Cinch Jeans vs Ariat: Which Is Better?

Today, we’d be looking closely at two brands of jeans: Cinch Jeans and Ariat Jeans.

The major difference between these two is that Cinch Jeans are specifically made for the rodeo arena or for the life on a ranch. Ariat Jeans, on the other hand, are made specifically for the most demanding jobs and trades. 

This article will help us compare both. We’d see what stands out in each, which we should consider buying and why. We’d also understand the differences and similarities in both Jeans.

Brief History of Cinch and Ariat Jeans

Cinch Jeans


Cinch Jeans are owned by Rocky Mountain Clothing Co., a division of Miller International Inc. They’re made in Denver, Colorado. They were launched in 1996 as work jeans.

Cinch Jeans has a lot of fits for different sizes of people. They come in different label colors. The first picture shows one of the Cinch Jean fits known as the Black Label.

The Black label features an original rise, loose but fitted on the waist, tapered leg with 16.875″ leg opening. It’s made with 100% cotton and has a good return policy for return, refund, or replacement.

Despite being the cowboy type of jeans, it is also made with current trends that make is fashionable enough to be work for a night in the town.

Each garment piece is scrutinized and designed to create products that are exclusive to the brand. They were made for cowboys, riders, rodeo stars, ranchers. Interestingly, they are made for workmen as well.


Ariat Jeans

Cinch Jeans vs Ariat

Ariat Jeans on the other hand are owned and founded by Berth Cross and Pam Parker in Union City, California. They were launched in 1993. Three years before Cinch Jeans were found. They are also categorized as work jeans.

The second picture shows Ariat’s most popular universal fit, a pair of jeans in the M-series. The M4 jeans are low rise and relaxed through the thighs, hips, and waist.

This covers people, who do a lot of manual work and operations, menial jobs, and those trades that are very tasking in nature like mechanics, carpentry, etc.

Athletes can also be part of the group of people for who these jeans were made for.

It features a relaxed fit in boot cut and straight leg. The photo shows the bootcut type which is designed to make room for your boots. It’s available on Amazon in different shades and patterns using the link.

Which one should you buy between the two?

Cinch Jeans creates original Western jeans. They embody the Western way of life.

If you live in the west, across the west of the great plains, whether in Texas, Kansas, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Montana, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Missouri, and other Western regions, you shouldn’t just consider getting one of these Cinch Jeans, you need them.

Cinch Jeans is the overall best between the two. They were tailored just for you. If you do a lot of hard and rough work in a day and you still want to look stylish and good enough for your job, you can still settle here.

You absolutely do not have to be a cowboy, a rancher, or a rodeo star before you fall in love with these jeans.

You can just be a regular worker or be someone looking to go on a date later in the evening. Cinch Jeans are perfect for you.

They are focused on durability and have made the best functional jeans for you. As long as your job is really tasking and requires a lot of moving around, you need one of these.

Similarities between Cinch Jeans and Ariat Jeans

Some similarities exist between these different brands. The similarities between the Cinch Jeans and Ariat Jeans have been carefully compiled and outlined as follows:

Both Cinch and Ariat Jeans are both work jeans

Designed for active people who do a lot of manual, grueling, rough, and hard work. People who use power tools and work with heavy-duty machinery fit into this group.

They are comfortable and convenient to work with. They help you get your work done without causing you any form of distress or discomfort.

Both work jeans are made in classic, relaxed and slim forms with different fits for every type of worker.

Both brands are made to be durable so they last long and withstand the test of time

You can work on both jeans without the constant thoughts of replacing your work jeans.

They can last a very long time, even though how long they last will depend on factors such as care, right fit, environmental conditions, and use.

Shopping for the right pair of jeans can be nerve-wracking sometimes so its best to invest in quality durable jeans that will last long.

Their dark colors are also an advantage so workers don’t have to look so dirty after a hard day’s work.

Both brands created jeans that are not susceptible to scuffs, tears, and abrasions with flexibility

They are made of tough fabrics to withstand all the rough handling that happens when you work.

They are also flexible enough and stretch, have you covered when you need to bend over, kneel, squat, enter small spaces, etc while you work.

Both brands have incorporated the Flame Resistant technology into their jeans

Thich makes it self-extinguishing and gives it the ability to minimize and prevent burns from accidental fires.

Flame-resistant jeans are made with special fire-resistant fabrics such as Nomex, Modacrylic, and Kevlar.

Cotton is also be treated to boost its heat resistance. These jeans will help you work in hazardous environments without fear, worry, or unnecessary limitations.

Both jeans are stylish

Even though they’re designed to be work jeans, they are made with current trends and mainstream fashion to make them perfect for going out to functions and still looking good.

The best part is that they remain through the rise and fall of trends. With these jeans, people can go to work and still look great and fashionable.

Pocket styling

Both brands use the industry standard 5 pocket styling to style their jeans.

Jeans are said to have a five-pocket styling if it has two pockets at the front, with a smaller pocket inside the right known as the coin or watch pocket and two pockets at the rear. The pockets are big enough to contain things for work.

Reinforced belt and hammer loops

Both jeans have loops that could contain several tools for the worker’s ease. Hammers, chisels and other tools can be conveniently carried about, making jobs easier and faster.

The belt loops are also reinforced so that the loops for tools can stay without wearing out and the jeans will last longer.

Differences between Cinch Jeans and Ariat Jeans

We’ve been through the existing similarities between the two brands of jeans, now we will have to also look at the differences between the two pairs.

These differences between Cinch and Ariat Jeans

Cinch Jeans are longer and more roomy than Ariat

Jeans made by the Cinch brand are designed and made to embody the Western way of life, most suitable to fit the cowboy, rodeo and ranchers lifestyle, including those who adore the western style.

It is, therefore, longer in length and roomy. They are also fit for other rough and grueling jobs and trades as well.

Ariat Jeans, on the other hand, have no connection with a Western lifestyle. They are generally made for the most demanding jobs and trades, including workers working with machines and power tools, carpenters, engineers, and others.

Ariat Jeans are actually fit and truer to size while Cinch Jeans are not

The roomy jeans made by Cinch can pose a problem to the workers who wear them while working with heavy-duty machines and power tools, generally those who work in construction.

These workers stand the risk of their roomy jeans getting caught on one of the machines which can lead to serious work injuries or even death.

Ariat jeans are originally designed to actually fit and are mostly true to their size. Workers don’t have to worry about their jeans getting caught in any machine.

Cinch Jeans allow for more breathability than Ariat

Since Cinch Jeans are mostly roomy, they give room for the jeans to breathe and for the circulation of air especially when the environment is really hot and sweating profusely in tough jeans can be very uncomfortable and annoying.

Ariat jeans do not necessarily have all that space or room and could be terrible for people who live in very hot regions or climates.

Cinch Jeans are heavier than Ariat Jeans

Work jeans tend to be heavier than the regular casual jeans and Cinch Jeans, though comfortable, especially when they’re the right fit, are usually heavier when compared to other brands.

They are much heavier than Ariat jeans and could be stiff and discomforting to people with lesser weight who would feel like they’re just pulling their jeans along.

This would affect their work productivity at the end of the day.

Cinch Jeans are more durable

With all of that cotton used and other treatments last a lot longer. Cinch Jeans hold better to tears and abrasions and are flexible.

Ariats are also flexible and durable in their own capacity but fall short of this durability provided by Cinch.

All of Cinch Jeans labels and fits have Leg openings that give room for your work boots underneath

This makes it possible for your jeans to be worn over the boot, protecting your boots from tears, abrasions, and the environment’s harshness while you work. We cannot tell the exact same thing for Ariat Jeans.

Ariat Jeans have extra-deep front pockets

This goes with the reinforced belt and hammer loops for convenience and usefulness, especially at work.

Cinch jeans have the belt and hammer loops too but don’t have pockets that deep to carry tools while working.


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