Carhartt Jeans Ripping at Pocket: What to Do?

There have been a lot of rumors about a decline in the quality of Carhartt but how true is that? Well, I’d say the consistent reports on ripped pockets and thigh area are enough proof.

The reports are getting excessive and coming from too many people so Carhartt should really work on their products. They are one of the leading brands, currently.

Carhartt Jeans Ripping at Pocket

Some would say the need to supply more products led to a neglect of quality… Anyhow it goes, you probably already have Carhartt jeans with a ripped pocket… or any other jeans with a ripped pocket, since it could happen to any jeans.

How do we deal with our favorite jeans when their pocket starts to dangle awkwardly or when it develops a hole? We fix it!

To fix a hole in your Carhartt Jeans, we’ll need:

Carhartt Jeans Ripping at Pocket

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Any similarly-colored fabric for the patch
  • Straight pins
  • And of course, the jeans that need to be repaired.

Steps to fix the ripped pockets of a Carhartt Jeans

  1. Trim around the edges of the hole. Cut every loose thread in the area without ripping your jeans any further.
  2. Cut the fabric to fit as a patch. Be careful not to make it too small. If it’s big, you can use it that way or trim it again. It is meant to be a bit bigger than the hole you want to patch.
  3. Put the patch inside the back pocket, behind the hole.
  4. Put pins around the edge of the hole and make sure it holds the patch under without touching the inside part of your jeans pocket.
  5. Thread your needle and get ready to stab.
  6. Stitch your Carhartt denim outer pocket to the fabric in a zigzag pattern. You have successfully fixed a hole in your Carhartt Jeans.

To fix a back pocket that is ripped by the side, it’s just as simple as sewing a piece of clothing.

However, the rip could have been foreseen and prevented, unless the jeans has a problem with their production.

Carhartt Jeans Ripping at Pocket

To fix a blowout (rip in the crotch area);

  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A denim patch
  • Scissors
  • Iron


  • First, you trim every loose thread around the blowout area
  • Cut the denim patch and make sure it’s bigger than the hole you are fixing, extended the borders by 2 or 2.5cm at least
  • Turn your jeans inside out and put your denim patch over the affected blowout area
  • Press your iron over the patch, while still on the affected spot. Press down from side to side for a minute to hold patch down.
  • Still inside out, stitch the edges of the added fabric to the jeans, covering up the blowout from behind. Using a patch and thread with similar colors with your Carhartt Jeans should make it appear a lot better.

Why do Carhartt Jeans Rip At Pocket?

If someone came to me and said ‘why do Carhartt Jeans Rip at the pocket?’, I would have said ‘It’s probably your fault’… Because it’s probably your fault.

But the reviews are consistently crying about ripped jeans. These complaints don’t come against other jeans brands this way, which means something must be wrong somewhere.

Carhartt Jeans happen to be one of the best jean brands, noted for its tough texture and strong quality. However, like most established brands out there, changes occur and time tells on them.

Earlier jeans from the Carhartt brand are said to be made from 100% cotton denim, weighing 15 ounces, which makes them pretty heavy and tougher than other lightweight jeans.

Some newer Carhartt jeans are made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane warp stretch denim, also weighing 15 ounces.

Recently, they have started producing 12-ounce denim, composed of 85% cotton, 14% polyester, and 1% elastane.

Then, there are 10-ounce and 9-ounce jeans from Carhartt. Let’s get to why your Carhartt Jeans rip at the pocket;

  • Polyester
  • Wrong Size/Fit
  • Rivets
  • Pocket Contents
  • Washing
  • Friction


 It is normal for jeans to wear out but there are many factors that make the process faster. Polyester is a man-made fabric, created to delay wrinkling and wear-out of clothes.

They are woven, and unless mixed with spandex, they cannot stretch but they are meant to be tough and hard to rip. It is more likely for synthetic fabrics like Polyester to have holes than natural fabrics.

Polyester is a very tough thread and truly hard to rip but it is woven and doesn’t stretch. Some Carhartt jeans contain 18% polyester while being a 12-ounce fabric or even lighter. When these jeans are stretched, the polyester is more likely to rip.

Wrong Size/Fit

This is already known and needs no more explanation. When you wear jeans smaller than the size you need, you will be consequently stretching the cotton and polyester in your Carhartt jeans, making them rip.


Rivets are there to reinforce your jeans and delay the wear-out process. They perform their purpose but for lightweight Carhartt jeans, you might easily get your jeans to rip when you handle your pocket carelessly.

The rivets hold the edges of the back pocket. If you pull back suddenly, the pocket pulls the rivets, which pulls at your main fabric. Any jeans can get ripped this way.

Pocket Contents

When you put sharp-edged objects in your pockets, you will be causing a year. That is common knowledge.

When you put your wallet, your phone, or something big in there too, the rivets will be pulled and the rivets will pull the fabric.


You have probably heard once or twice about how laundry affects your jeans. When you wash your jeans, especially with hard brushes, the fabric slowly gets weakened.

The more you wash, the faster the process will seem… so it might just be your fault that your Carhartt Jeans get ripped.


This is the cause of many jeans getting ripped. When you sit on your butt, wearing your Carhartt Jeans, asides from the slight stretch, the fabric is also rubbing against a hard surface.

Once the friction gets too consistent, the rip will happen early. Washing with a hard brush is friction on its own.

How To Prevent Ripping Of Your Carhartt Jeans?

  • Tougher Options
  • Find Correct Fit
  • Handle Pockets Gently
  • Double Thickness Fabric Reinforcement
  • Watch out for starting holes
  • Careful Laundering
  • Buy Multiples and Rotate Wear

Tougher Options

The Carhartt brand offers both heavyweight and lightweight jeans. It is up to you to choose.

The lightweights are good and probably the best jeans in appearance, as long as you can maintain them.

If you can’t, it is better to go for the heavyweight tougher options. With heavyweight fabrics, getting your jeans ripped won’t be easy.

Find Correct Fit

Fit matters. When your butt is too big to fit in your jeans, you might end up destroying the poor thing. Then, it wouldn’t be Carhartt’s fault.

Handle Pockets Gently

In case you are in the lightweight Carhartt jeans, you should be careful what you put in the back pocket. Don’t tug at the back pocket of your jeans, to avoid stressing the rivets and ripping the jeans.

Double Thickness Fabric Reinforcement

This means sewing an extra thick material behind spots in clothing where a hole can appear. This is not a jean thing but it will work fine.

It turns out people have actually tried this and it works against blowouts and should work against backside rips too. All you have to do is sew a denim fabric as a patch on the inside. This helps to reduce friction effects

Watch Out For Starting Holes

You have heard ‘a stitch in time saves nine, I bet. Well, this is what it means. Before your jeans get major rips in the back pocket, there is usually a hole or a loose thread at the edge of the rivets.

This is caused by rough handling and will be worsened with time. It is easier to fix at this stage.

Careful Laundering

You don’t have to wash your Carhartt, every time you wear it. Try cleaning only stained spots with special detergents made for denim like the Tyler Glamorous Wash, Woolite Dark Detergent, etc.

Other detergents should work but these ones manage to retain the dye. Also, do not put your jeans in a dryer. Every time it goes into that machine, it’s only returning to say goodbye.

Buy Multiple And Rotate Wear

This is self-explanatory. You should get yourself more than a pair of Carhartt Jeans. Wearing one pair too often has it’s effects. You should air-dry your jeans and let them breathe, once in a while or often.

Two Strong Carhartt Jeans You Should Have In Your Closet

Carhartt happens to be one big brand, recognized for its quality clothing. Its reputation ages back and is proven by its products again and again.

Carhartt jeans happen to be one of the strongest jeans, able to take a daily use long enough. Their casual wear may not be as strong or durable as the work wears but still, the quality stands out among other known jeans brands.

B17 Dungaree

The B17 is known as one of the strongest Carhartt Dungaree Jeans.

I have to say this is the best jeans for the workplace. This is a thick 100% cotton denim, weighing 15 ounce.

It features two back pockets, reinforced with rivets, and a relaxed fit through the seat and thighs, providing more room to move.

Though the BI7 jeans are made for the workplace, they are stylish enough to perform a casual function.

Rugged Flex Relaxed Straight Jean

This mid-weight, 12-ounce, Jeans are built to last long and stay strong, working as much as you work. With the addition of polyester and spandex to the denim cotton, Carhartt was able to create abrasion-resistant denim with a stretch property.

Just like the BI7, it has a loose-fitting and straight leg, giving enough room for the seat and legs. Speaking of durability, they are as thick as work jeans come.


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