Cello Jeans Reviews: What You Should Know

It is always great storming out in your denim that reeks of energy and so much gusto. Different models could be styled differently according to varying preferences.

Each denim brand has its uniqueness in its models; concerning this, they each try to stand out and make their respective positive differences.

This Cello Jeans reviews article would serve as an inroad to see how it differs from other denim brands.

Cello Jeans History

Cello Jeans is a denim brand based in Los Angeles that was established in 2007. The primary aim of the brand is to provide people with the right jeans.

This has been its mantra as it is driven by the ambition to make the best denim. “Attention paid to details” and “Novelty washes” has always been the brand’s watchword since incorporation.

Presently, Cello Jeans’ annual revenue is $3,863,000. However, its annual revenue since funding is $193,952.

Currently, the brand has made a name for itself and is currently one of the world-known denim brands to reckon with. When it comes to jeans for women, they have always strived to make a very pronounced difference.

Why Do People Like Cello Brand?

It is only the law of love and resentment that people are bound to love or resent products if it satisfies and meets their needs, especially as it relates to clothing. With that said, Cello Jeans has come to stay as it has met these needs.

The Amazon customers’ reviews, which show a 70% five-star rating by customers, tell how well the brand has done with regards to quality, style, durability, and the overall satisfaction customers get at the end of the day.

Simply put, customers love Cello Jeans because:

  • There is a wide range of collections to make your choice
  • It has a luxury feel and luxurious stretch
  • It is durable
  • Most of their models are true to size
  • It has a uniform stitching

Of the myriad of reasons, these are the core reasons people love Cello Jeans.

There is a wide range of collections to make your choice

Dressing styles, regardless of how great they look, become boring when one revolves around a single style over again; hence, people love to have the luxury of options to choose from. The fact that CJ offers this makes customers stick with them.

It has a luxury feel and luxurious stretch

One of the core qualities people consider when it comes to making clothing choices, aside from aesthetics, is comfort level.

Some of the constituents of Cello Jeans’ design are spandex and polyester; these are elastomeric materials that are stretchy and comfortable. Besides, their rayon material which constitutes 9%, drives in comfort too.

It is durable

There are core properties that decide the durability of different clothes. They are fabric resilience and the ability to get back into good shape when squeezed.

The constituents of Cello Jeans’ material make it possess these qualities, which, in turn, makes it durable.

Most of their models are true to size

No one wants to be saddled with the responsibility of trimming down or finding a way to enlarge their jeans when they buy them. With Cello Jeans coming true to size, it saves people these rigors.

It has uniform stitching

Quality stitching features even uniform stitching where the thread follows a unique and uniform pattern. Other designers adopt the zigzag pattern, and that’s that for that.

However, good jeans are consistent enough in their stitching. Cello Jeans fall under this class.

Here Are 5 Styles Of Cello Jeans

Women’s Mid Rise Slim Fit Cello Jeans

This is one Cello Jeans that has the design of conveying decency, at least, going by the conventional definition of the term.

It can be used for either smart casual or business casual dress format for people in the corporate works of life, like bankers and other corporate offices.

It is majorly made of cotton. Other constituents are polyester, rayon, and spandex. The collective properties of these materials make the jean breathable, have good stretchability, are lightweight, and have a soothing feel.

Some of the features include two functional pockets at the back and two other faux pockets at the front for solely aesthetic purposes. It has a slight bootcut design that expands a bit at the end of the leg areas.x

One of the reasons most people love it is because It has a pull-on closure type and is both hand and machine washable. So this means it has easy maintenance.

Another reason is that it is true to size, so the need to size up, size down, or make tasking adjustments after a purchase has been eliminated.

One of the features that give it a comfortable fit is because of its elastic waistband. The reason you should have this in your closet is because of its versatility; it could be styled differently for different occasions. It all boils down to your needs.

Cello Jeans Women’s Junior Distressed Denim Short

Are you tired of being boxed up in all the aura of formal clothes and just want to dress casually and free yourself up?

Or it’s probably the weekend, and you want to party out in the spirit of TGIF. If yes, then this Cello Jean Distressed Denim short is for you. It is very comfortable and pretty lightweight.

It comes in different sizes, ranging from small, medium, and large. However, the waist size of different widths could be the same. One is to ensure that the width and waist size are in sync with their body fit.

This Cello jean falls under the category of Cello Jeans for fun moments. It can suffice for regular home use and other causal functions but for official purposes.

One of its uniqueness is how it is able to return back to its original size after it has gone through some stretching when washed.

Some of the features are two functional pockets at the front, two other functional pockets at the back, and a tiny watch pocket that sits right above the front right pocket. It also features fashionable loose thread ends that serve aesthetic purposes.

Cello Jeans Women’s Junior High Raised

The fact that it is called Mom jeans doesn’t restrict other beauties from rocking it, as obviously shown by its look.

This Mom denim is true to size and fits very well compared to many on-the-counter jeans; as such, do not size up or down during purchase.

This Cello Jeans model features five pockets; two at the front, two at the back, and one watch pocket. All of which are functional.

Although it has a thick denim feel, it is not big on stretchability.

It has a zipper closure type. Zipper closure jeans are stronger and less susceptible to getting separated from the jean. Besides, they give better support, especially at the waist level.

This model is unique because it comes with this young aura that makes one come off with much youthfulness.

Little wonder it’s called Mom jeans; to revive all the seemingly faded glow that comes with childbearing.

One reason you should have this in your closet is that it can suffice for a number of functions.

Want to head to the office and can’t seem to figure out what to wear? Rock this with a dress shirt and nice heels or office sandals. You’re good to go!

Cello Jeans Women’s High Rise Denim

Do you want a jean that is not very formal yet not too casual? One that has good space and is not too skinny? Then this Cello Jeans Women’s Juniors High Rise Wide Leg Flare Denim is for you.

This Cello jean is very comfortable and soothing to use. It consists of cotton, rayon, and polyester. Its spaciousness doesn’t have anything on its elasticity – both qualities are present. And this is one thing that makes it unique from other Cello Jeans models.

Plus, it is true to size; there can only be varying preferred leg widths that can be worked on.

The jeans feature the signature 5-pocket construction and obvious wide leg. For a nice and polished look, it features a center crease as well. It is very easy to maintain as well because it seldom attracts stains or dust.

And the fact that it is not just hand washable but also machine washable makes it superb! It can be used for casual outings, as a front desk worker, like a cashier, for birthday celebrations, etc. It all depends on the type of shirt that it is worn with.

This is one pair of jeans that makes you feel good; while this may sound so superficial, it is true. It feels great to know that you do not have to fight with your closest anytime you want to make a pick for an outfit, as these jeans will always be the go-to guy.

Cello Jeans Women’s Denim Dad Jeans

If you want to style up in the classy dress format with a touch of finesse and casual ripped jeans, then you should check this out.

Here, regarding the sizing, you’ll have to check the size chart to understand. This is one model with inconsistent sizing. However, it has a good fitting once the sizing is right.

The category of people that this Cello jean goes for are college students, fashion designers, retail assistants, photographers, and music producers. The list is pretty long.

The goal is to be comfortable and deliver jobs and duties effectively when we dress. It’s good that this Cello Jeans model is comfortable enough to allow you to.

One unique thing about it is that even in its ripped design, it still controls a good dose of decency. Of course, it cannot be used for formal occasions where the corporate dress format should suffice.

If features, the button fly closer and comes with the 5-pocket construction. It also has a straight leg fitting. However, it is no-stretch-in denim.

Cello Jeans Disclosed Jogger Pants

Looking for a type of jeans that stands as an intermediary between casual and formal dress patterns? Here’s one.

This Cello Jeans model comes with a semi-casual, albeit nice, and decent styling. This jean is not true to size; it is advised that you should size up.

Although it’s a tad tight at the thighs area, nonetheless, it is a tad elastic to expand and not be uncomfortable.

One of its uniqueness among all the listed Jeans here is its elasticized ankle fit that is both fashionable and doesn’t bother you with the troubles that come with open-end jeans.

This can suffice for many people with different professional dress requirements, whether a fast-food worker (provided the color is right), sales representative, student, etc.

The jeans try to follow the true watchword of the brand, which is simply creating the right type of jeans.

It comes with a button and zip fly closure type, with two functional pockets at the front that adds a nice outer appeal to the design.

Plus, it is machine and hands-washable, although cold wash is ideal here.


Cello Jeans showcases its different iterations of denim with the luxury of choices. Although there are complaints on some of the products, but then, some of those are traced to the wrong size and fit choices, from having misconstrued the size charts.

A lot of times, the possibility of any jeans lasting long does not always depend on the material. It also boils down to individual handling of the jeans themselves.

However, if some Jeans brands have proven to last long relative to others, regardless, then it is proof of quality. The Jean class in this analogy is where Cello Jeans falls under, which speaks volumes about their quality.

Nonetheless, it is right that you understand the pros and cons of the Jean choice you make to give you a strong dose of ideality.


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