Banana Republic Emerson vs Aiden: Which Is Better?

In the world of fashion, there are two schools of thought about the Banana Republic brand. While some believe that Emerson is the more stylish of the two, others believe that Aiden is the better choice for those who want quality clothing.  There has been a lot of debate online on which Banana Republic chinos … Read more

Katarina Montage-Pentakills- Smurf ...
Katarina Montage-Pentakills- Smurf Edition #shorts

Do Cargo Pants Shrink?

Do Cargo Pants Shrink

Yes, Cargo pants do shrink. This is because Cargo pants are made of cotton material which will normally shrink in warm temperatures. When in a hot temperature, the fibers of the pant constrict and this results in shrinking, this means that at a hot temperature your pant focuses more on shrinking than expanding. Your Cargo … Read more