Lululemon Base Pace vs Swift Speed: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Base Pace and Swift Speed Lululemon is that Swift Speed is one of Lulemon’s compression cross trainers/ running pants, designed with deep pockets that can carry your smartphone. They are made with a Luxtreme fabric, a material that not only feels warm but also supports your muscles making them better suited … Read more


Invigorate Vs Wunder Train Lululemon: Which One is Better?

The major difference between Invigorate and Wunder train lululemon leggings is that Wunder train lululemon doesn’t have side pockets, instead, they come with a hidden pocket located in the waistband to secure your card and keys.                While Invigorate leggings are designed with two side drop-in pockets and they also feature a hidden waistband pocket at … Read more

Why Do Old Guys Wear Their Pants So High?

Why Do Old Guys Wear Their Pants So High

Old men wear their pants so high because of factors like comfort, shrinking waist, and being practical. Comfort is prioritized over style for older guys, hence, they pull their pants up for comfort. At various points in his life, Shakespeare described “the seven stages of man.” To our relief, we only have to wear clothes … Read more

Can Guys Wear Leggings In Public?

Leggings, to some people, should only be seen on women while some are indifferent as to who wears them. This versatile legwear is fast becoming a staple in men’s fashion and this is raising some questions as to whether men should wear them. But, who says men can’t dress up in leggings as women do? … Read more

Why Do My Pants Twist When I Wear UGGs?

Why Do My Pants Twist When I Wear UGGs

This question has been asked about a thousand times but no direct answer is addressed to the question. You have probably come across these comments a few times or you have the same complaint. We are going to have a look at this particular issue and answer the following questions; can boots cause pant twists? … Read more