Cinch Jeans vs Levi’s: Which Is Better?

Jeans have breached the gap between casual wear and workwear and this fabric/style which has topped the trends for a few centuries does not look like it will be going out of fashion anytime soon.

People wear jeans now for different reasons and with the many trends, styles, and brands available, it is important to carefully select which denim works best for the purpose you want it for.

We will compare and contrast Levi’s and Cinch’s jeans to see which is better in this article.

The major difference between both brands

Cinch Jeans is more of workwear and unlike Levi’s jeans are not among the top brands preferred by cowboys.

Levi’s jeans are one of the most popular and expensive denim brands in the world.

It is an American fashion wear brand originally made for function and durability until it evolved to a more inclusive brand that catered to the needs of hipsters and the everyday fashion of younger generations.

Cinch Jeans has more of a relaxed fit and are not as inclusive as Levi’s when it comes to styling.

What you should know about Cinch jeans

Cinch Jeans is a western denim brand founded in 1996, made by Rocky Mountain Clothing Co., that is part of the Miller International brand.

Just like the other denim brands, Cinch has an assortment of Jean styles ranging from fashion pieces to denim that fit work and daily wear, the different body builds, styles, and performance levels.

This brand was created to cater to the needs of rodeo men and those who engaged in adventurous outdoor lifestyles.

The Miller International brand began through the efforts of Philip Miller, who journeyed through the American West selling hats for his family’s company, Miller Bros. Hats Company which was based in the city of New York.

Philip Miller built a bond with the cowboys, ranchers, and gamers he encountered and apart from the hats, took other requests for special items, and soon, he had to develop a catalog company known as Stockman Farmer Supply Company.

Soon enough, Miller’s company would grow to be one of the major suppliers of Hats, boots, shirts, etc. A retail store opened and expanded to include 30 retail stores in five western States around 1999.

This company developed to become what is known as Miller International Inc., with five brands dealing in clothing materials including Cinch, Southern Thread, Rockies, Cruel Girl, and Miller Ranch with two boot brands which are Johnny Ringo and Rod Patrick.

What you should know about Levi’s

They are the first denim pair to be invented by Levi Strauss of Levi Strauss and Co but before their launch into the fashion industry and specifically denim manufacturing, the company was a store that dealt in simple dry goods.

Assisted by Jacob Davis, Levi’s were originally made to serve as work wear for the men in mines and farms until James Dean popularised denim pants.

These denim pants were called “waist overalls” before the term “blue jeans” was popularised.

The Levi’s Jeans has undergone a number of notable changes over the years. The company used felled inseams on the 501s models in the 1910s, and the first pair of denim was made with loops in the 1920s.

In the 1960’s silver-colored copper, aluminum, and brass rivets which Levi Strauss patented on behalf of his partner, Jacob Davis were introduced to hold and zipper fly in 1954.

Levi’s jeans just like Wranglers and a few others were known to be workwear and a staple among cowboys and rodeo and recently it has evolved to something more of a hipster brand.

Similarities between Cinch and Levi’s Jeans

Despite all of their differences, Cinch and Levi’s jeans have a few similarities that liken them to each other apart from both being denim brands.

Let’s look at these features

Use of quality materials

These brands make use of quality denim materials to make premium jeans that fit different occasions and body builds.

The Cinch brand makes use of quality fabrics that are made from ring-spun denim that will withstand the test of time.

Levi’s jeans use quality materials for some of their high-end lines like the Levi’s Made and Crafted and Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

The quality of these materials is reflected in their pricing. They also have lower-end lines that are durable but not as long-lasting as the premium lines.


The relaxed fit around the hips and thighs of the Cinch Jeans makes it comfortable and easy to wear. The loose fit guarantees free movement, especially for customers that are engaged in outdoor activities.

Levi’s jeans are made with stretchy material, though this depends on the style. Denim pants with stretchy materials and relaxed fits are as comfortable as jeans come.

Comparison between Cinch Jeans and Levi’s Jeans

What are the reasons why you should choose one of these brands above the other despite the knowledge that they both manufacture quality denim pants?

What are those features that make one of them stand out? Let’s find out here.


Cinch Jeans come in different rises, leg types, and openings. The majority of Cinch Jeans are relaxed fits which makes them perfect for outdoor activities and the cowboy lifestyle.

There is the Cinch Green label, the white label, Cinch Dooley, Cinch Carter, and the other upgraded versions of the Cinch Carter.

The Cinch White label also comes in a multiplicity of washes including dark, light, medium, and rinse.

Levi’s has inclined towards new fads in the industry and has different styles for every body build from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans and work jeans.

All Levi’s fits are represented with numbers. Each number represents a certain specific cut for different styles and body types. The 501 was one of such designs.

A timeless straight-legged design, it has a looser fit in the seat and thigh area with straight legs that open up into a wide hem. It is originally designed for function and durability.

Their fit guide includes skinny, slim, loose, taper, boot cut, relaxed and straight jeans. It does not end here. The skinny fit is further subdivided into the high-rise skinny, shaping skinny, wedgie skinny, 711, and 721 skinnies.

The boot cut fit also has variations like the ribcage boot cut, 725 high-rise boot cut, the classic boot cut, and the 315 shaping boot cut.


The history of denim pants is never complete without Levi’s Jeans. Everyone knows Levi’s, the classic American brand to be the progenitors of “blue jeans” and this alone serves as a major difference that distinguishes it from the other brands.

Levi’s has over time built a brand perception of high-end urban denim wear.

Cinch Jeans is a western clothing brand that deals with cowboy and rancher wear paying attention to details like the fit, styles, and quality that match the outdoor lifestyle of these men.

Sizing and fit

Levi’s jeans fit true to size and this is because they make use of waist and leg measurements instead of random sizes. Levi’s jeans also stretch to fit better with each wear but this depends on the style you have bought.

The skinny and slim fits are made with a bit of elastane to make them easy to put on but the other styles especially the straight leg fits have very little elastane with greater quantities of high-quality cotton so there is little or no chance of this style and some similar to it stretching.

However, the cotton used in making these jeans win likely softens with age and wear, making them looser for a little while only to shrink back to their original size after washing.

Cinch shrink with each wash and are baggy and loose around the thigh and butt which makes them perfect for athletic body builds. The waistline runs small though.


Considering their reputation as high-end denim wear, they also charge pretty high rates for each pair of original Levi’s jeans.

On the flip side, Levi Strauss has pretty affordable lines with lower prices for people who are on a budget. The quality of the jeans is reduced as well and can not be compared with the original.

Cinch Jeans are expensive too. However, there are no substitutes from the same brand for those who cannot afford the original.

A pair of jeans would be around $60 and this cost would increase if you somehow end up ordering the wrong pair or style since the company does not cover the shipping fees in the case of an exchange.


Cinch Jeans are made using felled seam, this is one of the most durable construction methods as it ensures the strength of the denim and neat finishing.

Levi’s Jeans are made of quality materials and are durable. However, there have been a few irregularities over the course of time due to several reasons revolving around quality control.

Levi’s jeans are all over the globe thereby causing an issue with quality control. Some of the 510s are manufactured in China and the fit is much tighter than pairs made in Mexico or the US.

Levi’s from China and other Asian countries have compromised on the fit and quality of the materials used

It is important to note that the brand does make jeans of different qualities. Levi Jeans have different lines to suit the different budgets of their customers and one of these lines is the Levi Signature jeans and Levi Denizens.

Levi jeans from Wal-Mart and Targets are signature jeans and of lower qualities than what is obtainable on their website and retail store though these products have similar names and descriptions.

The distinction is that these lines are also marked clearly to differentiate them from the mainline and higher-end products like Levi’s Vintage and the Made and Crafted lines.

This means that the cheaper your Levi’s are, the more likely it is that you have bought a lower quality for a reduced price.

Weight of material

Cinch is made with heavy denim and strong belt loops. Levi’s on the other hand makes their jeans with different fabric blends and weights.

Some of their jeans are made using softer denim that molds to the shape of your body.

The materials used in the blend vary from elastane, spandex, polyester, and 100 percent cotton. These fabrics could weigh from 7oz to 140z and the weight of the denim used depends on the style, fit and textural quality that they want a particular model to have.

A particular cut could be made with different fabrics and sold to retailers at different prices.

Which should you buy and why?

If you are interested in choosing from a wide range of styles and designs, then you should buy Levi’s jeans.

There is no doubt that after a few hours of perusing their website and carefully considering each model, you will find a fit that does not only highlight but would accentuate all your body shape.

Apart from the durability, this is also a trustworthy and well-known brand you would be rocking for your events.


Wearing Cinch Jeans on the other hand assures you of greater comfort levels especially if you have a more athletic build.

With this brand, there is little or no chance of getting inferior qualities if you buy directly from their online stores and websites.



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