. It is cheaper and much more affordable to get. An average city person can get this jeans and still get a quality wear.

Wrangler jeans may cost about $25, some might cost about $17.87 depending on the type you order but whichever Wrangler you order, the price is always cheaper than most brands.

It is a less expensive brand that does not require you to increase your budget to get a pair.

Wrangler is less expensive and also very quality, you do not need to worry about getting less quality jeans because of its cheap price.

Cinch jeans are very expensive, this is due to their durable and tough nature. It also guarantees top-quality jeans. Even though they are expensive, they are still worth it because they are often recommended for riding.

Most cinch jeans cost about $59.99. This high price can be a result of the cinch jeans being a western lifestyle brand which tends to offer good quality, fit, and also styling.

The jean is also expensive because of its quality and durability. It might also interest you to know that the price of this jeans can go higher than its normal price if you order the wrong size and need an exchange from the company for another pair.

You should have it in mind that you’ll pay extra for the shipping cost. Though, cinch jeans are expensive but can be very much reliable and worth every penny.


Cinch jeans do not require a break-in process. It is very much comfortable and soft, they already have the broken-in feel so you don’t need to go through any procedure.

Wrangler jeans need a break-in process for better comfort. You can break in this jeans by doing these things;

  • Fill a tub with warm water
  • Put on your jeans and go into the tub filled with water.
  • Sit in it for a while and allow your jeans to mold your shape.
  • Get up and walk around in it for some time.
  • Allow your jeans for a quick dry.

For a faster method:

  • You can work out in your jeans. A few stretches here and there would help to loosen up the fibers of the jeans.
  • You can wear your wrangler jeans around the house. The frequent movement would help the jeans loosen up.
  • Go for a ride on a bike. This is faster and more effective.
  • Keep wearing them.

Why you should buy Cinch Jeans

It is suitable to wear for a life on the ranch yet still fashionable for a night outing. This jeans reflect your personality and lifestyle while keeping you fit.

It is perfect for someone with a slimmer silhouette. It is a great jeans for a lean guy. It gives you a mid-rise, fitted hip and thigh, and straight legs.

It is ideal jeans for someone looking for a durable yet classic fit, it is designed to provide both fit and comfort.

This jeans offers a nice and relaxed fit and a good rise. It doesn’t fall down over your boot or get in the way. It comes in different finishes and it is an original rise.

This jeans gives you a comfortable performance.

Why you should buy Wrangler Jeans

It has a lean fit that wears comfortably. It sits at the natural waist and has a straight leg opening that fits easily over boots. It offers good comfort and design.

Wrangler jeans also wear out nicely. It is a cowboy kind of jeans and can be worn around the house. It is a jeans you wear proudly.

It is great for bull riding, horseback riding, and other nice ranch activities.



The overall best jeans for this article are the Cinch jeans. This is because it is true to size, there is no need to order a bigger or smaller size in order to get a good fit.

Also, it does not need any break-in process to get a relaxed fit. Cinch jeans already have a broken-in feel.

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