Duluth Vs Dickies Workpants: Which Is Better?

Duluth Vs Dickies

Work pants are one of the best, most functional, and most aesthetically-pleasing clothing anyone can own. Two of the most renowned work pants are Duluth and Dickies. These brands have provided work pants for skaters, carpenters, painters, and many more over the years. In this article, we will be comparing signature pieces from both brands … Read more

How To Wash Birddog Pants? Fast And Easy Ways!

How to wash Birddog pants

Birddog is one unique brand that makes clothes and humor. Well, that’s true, but that’s not our focus. The Birddog brand makes pants and shorts with in-built underwear; one unique feature that eliminates the need for underwear and provides excellent support and protection. The in-built liners are made with lightweight materials, a combination of polyester, … Read more

Dickies 874 Washing Instructions For You

Dickies 874 Washing Instructions

The Dickies 874 are the go-to pants for your office work and some other special occasion. They are a very popular choice for businessmen, musicians, and fashion icons for their strength and durability. These pants are made with a blend of cotton and polyester for a good fit, comfort, and easy care. They will last … Read more

Are Dickies Preshrunk?

Are Dickies Preshrunk

This is a common question for people who have never worn Dickies before. The answer is yes! Dickies are preshrunk, but not all Dickies products are preshrunk. Dickies are one of the most popular brands for denim. They come in different styles, colors, and fits. Dickies are available in pants, jeans, shorts, and more for … Read more