Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Which Brand is Better?

Carhartt and Duluth are two brands that are head to head in the textile industry with varying iterations and models of work pants and other wearables.

And as such, it is common to find this comparison between them as it’s the usual case with many top influential names in every work of life. 

But then, when it comes to deciding on what brand is the best amongst clothing companies, it will always be narrowed down to what brand is best for specific needs, before a general conclusion is made.

This article promises to unveil the areas where each brand’s pants best suffice. Each brand strives to make pants that meet the demand of the growing workforce. 

Tabular Differences Between Carhartt Pants And Duluth

About Carhartt Pants Duluth Pants
First Glance Noticeable pockets, thick, and quality appearance. Sturdy appearance. Bright hues. Rugged look.
Construction Sturdy, yet flexible. Rugged stretch technology construction. Water-repellent. Intentional construction. Softer and more textured. Water-repellent.
Ideal Place Of Use Site work. Welding. Plumbing. Electrical work. 
Size/Fit Loose fitting. Relaxed fitting. Straight fitting. True to size. A bit snug on the waistline. Slim fitting. Standard fitting. Relaxed fitting. True to size.
Material Cotton. Sandstone fabric. Quick fabric. Firm duck fabric. Wash duck fabric.  Fire hose cotton. Spandex. Types of fabric used are firm duck, canvas, twill, and ripstop.
Comfort Level Comfortable pants. More comfortable pants.
Price A fair price range of largely between $30-$70 A bit pricey. The price range here is largely between $50-$80


Major Difference Between Carhartt And Duluth 

The major difference between Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth lies in the fact that Duluth uses thick, yet flexible fabric, fire hose cotton, a little spandex, and other range of fabric options that should help with different situations. 

Meanwhile, Carhartt pants on the other hand are made with cotton and different types of fabrics that range from sandstone, washed duck, firm duck, and quick fabric. The pants come in different types of fittings and sizes. 

Why Compare Carhartt And Duluth 

The reason for this comparison is because there is the need to use special clothes for a certain cause, and it has to be analyzed so that people’s decisions should come from an informed place. 

For example, it wouldn’t be ideal to use running shoes for site work and expect safety as it would be with specific work shoes that are designed for that cause. 

It is the same way with different models of work pants. Each type and model have its reinforced stitching and design to be compatible with work boots. Each with an extent of toughness and flexibility that should allow for effective use in their designed place of use. 

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: First Glance

The first glance is a strong force, regardless of products’ quality. It tends to convert a potential customer to an actual one. Nonetheless, what a first glance is to a certain potential buyer, may not be to the other. Here’s how Carhartt Pants and Duluth appear.

Duluth Pants

The Duluth Pants have the appearance of normal cargo pants. However, they have a thick and quality appearance. They don’t look any different or unique aside from the identical side pockets. You’ll also notice that the height at which some of the pockets are mounted does not tally. 

The pants have this tactical look with many pockets in different areas. Taking a deeper look reveals some safety iPhone pockets on the inside. Cool? Yeah, your stuff is safe there.

Carhartt Pants

Carhartt pants have a rugged appearance. They have a sturdy look and are a tad fashionable (especially some of the recent models). They also have sensational cargo pants iterations that look a bit polished with neat seams. 

Although Carhartt pants do not have the designers’ looks because they aren’t, albeit, they come in bright and cool hues that are attention-calling and get you wanting to know more about it.

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Construction

The differences in the construction of Carhartt Pants and Duluth are pretty obvious when touched and observed.

Although one cannot exactly get the full details from mere pictures. However, working with the fire service has opened me to various fire hose pants. But I’m narrowing this article down to these two.

Duluth Pants

The weave and texture of the fabrics used in these pants are different. Duluth is constructed to be more flexible, a bit softer, and more textured.

Although this makes it highly susceptible to easily getting dirty because of its easy foldability. It has a fend-off finish that makes it Water-repellent.

Duluth has a very detailed construction with very nice hidden gussets in areas where it matters the most, like the crouch. It is constructed with a tad extra room that allows for wiggling and different body movements.

Duluth, as a brand, is obsessed with the tiniest of details, down to the smallest of pockets. There are smaller pockets inside and bigger ones outside.

The construction is intentional, well-made, and tailored. Although the Ladies’ versions are thinner and more flexible. Here, more percentage of spandex is used as opposed to that of men which cotton dominates.

Carhartt Pants

Carhartt Pants on the other hand are constructed with tighter knit fabric that doesn’t easily fold or bend. This in turn gives it lesser susceptibility to getting stained or dirty. 

Carhartt pants are constructed to be functional wear, they come with the left leg utility pockets, and some of their models are water repellent. They have rigid belt loops that are sewn-on-seams.

The overall feel of the pants falls somewhere between hard and soft, albeit, they are stretchy. 

Carhartt pants are designed with rugged flex stretch technology. Understand that these pants do not have the familiar construction that most workers love or know, it is novel.

Here, only a small spandex percentage is added to the fabric’s profile to give it a blend of sturdy and flexible feel. 


When it comes to construction, Duluth pants win. This is because it has a better lining, hammer loops, good utility pockets, and other features.

Ideal Place Of Use

A specific brand’s work pants could indeed be versatile, but this doesn’t rule out the fact that there are certain areas where they find relevance more.

You should know that Duluth pants are more flexible and soft; aiding easy bends and twists, so this makes them great for plumbing and electrical works that come with so much distress.

Carhartt on the other hand is great for welding and site work as it is rigid enough. This makes it withstand the tiny scattered welding light and the rigors of site work. 

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Size/Fitting

Other features are quite important, but understanding the fitting and sizing patterns of specific brands, and being able to decide correctly is one important thing when choosing work pants. 

To find the right size of either Duluth or Carhartt pants, all you have to do is to measure your waistline using a measuring tape. Starting from just right atop your hip bone, then wrap it over to the starting point. 

Also, measure the distance between your crouch and the bottom of your legs. Then from your waist down to your leg too. Now all of these measurements you must consider matching the intended Duluth or Carhartt pants that you wish to buy.  

Carhartt Pants Fitting

Carhartt pants come in mainly three different fittings; loose, relaxed, and straight fitting. These fittings offer you the luxury of fitting options according to your preferred pants’ tightness or looseness. Your personal preference, spurred by your body type, will decide which fitting to opt for. 

Most Carhartt pants are true to size. A few of them have a snug fit at the waistline. But the length has always been accurate, at least, from most customers’ reviews.

Duluth Pants Fitting

Duluth Pants also come in three main fittings; slim, standard, and relaxed. The slim fitting is the narrowest of them all, although it is not skinny.

The standard fit is one of the most comfortable of them all. It’s more of a smack-dab between the slim and relaxed fit. The relaxed fit is very spacious with a good dose of roominess; it is a very easy-moving fit. 

Duluth pants are true to size, the waist inclusive. This means sizing up or down Is not advisable. 

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Material

The material used for every work pants’ design will determine its flexibility, breathability, toughness, and rigidity. 

Duluth Pants

The signature material of Duluth pants is the firm duck fabric. Other types include canvas, wash duck, ripstop, and twill. Duluth pants have lots of options when it comes to work pants, depending on the temperature you’re working in, your style, or your preference. 

The firm duck fabric, while technically belonging to the canvas family, is made of stiffer untreated cotton. The canvas has good durability and strength with a less rigid look and feel.

The twill is the common choice among people that wear uniforms. The ripstop has a grid-like pattern, is lightweight, and is easy to use. 

Carhartt Pants

The signature material Carhartt uses for its pants is the cotton duck because of its versatility. The material gives the pants a good dose of snag resistance. Carhartt also uses firm duck which is made of untreated and unwashed cotton for added durability and tear resistance. 

Carhartt pants also use sandstone duck that has a brushed appearance with a broken-in and relatively comfortable feel. It has a lesser shrinkage property because it hasn’t been prewashed and micro-sanded. 

Another material Carhartt uses is the washed duck fabric. It is obtained from cotton duck fabric, although not micro-sanded but washed with detergent, and also has a broken-in feel. 

There’s also the quick duck fabric that is the most durable of them all. It is very abrasion-resistant and tough. It is used as the ultimate pants choice for the worst of conditions. 

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Comfort Level

The comfort level of every pair of pants is a core factor that is considered because the effectiveness one can attain at work whilst in those pants is largely dependent on how comfortable one is. 

Duluth Pants

When it comes to comfortable work pants, give it up for Duluth pants. Duluth pants have a very softer and flexible texture.

They bend easily with the flow and are made to have gussets on the couch so that you can move with much ease. Plus, the pants have controlled breathability as well. 

Carhartt Pants

Carhartt pants have lots more iterations and models, while we would agree that they are not as comfortable as Duluth pants, some of their few models made from the sandstone duck fabric are extremely comfortable and sit comfortably on the class of soothing feel.

Although Carhartt pants, with regards to comfort, are largely classified under the “good” range and not anything out of the ordinary. 


Duluth Pants are more comfortable than Carhartt pants. Also, know that Carhartt pants are quite comfortable too and do not cause any sort of restrictions whatsoever during use. It is just as a matter of relativity that Duluth pants lead. 

Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth: Price

The factors influencing price clothes prices are usually demand and quality. However, this is not exactly so at all times. Price is not always a reflection of quality, even though this is true in most cases.

Carhartt Pants

There are other price ranges, but Carhartt Pants largely fall between $30-$70. Carhartt Pants has a wide price range to choose from, depending on the preferred pants features, texture, weight, or sturdiness, as influenced by the fabric used for the manufacturing of that specific model. 

Duluth Pants

Duluth Pants are usually pricier than Carhartt Pants. The prices of Duluth pants usually fall between $50 to $80. Although there are other models whose prices fall below and above the aforementioned price range. 


When it comes to work pants, knowing the functionality of each type and how better they can suffice in key areas is pivotal.

This article is specially tailored to serve as a guide to help you make this right choice. Knowing the differences between Carhartt Pants Vs Duluth has never been this simple!


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