Cinch Green Label vs White Label: Which Is Better?

The major difference between the Cinch green label and the white label is that Cinch green label is regarded as Cinch’s original style and it does better in fitting, while Cinch white label does better when it comes to comfort.

The green label is the better one when it comes to general fitting, while the White label does better when it comes to Overall comfort. This is the major difference between the two.

I will do an in-depth comparison in this article, you should continue reading to know more about these brands.

What is Cinch green label?

Cinch Green Label vs White Label

Cinch green label is known to be a Cinch original style of jeans which was released in the heat 1996. Because the green label is known to be the original Cinch style, it has an original rise in the Jean.

The rise is known the be the area from the waistline of the jeans down towards the crotch area. This rise plays a role in how fitted the jeans will be for you.

This green label is also known to come with fitted hips and waist. This is why when you buy any of this green label jeans you will not have any issues with the fitting around your waist and hips.

Whatever size you choose as your waist will end up being the actual size. Also, when you wear green label jeans, you will notice that the thigh area also has a relaxed fit, meaning you do not have to bother about the jeans being uncomfortable or too tight in the thigh area.

With this type of fitting, you will be free to move about comfortably. It also has a tapered leg.

What this tapered leg means is that the hip and the waist fit as usual, but the legs of the jeans will be tight a bit, towards the ankle area, thereby giving it the tapered look.


  • Tapered leg
  • Fitted hips
  • Fitted waist
  • Original rise
  • Original style


  • It does not offer an excellent level of comfort like the white label counterpart

What is Cinch white label?

Cinch Green Label vs White Label

The Cinch label was also founded the same year as the green label, but I cannot say that they are exactly the same thing. The white label is a different style from that of the green label.

White label is best known for the overall comfort that it provides right from when you wear it on your waist down to your thigh and down to your legs, you will feel the comfort.

This jean features a mid-rise which works to give you that comfortable feeling around the crotch area.

The rise is that area between the waistline and your crotch area, when you have jeans that have a mid-rise, you will feel comfortable in that area and you will also be able to move around freely. Also, it has a relaxed thigh and straight legs.

The relaxed thigh will give you free movement especially if you want to walk or stretch, it will not get too tight around your thigh. The straight leg that it has is also another good feature.

The 18 inches leg opening gives enough room for your leg to enter the jeans any time you want to wear it. All these features combined are what make Cinch white label jeans best in offering an excellent overall comfort all day long.


  • 18 inches leg opening
  • Mid rise
  • Relaxed thigh
  • Relaxed knee
  • Excellent overall comfort


  • Does not fit well like that of the green label jeans

What similarities do Cinch green label and white label share?

These two styles of jeans are good in their different ways, however, they also share some similarities which I will explain in this segment of this article.

Take a look at the similarities that these jeans have:

  • They both have relaxed thigh fit
  • They both have relaxed knee fit
  • They are both comfortable jeans

They both have relaxed thigh fit

This is the first obvious similarity between these two styles of jeans. When you say jeans have relaxed thigh, it means the fitting around the thigh area is neither too tight nor too loose, it is moderate, giving you that relaxed fit any time you wear the jeans.

Jeans that are too tight around the thigh will make it difficult for you each time you are walking or even running, there will be some sort of friction around your thigh area simply because of how tight it is. 

They both have relaxed knee fit

The relaxed fit present in the thigh is also present in the knee area. The fitting at the knee area is neither tight nor loose as well, it is moderate. Because of the relaxed knee fit, bending your knee will not be much of a problem at all.

Also, you will not have to bother about the friction that will occur when you bend your knee due to a tight fit at the knee area. Because of the relaxed knee fit, you will enjoy easy knee movement.

They are both comfortable jeans

No one likes to buy and wear jeans that are uncomfortable.  Even though the White label jeans are considered to be more comfortable than the green label, it does not mean that the green label is not comfortable, it is, but the white label does better in overall comfort.

You will enjoy your jeans if they are really comfortable, you will not have to complain about the jeans being too tight for you when you wear them.

The comfort of your jeans is something you cannot compromise at all because that is what determines how long you will be able to wear the jeans. If the jeans are not comfortable, you will not be able to wear them for long.

Comparison between the Cinch green label and white label:

Take a look at the following comparison between the two brands, it will help you make a decision on the exact one you would like to get for yourself.


Cinch green label and white label at jeans of different styles but still of the same brand. Because they are of the same brand, they are made with the same material. The material is called the ring-spun denim.

This is one of the best denim materials that you can find out. It is a unique one and you will find it on the green label and white label.

Because they both have similar material build, I cannot say that one has better material than the other.

They are the same so it is glaring that there is no clear winner between the two. If you buy the green label or the white label, you will still get the same material.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to the design of the Cinch green label and white label jeans, I would personally give it to the green label jeans. This is because of the tapered leg design that it comes with.

This tapered leg is designed in such a way that it will gradually become narrow towards your ankle. This design tends to be more fashionable than the 18 inches leg opening that the white label Cinch jeans have.

Most young people looking to buy any of these jeans would gravitate towards the green label because they find the tapered leg more attractive and fashionable.

On the other hand, the white label has an 18 inches leg opening which is wider than that of the green label.

Older people may gravitate towards this design as well. But the tapered on the green label looks better.

Winner: Green label


Both the green label and the white label Cinch jeans fit true to size. They are not baggy and they are not too tight either.

This good sizing enables you to be able to choose your exact size and after purchase, the Jean will end up being the exact size you chose.

This is an advantage you get from buying jeans that are true to size, you do not have to go through the hassle of sizing up or down in your jeans.

Any size you choose is exactly what you will get. There is no clear winner in this category as the two styles of jeans are true to size.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to pricing, the white label is a little bit more expensive than the green label. The difference is usually about $10 margin.

For example, a pair of green label Cinch jeans could cost $50. A similar pair of Jean will cost $10 more if it were a white label.

They still offer the same material quality build which is still durable and of good quality.

Depending on what your budget is, you should decide which one you want to get. If you are on a tight budget, the green label would serve you, but if you have the extra ten bucks to splash on the white label jeans, you should go for it.

Either way, you will be getting a similar material build of jeans but different styles entirely. The winner has to be the one that is cost-friendly.

Winner: Green label


This is another difference between these two jeans. Just like I have explained earlier in this article, the rise of jeans is the area from the waistline down to the crotch area.

The rise in green label Jean is of the original size, it is slightly bigger than that of the white label. Green label jeans do excellently when it comes to fitting, what contributes to this fitting is the original rise it comes with.

The rise in the green label jeans is different from that of the white label. The white label on the other hand comes with a mid-rise. This mid-rise is smaller than that of the original rise on the green label jeans.

The mid-rise of the white label jeans is the most figure-friendly type of rise, what this means is that it has the ability to adjust to a wide variety of body shapes and figures.

This is what makes white-label jeans the best when it comes to general comfort. It is a clear winner here for the white label jeans, the mid-rise performs so well when you wear it and it makes you so comfortable all day long.

Winner: White label jeans

Leg cut

I like the way the green label jeans leg is cut. It has a tapered leg. This tapered leg means that the jeans would have a normal fit from the waistline down to the knee, but from the knee down to the ankle will be narrow.

This is a fashionable style that a lot of young people tend to love. For the white label jeans, the reverse is the case, it has a wide 18 inches opening at the leg.

This means that it looks like boot-cut jeans, but this one is even wider than boot-cut jeans. The 18 inches is so wide that when you wear it with your pair of shoes, the jeans tend to cover some part of your shoes.

Left for me I will prefer the tapered leg design that the green label has over the 18 inches opening of the white label. This is a clear win for the green label.


These two jeans are really good in their unique ways. However, if I am to select which one to go for I would go for the green label because it has a better design than the white label.

Also, it is more affordable and it is best in fitting. You do not have to have so much in the bank or spend a lot just to get yourself a pair of green label Cinch jeans.

The green label is the one for me because of its price, design and also good fitting.

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