Carhartt B17 vs B18: Comparison

The major difference between the Carhartt B17 jeans and the Carhartt B18 jeans is that the Carhartt B17 jeans are made with a free cut which is made in order to offer you enough space and freedom when you work.

The Carhartt B18 on the other hand is made with a slim fit fitting which makes it a bit tighter than the Carhartt B17.

Both jeans are made with tough denim jeans and this is in order to ensure durability and longevity.

The major difference between both jeans can be narrowed down to their fitting or how they size individuals.

What is Carhartt B17

Carhartt B17 vs B18

The Carhartt B17 is a type of worker’s jeans that is made with strong and credible denim material which I believe is used in order to ensure that workers get the best out of their money while they enjoy an uninterrupted feeling of comfort when they work.

The Carhartt B17 jeans come in different colors and sizes. Nevertheless, no matter your body size you will also enjoy the spacing that this particular model of the Carhartt jeans comes with which is the space at the thigh and hips that are in place to enhance the comfortable feeling you get while working.

Here is one of the Carhartt B17 Jeans;

Carhartt B17 Tapered 5-pocket Jeans

  • This is made of 100% cotton
  • They are made of heavy-weight denim
  • They offer free fitting from the hips and thighs
  • They have zipper closure and a button hook
  • They come with 5 reinforced pockets

This is one of the jeans in the Carhartt B17 model, as you have read this is made with 100% cotton which is alright because this makes this model heavy and protective as supposed.

This offers a comfortable loose-fitting, unlike the B18 which is a tighter version of this.

What is Carhartt B18

Carhartt B17 vs B18

The Carhartt B18 is also made with the well-being of workers in mind, they are thicker and stronger than the B17 as the case may be which is expected seeing that this is an updated version of the Carhartt B17.

This also features 5 pockets which are reinforced, and strong enough to carry some of your working tools.

We will also review one of the jeans in the B18 collection;

Carhartt B18 straight-fit Jeans

  • Slim fit model of the Carhartt Jeans
  • Features 5 reinforced pockets
  • Made with 100% of cotton fibre as well
  • Built for tougher jobs
  • Come with zipper closure and button buckle

This model of the Carhartt jeans is more like an upgraded version of the Carhartt B17.

This is however heavier and thicker which makes it more durable and also recommended when longevity is in play.

This however comes with a slim-fitting feature which is unlike the Carhartt B17 which offers free and loose-fitting.

Many workers seem to prefer this to the other model which is the Carhartt B17. As the article progresses more light will be shed and the decision of which one is better and preferred won’t be so tough anymore.

When do you wear Carhartt B17?

Considering the fact that the Carhartt B17 offers a much roomier fit when compared to the Carhartt B18, I believe there is a clear definition of when and where you can use this particular model and the same goes for the Carhartt B18 model.

Let’s take a look at times that you will need the Carhartt B17 more than ever.

  • Line of Work
  • If you chose freedom

Line of Work

I chose the line of work because this will determine if you will use this model of jeans or another model.

This is because we all have different professions and I am quite sure that every profession might require we use a different kind of clothing.

In this case, someone who is fond of working in a hot environment, maybe the mine or anything related would prefer going for the Carhartt B17 model because of the free and loose-fitting it offers.

If you chose freedom

Apart from work reasons, the more reason why you should choose the Carhartt B17 is if you do not like the idea of tight jeans.

Maybe it causes you to itch yourself or you are not just a fan. So you end up wearing the Carhartt B17 because of how it makes you feel.

When do you wear Carhartt B18?

The Carhartt B18 on the other hand has a slim fitting which only multiplies the number of times you can use the B18 model.

With that in mind, here are a few cases where the Carhartt B18 would be a better option.

  • Line of work
  • Style

Line of work

I am making reference to a line of work in this part as well simply because it is important that I do so.

This is because there are lines of work that will require you to wear tight-fitting jeans and the Carhartt B18 is the perfect jean for that.

Their tapered legs and the tight feature will make them glued to your legs which will make it possible for you to maneuver even tight spaces in the line of duty.


Tight jeans offer a lot of opportunities for fashion attempts. There are a lot of casual styles that you can use the Carhartt B18 jeans to do regardless of the fact that they are more of a working-class jeans

Yes, they are heavy and might be too heavy for casual wear and appearances, I have however seen people who have made it look like the Carhartt B18 jeans were made with the intention of fashion as well.

Comparison between Carhartt B17 and Carhartt B18

The reason for this comparison is to understand the modifications done to the new model of the Carhartt B17 which now makes it the Carhartt B18 and this is because a lot of customers are confused and have the same questions, which I will be answering some if not all as this article progresses.

Features Carhartt B17 Carhartt B18
Function Draw Draw
Comfort Draw Draw
Quality Quality More Quality
Durability Durable More Durable
Price Draw Draw


Carhartt B17 vs B18: Function

Carhartt B17

  • They are functional

Carhartt B18

  • They are also functional

Frankly, the functionality of both models is amazing and recommendable.

It all depends on one’s preferences, but I believe that you can use either of the Carhartt models to do something not related to their purpose of being manufactured.

If you love the B17 you can decide to rock them as casuals for the fact that they offer you a roomy fit.

The B18 on the other hand will go with some cowboy boots which makes them convenient for a lot of fashionable styles.

So in this part of the comparison, we have a draw.

Carhartt B17 vs B18: Comfort

Carhartt B17

  • Comfortable

Carhartt B18

  • Comfortable

The thing about this part of the comparison is that there is bound to be a rivalry in the reviews made about the comfort of either model.

It is however very important to note that the Carhartt B18 model is made to be more comfortable with the material in play.

The rivalry here is that there are a lot of people that prefer the loose-fitting that the Carhartt B17 model comes with which makes it feel much more comfortable to them than the Carhartt B18 model.

Withstanding this fact, we still have a draw in this part too.

Carhartt B17 vs B18: Quality

Carhartt B17 

  • Quality

Carhartt B18 

  • More Quality


In this part of the article, the Carhartt B18 happened to be of more quality, and this is quite expected because the Carhartt B18 model is made out of the reviews made by customers from the Carhartt B17.

Definitely, if you are making a better version of something then the new version should be better in some aspects that matter.

The Carhartt B17 is also made with quality material but, it is not up to that of the Carhartt B18.

Carhartt B17 vs B18: Durability

Carhartt B17

  • Durable

Carhartt B18 

  • More Durable


The case about which one is more durable does not totally lie in the material wither model is made of.

This also has to do with how often you use either of the models.

However, the Carhartt B18 material is made with more concentration of cotton and the seam is something else that makes it have the upper hand when it comes to durability.

Carhartt B17 vs B18: Price

Carhartt B17 

  • $34 – $39

Carhartt B1 

  • $34 – $39


Surprisingly, both models cost the same amount in their official store.

Apart from the shipping fee, they both start off from a price of $34 in their store keep an eye out!!

My overall verdict

The Carhartt B17 and Carhartt B18 jeans are all credible jeans.

However, there happens to be one advantage that the Carhartt B17 model has which is the availability of the same model in many other colors making it possible for you to make a more decent choice that suits your taste.


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